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Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. The singer's real name is Bleta Rexha. In Albanian translation 'Bleta'means 'bumblebee'. Do you think the Transformers character is inspired by this name?

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We all know that she is an American songwriter. But do you know she wrote the Eminem-Rihanna hit 'The Monster'? InBebe Rexha was approached by three different record labels but she chose to sign with Warner Bros. Follow us on :.

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The American record producer and singer Bebe Rexha has got a sultry body to die for! The singer is sending a message to women everywhere that it's okay to embrace yourself exactly as you are and to show off your true and authentic self, regardless of what others might think.

Rexha has also clapped back at haters who've shamed her for her weight.

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And when I eat carbs my ass gets big. One thing is clear about Bebe Rexha: She has a keen sense for what people will say about her, but at the end of the day, she doesn't give a damn about anyone's opinion of her but her own.

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And frankly, she shouldn't. By Faith Brar. Pin FB ellipsis More.


bebe rexha sexy pics top celeb porn videos Bebe Rexha is an American music author, artist lyricist, and record-maker. Her choice to build up herself in the business as a musician satisfied as she turned out to be notable for her songwriting aptitudes. The acknowledgment that she got as an essayist opened colossal open doors for her, and gave a major push to her singing profession. Bebe Rexha has worked together with famous people like The Chainsmokers, Pitbull, and Lil Wayne among others to discharge mainstream collections. She is popular for her singles, collections, and extended plays. Bebe Rexha played the trumpet in school for a long time and furthermore realized how to play the piano and guitar.
bebe rexha sexy pics ariana marie pov Her Instagram post calls out the fact that most of the time, bikini pics on social media are a far cry from reality. Thanks to social media, exposure to photos of airbrushed models with seemingly perfect washboard abs is pretty much unavoidable. These ads and 'candid' photos can start to skew your reality of what's 'normal'—and make the idea of posting a bikini pic without any retouching or filters completely nerve-wracking. But if Grammy-nominated singer Bebe Rexha was afraid of sharing a beach pic sans Photoshop, she sure as hell didn't let it show. The star recently took to Instagram to share an unedited photo of herself living her best life while on vacay in Puerto Rico.
bebe rexha sexy pics teen threesome sex pics Bebe Rexha hot pics might tempt you to say - Love You 'Bebe'! The singer's real name is Bleta Rexha. In Albanian translation 'Bleta'means 'bumblebee'. Do you think the Transformers character is inspired by this name? We all know that she is an American songwriter. But do you know she wrote the Eminem-Rihanna hit 'The Monster'?
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