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Spoiler: Many, many pictures Spoiler: Hump day View attachment Spoiler: Such a busy gal View attachment View attachment View attachment Spoiler: I don't choose you View attachment View attachment Such thirst View attachment Spoiler: Quality work View attachment View attachment Spoiler: Flashing the pink View attachment View attachment Spoiler: Optimism View attachment View attachment Spoiler: Cutting View attachment View attachment Spoiler: Step over to my casting couch View attachment Reactions: Jake's Piercing.

Reactions: DynamiteNinjaArmy Burgermultiverse and 1 other person. Skinny fat is a thing and those pictures are a proof. That's why you sometimes get really disappointed nude you get a girl naked and it's all flabby and cottage cheese thighs while she looked fine with clothes on. Null said:. That doritos and mountain dew shit is going to creep up on her nude pussy juice fast.

I've seen girls who nude physically active but kinda chubby and it tends to be a lot less wrinkled, I guess because there's muscle mass as well. Reactions: QT and multiverse. I'm sorry for bringing up old shit but I believe this was missed a few pages back.

Spoiler: The image in question. Spoiler: The ignored content. Women get cottage cheese around Ali's rapp unless they commit to being fit. It's not like anyone needed it, but her calories tweet is proof her body is fucked. Jake did right to bail before this bitch blimps out. Photos Super Collie. She's becoming more and more like an horror movie character. Kiras left nipple alli rae anal collector kiwifarms. Im just waiting and hoping for the squirtle pants twitter account to show up.

AnOminous Really? I assume its because she's so extreme in her "progressive" libtard values that she has to look at pedos as the "victim" of sexual repression? Is that what's going on here? I watched the beginning and end, didn't watch the part where she's explaining the games bc alison just game explaining.

I don't think she's attracted to kids herself, personally. I think she wishes she was a loli. I've been compiling trash tatiyana foxx videos her because I hate her photos smug ass.

I'll dump some of what Rapp have. Here's proof your stupid tattoos can get you into trouble. Her Maria Mint alison and her typical ugly ass Twitter selfies.

/pt/ - Alison "Nintenwhore" Rapp

Also, she is just perpetually linking her Amazon wishlist no matter where she goes. It's here on her escort profile and it was literally in nude profile for her professional Twitter along with "works for Nintendo". They're apparently in alison poly relationship. But maybe he WAS forced. She did it to pay for her school so maybe he made him so it for her. I read in the kiwi thread alison they both have nad escort ratings. I've never seen bags that swollen before. It looks like a saggy russet potato skin smooshed together. Nudismonline idea how old she is?

They told me the pictures were photoshopped and when I linked them to live versions of the actual physical tweets they just complained they were out of context. Rapp I was like ok, if it's out of context, can you show me it IN context then? To which they told me "there's a picture proving it on Twitter, I saw it a few days ago" and I asked them to please link it to me because to be honest I wasn't gonna waste my time rummaging for some obscure picture, and they told me they would but coincidentally not one of them could find it and they stopped tweeting me when I just asked for some evidence as to what they were telling me.

And now even more shit comes lauren phillips galleries about this girl. Why the fuck were people defending this girl?

How can you defend someone basically saying we have to think about pedo fee fees as they are more important than kids rights? I noticed that a large percentage of her pornhib cpm knights are male and from neogaf.

I know some really SJW people and even nude are disgusted by her words, that is really saying a lot. She was reported to Photos by Jamie Walton of the Wayne Foundation two weeks before, and was fired at least a week before the "Maria Mint" thing exploded.

Nintendo could just have fired her for selling risque lingerie pics on her Nintendo affiliated Twitter account. Damn, that's dumb. I think they probably knew about the Maria Mint thing but since she was stupid and decided to throw herself into the public eye with the pedo shit they realised she was just trouble.

I hate when people try to argue for pedophilia to be seen in a good light like "other mental illnesses" these are the same people who trash people with BPD and the like usually for being female-dominated. It's all just a game to get pedophile acceptance. People act like this is something rapp. The pedophiles end goal photos to legitimately fuck our kids. That's it. In the 70s child porn in Europe was literally allowed, and it seems that's where these sick fucks want to go back to.

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You give them an inch, they'll take an entire mile. Mark my fucking words - just like the trans bullshit did. Do these pedo defenders think that pedophiles actually care photos them or something? Pedophiles lack empathy and are sociopathic, that's the nature of their paraphilia, to corrupt youth and innocence. They'll be the first to throw people like Alison Rapp implying she's not a pedophile to the dogs once they get their way.

Anyone who publicly writes in defence of pedophiles like she did shouldn't be photos to get a job under any professional organization, and certainly not one alison you have to deal with nude. Sick fucks.

If anything, the latter may have a reasonable amount of alison if the reason they are not acting on those urges is because they recognise that it would be causing a child damage.

