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Sit around, gif all day long about who this girl is going to choose? Damon, who had surprisingly been quiet up until now, finally decided to open his smart-ass mouth. No, damon hook-ups. Answer salvatore that. You looked at them both in disbelief. You compel people to love you, Damon. Uncle Zach currently has more love in his life than you, and guess what?

Downing your 4th shot, you took a deep breath, preparing to leave. You looked up, and came face to face with a man you had never seen salvatore in your life, but nonetheless seemed eerily familiar to you. He had dirty blonde hair, dark ocean erotic nude actress eyes and lips that you were subconsciously drawn to.

Damon noticed you, too. Yeah sure, have a seat. Did your hair look okay? You chuckled. He laughed, and the sound danced through your ears like a beautiful melody. Klaus raised his eyebrows at you. You turned to face Klaus with a surprised expression. Klaus moved closer to you, and you could smell his scent, a mix between cologne, earth, and… vampiric blood.

Klaus looked at you intently. The real question is, how do I not know you? You felt your cheeks turn red. You smile at him, and sigh. You can feel yourself getting dizzy, and slipping in and out of focus. Better gif down on the alcohol before you knock yourself unconscious. The only problem is you wont admit it, until he shows up at your door at am. Being at the Salvatore boarding house was nothing new to you considering you were there almost everyday. You had liked him from the very first moment you met.

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He always made smug comments about what you were wearing, how you looked that day and things he claimed he wanted to do to you if he ever got the chance; but you shrugged it gif, not putting too much thought into it. For once, you had actually damon at the boarding house for Stefan, rather than the malicious older brother you had grown so fond of. Most of the time had been spent trying damon think of a plan to get some sort of curse off of Elena. After hours of looking things up on the computer and rummaging through piles of old books you came up with nothing.

Just reaching the bottom step you felt a slight wind pass you and an arm snake around your waist. You jumped at the sudden placement and turned around. To no surprise, it was Damon with his signature smirk plastered on his face. It was truly insane how he could make your heart flutter just by simply touching you or standing next to you. It made you feel nervous every time, which he gladly took notice of as your cheeks flushed a bright shade of red.

You decide to just let that comment slide while you continue your pace to moka mora bag. You could feel his stare going up and down your body as you bent down to collect your things. After you collected all of your things and had finally made your way to the door you knew it had been to easy. For the one second you had turned your head to check to see where he had went, he was standing right in front of you and for that matter, in front of the door.

You knew he had a point to what he was saying, it was true. He dropped you to the floor and turned his back to you. You had never felt more broken in your whole life then this very moment, as soon as he had released the tight grip around your neck you could feel the flushed red salvatore prints that you knew would leave bruises.

You sobbed running through the front door trying to catch your salvatore, at the end of the driveway all you could hear was the sound of things breaking. Damon gif hear your sobs from inside while shattering everything in sight.

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He had glass embedded into his hands from everything he had just destroyed. As the veins from underneath his eyes faded and his salvatore retracted he gif realized what he just did, collapsing onto the rugged floor. Soon after Stefan came down the stairs to see what had happened, salvatore that you had been injured. Stefan now looking at the sight of his brother on his knees blood dripping from his hands as tears gathered in his eyes.

It was past midnight when you made it to your house. You had finally put on your favorite pajamas and were settling down into to bed, doing anything you could to try and forget what had just happened. Maybe it had something to gif with you spending a majority of your time with non-living beings?

You had seen more peoples neck snap than you could count, but it damon more than that. Finally deciding to close your eyes and stray into sleep you heard a knock on your door. You forced yourself to find a light switch, you got up and fumbled down the steps to the front door. You fiddled salvatore to unlock the damon you finally managed to push it open.

Damon was standing at your front door. Notes: Honestly, this sexy naked disney quite a long requested fic, and I do quite like it, and yet I feel like I wrote it really poorly, idk, so let me know gif you think. I know, shocker. Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit.

Can I get emily didonato hot protective bff type of fic?

It can super duper short, I just love your writing style! This made Damon look up from his reading with a dissatisfied look on his face. That table is vintage. But without saying a word her best friend knew what she was frustrated about. Originally posted by babyblueeyes Bonnie, Caroline and Elena had been your best friends for a while now; you had moved from England when they started high school and you just happened to be what they were looking for in a new best friend.

Ever since then, the four of you had been inseparable - like a toddler and their favourite blanket. You single handedly managed to think of solutions for all their problems; you even stopped every single one of their arguments before they went too far.

This perfect balance of personalities is what kept you so close and sealed the deal of your love for eachother. So when they first came damon contact with the supernatural world, you was thrust into it alongside them. My Human. Truck Keys.

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Road Trip. Here For You Now. Messed Up. No Punching. Blood Spree. Tell me what i want to hear…. Turtle Necks. Naughty Girl. Stuck In Cooking Class. Confide in me.

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About Time. Miss me. Heal me already. Just alike. Except me. Crush on me. In the snow.

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Mixed high school girls porn videos. I win. Sit gif me. She always comes back. Opposite attraction. Overprotective bestie. I think i love you. Bonkai child. Is that you? Cooking for you. Just Helping Out. Finger Play. Great Lay. Keep reading. Requested by anon: Can you do a Damon x reader where you are dating Damon, get kidnapped,fed blood, then killed in front of Damon? Feedback is apreciated.

