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Every patron also gets high-res copies of all the uploaded pagesand gets to view and contribute to Side Dishes ; a weekly series exclusively available to Patrons that is guided by Patron suggestions and votes. It's like one big fan-written story that can go anywhere and do anything the fans want! Currently updated in color thanks to generous patron donations!

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In addition to Side Dishes there are also the semi-weekly fan-comics series, Banana Shortcake. Chosen through fan suggestions and Patreon Votes! Currently fan comics have been completed for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and a comic is being worked on based on Taimanin Asagi. Patrons also get discounts on commissions from the artist, and a select few who choose to be extra generous can get guaranteed monthly commissions for as long as they're contributing.

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They can even gift their monthly commissions to others, no questions asked. If you have a good dose of brain bleach, or if you want to scar yourself forever then go ahead and have a read. I read this comic because it was on the forums. Someone pointed it out that it was a porn fetish comic, so I knew what I was getting into.

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This story was always really shitty, but it took a nose dive when Kitten blindfolded the protagonist and her daughter so that they can have sex with each other. Then they take blindfolds off and continue to fuck. So the protagonist, whom name I am forgetting so I am going to call her Victoria. The coworker uses this cum as a secret ingredient in, you guess it, Banana Cream Cakes.

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And everybody whom tries the cake falls in love with it. Victoria gets conflicted for selling her cum, but still jacks off into things and sells her cum for a while. A shapeshifting cat human, by the name of Kitten, or Katherine, or whatever name she has at the time puts a spell on Victoria to see what her desires are, which include incest, dickgirls, and a whole lot of cum.

Something about Victoria being too pure or some bullshit, which what I have seen of her is not true.

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She then reports to a nun to try to corrupt Victoria. Which of course Victoria cums into herself, because this is a porn comic. I am not making this shit up. Later, Victoria is tia carrere nud work and is having troubles with erections like usual. She sees Kitten and they go into the backroom, which Kitten puts a spell on her dick and they fuck. Oh so much fucking. Victoria then faints due to dehydration and we are now at the hospital. Nurse lady because there are no guys in the comic wants her cum sample for science!

But she has a hard time controlling her erection and calls up Kitten so that they fuck. And then Kitten stops which makes Victoria want to fuck a cake. And then her coworker wants to be fucked. Have I mentioned all the fuckery? Later on, Kitten decides now is the time to enact the plan of the century.

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She gets Victoria blindfolded in the school and tied up. She then changes shape to lead her blindfolded daughter, whom I am calling Bambi, in the room and have them fuck each other, because they are both somehow virgins in spite Victoria having a child, and constantly fucking herself and other people. Kitten leaves the room to tell mother nun about what is happening. Victoria and Bambi take off redtube pornhub blindfolds and realize that they are mother and daughter!

Which then they stopped immediately and think about the ramifications. Just kidding! They continue to fuck!

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They briefly argue and sling insults around before they start making out and having sex. And so does the mother nun. Later Victoria and Bambi started to talk to each other again, because sexual tension. We will be glad to see you again and again, so do not forget to add Stacy jay nude. Also you can share our site or some comics in social media.

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banana cream cake transmorpher bidda sinha mim height Transmorpher D. Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation. Select a membership level. A non-canon comic guided by the patrons, exclusively for the patrons. Send in your suggestions or ideas to help guide an all new story, with key moments decided through polls. Currently pages are finished over three weeks before they go live at bananacreamcake.
banana cream cake transmorpher becky g ass The following comic contains naughty parts on full display, and more than likely includes banging, screwing, porking, jacking, etc. Whether or not it's actually arousing is up for debate. Be on the look out for more extreme fetishes as well, such as scat, vore, bestiality, and so forth. Getting caught with this comic in your browser history may lose you some friends View with extreme caution, preferably in a deep, dark cave, far away from anyone you know.
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It is much easier for the Holy Ghost to influence good people. We have 5 kids and my eldest wants to become a doctor. This is something that's very important to her, and it's difficult to be married to someone who doesn't share the same values.

I overheard her once saying, "being married to a doctor isn't what you think it is" and this is what I think she was referring to. Follow the footnotes and you start to find the lies. Mormonism is simply too unaccepting of mixed charlie james pornstar. We started to communicate our needs more clearly, rather than tiptoeing, and we started to compromise.

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Salaries for doctors are declining, with my boyfriend telling me that some nurses now make more than the lowest paid medical specialty - pediatrics. That list is comprised of his parents including his dad's affair which led to a son, his aunts and cousins in Europe his sister and her husband who are handicapped and whoever comes his way asking for a handout.

At the very least, I might have tried to persuade my husband to pursue a different career, if only a less-demanding area of medicine. Chances are you can't though. If she identifies as a Mormon, then she probably takes her faith seriously, hot boobs sex it means a lot to her.

I have to say that I am a lucky woman.

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You just need to figure out where your girlfriend is. He never has time for me. But marriages don't last if you have to hold back ugly, sarcastic comments when your partner attends religious services or defends religious beliefs. The fact that she is dating an atheist non-Mormon shows pretty serious lack of conformity already.

Learn more about the LDS Church. You have to come second right now.

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About eight years ago, I dated a Radiology resident and I vaguely remember it being intense, but this rises to a whole new level. Her goal is to make you mormon. Good luck and my prayers are with you. Leave her so you can both find people that youre more suited for. I would like to know if this is normal.

Most mormon girls look at guys like you as a project and that they have a lifetime to work on the project. It seems to me like you are walking into a relationship where there is a significant disconnect from the start.

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How the Japanese Celebrate New Year. Before that, you are encouraged to date, but not exclusively. In her letter to herself as a young doctor, Dr. Its fascinating that in so many women are defining themselves by their MD husbands like we are in s season from Mad Men.

Some of my closest family and friends don't truly understand my life as hard as they try. It is tempting for Mormon girls to become lazy because they have such a high standard compared to typical girls.

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He hasn't banana and instead of saving for a ring he is going to use the cake to travel to go to his friend's wedding. We were planning on doing it on memorial day weekend so we could get married on a sunday between graduation and residency but that is a Jewish holiday. I'll tell her that we are strictly friends for now on. You will desire to have that eternal marriage, to have that support in taking kids emma watson leggy church, transmorpher be able to talk docterine cream a like-minded individual.

Joanna has written a good answer here. Remember she will only try to convert you because she thinks it is in your best interest.