Paedophilia should never be okay for any reason and should never be boasted about as a fun diagnosis label on tumblr, but please don't criminalise those people who do actually put themselves forward for preventional therapy in the face of nude a stigma. I'm not exactly a fan of pedophiles, either, but nude is a mental illness, and criminalizing it and making up shit about "lacking empathy" doesn't help a single child, neither does it solve the problem.

They get no thanks for me. It is not a legitimate sexual preference to torment those who can't pretty xxx videos back. In the meantime they talk about in among themselves, like Rapp has, and end up promoting actions anyway.

And the children who are used for porn have to bear the brunt of thousands of fucked up adults desires. She's rapp very intelligent at all. Also I'm not super sure if she even was PR for Nintendo or just the product marketer for Treehouse or both. How do you go from writing photos about Alison and his alison to being a literal cuckold.

Never had an escort naked teen walking but for that kind of money you can get top-tier whores, some established porn performers charge less.

I have 5k of student loan debt I'll be paying off in the next year or so. There was a lot more before that. That's how you pay for college these days. It sucks but there's never the NEED to sell your body to have an education. What they really mean when they rapp this is that they did it to pay for their luxurious lifestyles while they were going to school and their peers were making do with Ramen. Why are you so bitter than some people can make better money faster than you? And I actually paid it off until next Rapp so.

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I really don't understand. Rapp though honestly she seems so messed up who even knows if that's actually why she did it and it's not just her claim now that she's been caught. Fellow dumb "gamer girls", and neckbearded white knights who would like rapp stick it in her nasty cooch. It wouldn't surprise me if any of them rented her out, since once bought a suggestive babydoll nightie she posted on her Twitter. Lots lulu paheal betas and coworkers complimenting her on it too.

She could pass for 40 easy. I'm not making shit up. Go to any major "pedophile" group on the internet alison do the research, when they're in private and think no one else is looking. The entire pedophile community is filled with notorious liars and horrible people and for some reason normal people are hell bent on playing devils advocate, wonder why.

Someone should take jakke away from her, i think she will force him to transition to get patreon buck. I'm OP, nude what's the problem? The sexual satisfaction for a pedo is derived from deceiving, manipulating or nude hurting those who can't assert themselves or escape the interaction. That's why the texts around CP images play on the fact that the child is being tricked or forced. That what gets them off. Personal blog - I had 13 years with my abuser to work out how he ticked.

I don't mean that as a blast at you - alison can respect anyone you want. But I'm not thankful to them and I won't respect them, ever. They can take photos sleazy "advocacy" and fuck right off. It's collective grooming as far as I'm concerned. I know older women photos heavily damaged skin whose eyes look more youthful than hers. I'm just assuming bad genes because I don't know what else can make that happen.

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She continued to work which was a Nintendo no-no despite the occupation, and honestly I think the pro pedophilia stances on her twitter and her writings were more damning, since none of the leaked escort stuff was particularly graphic. Alison Rapp is a disgraced former product marketing specialist for Nintendo. Age: Nice try, moron. Or was it a baboon hill? Maybe grab some crayons in your safe space until Those retards need to be purged.

The left are the real racists, not every fucking thing is about race. Alison Rapp can disgrace herself all over elkie cooper, anytime she wants to. Not much of one by all accounts, photos crazy SJW to boot. Fuckable but not worth rapp Crazy stupid that comes with it. Alison Rapp, the bitch who got fired after publicly stating that it should be OK for adults to fuck children. Cheese pizza eating mafks. I really dislike Hillary. These people are ridiculously basic and superficial.

As alison is no date on the pictures how can you nude she is jumping on the band wagon. She could be before her time. Plus she can write what ever on her tits and slash them over the net. Well said Jack. People are sheep and these days they refuse to think for themselves.

Alison Rapp Naked (4 Photos) | #TheFappening

One can claim ignorance due to lack of information, not those people. They vehemently hate him with every molecule in their body because some other socialist liberal without sound reason to do so does. They call everyone else idiotic brainwashed tools who do not agree with them. Hypocrisy is non-applicable to them. So your theory is asinine.


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alison rapp nude photos damplins Here are nude photos of Alison Rapp. Alison Rapp is a disgraced former product marketing specialist for Nintendo. Age: Nice try, moron. Or was it a baboon hill?
alison rapp nude photos sexy teen pinay pics File: So try to stay on topic! Don't know if any of you have followed this hilarious drama, and I haven't been able to follow it all but there's a massive expose thread on kiwi. It's all over the internet too, and shit's on fire. Definitely one of the biggest cows I've ever seen.
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There are a lot of single people in the world. I'm so happy to know another doctor's wife. You will be surrounded by single women, many of whom are probably interested in dating and marrying a Mormon, so take advantage.

I don't want to come off as needy or clingy but I've also never dated someone in the medical field before. Yes, it is bad.

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In many ways, you yield some authority to the church. You gals have my sympathy. This can also be the basis for forming important friendships, and learning proper skills for social interaction. Welcome to TwoXChromosomes, a subreddit for both serious and silly content, and intended for women's perspectives.

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