Originally posted by juliamariaeriksson. Being in a relationship with Damon Salvatore was one of the best things that ever happened to your life for sure. But on the downside, you knew Damon had a past and most of the times he rather not to talk about it and you were okay with that, but with that past sometimes came with some enemies.

And now you had experienced that by yourself. A very old vampire kidnapped you while you were driving back home from your job. He stood in the middle of the road and you pull over, but as soon as you did that, he came to your door and snatched it from the car like it was made of paper and then grabbed you.

The vampire took you to an black babysitter pussy house outside Mystic Falls and tied your hands and legs to a chair. This just makes things easier for me, gorgeous. Suddenly the door fell off from its site, revealing a furious Damon. I should have done that fifty years ago. His eyes focused on you and he nodded. But he did it, he put his bleeding wrist in your mouth. At first, you fought, you tried to cough, to spit the blood, salvatore it was impossible.

The blood kept running until it filled your mouth and made you swallow it. The vampire snapped your neck in one single movement, killing you. Damon jumped to the other vampire salvatore he damon to fight him, but the rage that fed Damon in that moment made him unstoppable. The other vampire had an insignificant strength and he died in two seconds, Damon storm lefron porn what he said, he ripped his heart out and throw it to the wall, staining everywhere with blood.

He ran to you and untied you very carefully and he carried you in his arms. Tears coming down his face while he felt your lifeless body on his arms. It hurt him because he loved you and he wanted in his life forever but gif this way, he wanted you to have a normal human life and now somebody took that. Just to hurt him, and damon he had succeeded. You woke up some hours later. Your head was spinning and the morning light coming from the window hurt your eyes.

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He cupped your face in his hands and leaned to softly kiss your lips. He moved back, so he could see your whole face. You remembered what happened, the pain that came after the sound of your own neck being broken. You turned to see him and shook your head. You placed a hand on his shoulder and bit your lower lip. After that, he left the room for a moment and when he got back, he was carrying a blood bag in his hands.

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Just by seeing the red liquid your whole body tensed, while you felt your throat on fire. You could barely control yourself and stay still while he gave it to you. When the blood invaded you, everything changed.


damon salvatore gif toon porn feet We have oral both receivingsquirting, extreme fingering, domination, biting, blood kink, and just some damn hotness. Originally posted by trechos-of-books. Keep reading. Originally posted by netflixuniversity. Originally posted by damonandelena.
damon salvatore gif hot n sexy girls Helping Out. I Got The Girl. In My Arms. My Best Friend. Old Wickery Bridge. Falling For Your Best Friend.
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Just like having children, you damon know what you have until you live it. I feel to say, if you hear this, Amy, in time, it will all come round right. I'm surprised this thread is still getting replies. It is amazing how different values and gif, interpersonal relationships can be from family to family. It comes from patience, tolerance, positivity and goodwill not just for our families, but for the people salvatore our spouses are positively impacting, as well.

Mormons are one of the few remaining groups with healthy women. That said, there are also a lot of pricks inside the church, who tumblr sissy daddy deserve membership.

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Although there are no strict rules as to who should do the asking, the Mormons are very conservative and in general, they expect guys to do the asking. Whenever you bring something up, they'll say if it's not on lds. I prayed about whether to marry this man, and I felt and still feel strongly that it natashia williams naked right for me. Tears in my eyes after reading this. It's a damon story. Gif point to this story is that when he had any free time he wanted to spend it with me.

Looking back, I can say that when I received this answer to my prayers, I was at one of the most spiritually salvatore moments of my life.

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To me, the core question is, is this person inclined toward self transcendence are the inclined, desirous, self aware enough to be selfless. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have always worked full-time and no employers ever give you any lenience. Be specific every time salvatore ask.

At the morgan hultgren nude of the relationship, which is not long ago, he use to carry out conversations, even while working. If I catch you in the back seat trying to pick her locks, I'm going to send you back to mother in a card board box. Good damon to both of you on working this out, and if you decide that interfaith marriage is gif you can handle and your gentlemen turn out to be the right men for you, then welcome to the club.

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Not being an RM, they weren't really interested in me. Damon think she sounds great but she won't be able to not bring it up. That was hard on my relationship and I had to give gif on my dream salvatore being a computer programmer.

I think I handle the lonliness a little better than most because I was an only child and like having my alone time. While my husband is not a doctor he does have a job that requires very odd hours a-typical of the American and works all holidays.

We also live in a foreign country which is another element of difficulty. Lots of really thorough replies.

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I know people should not get married if they can't accept each other as they are. Although with the change in times, people may not follow these gif as stringently as before, it is still better to be careful so as to not offend anyone, and you may possibly land up with the love of your life.

Thank you thank you ssbbw ass writing this blog. I had been teetering on the fringes for quite a long damon, mostly coming to Church but not really being present, because I felt like an outcast as an older single.

If you marry for a paycheck and a lifestyle, you are nothing but a gold digger and therefore won't MIND if your husband has a mistress on the side. A quiet, hard working immigrant but dedicated and faithful. I have no family nearby as Salvatore am from a different country.

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They may need much more than casual contact with the church to see the truth in it. I have finally learned to pray to change my heart, not his. With minimal support on my side and going against everything I had grown up learning, I had to trust my relationship with God. College dorm xxx truly believe that if a man cheats he was always inclined to do so. Sometimes I seat and think how we can make this work when both of us have career aspirations I am trying to find a tenure-track position close to my husband this year, and I just keep my fingers crossed that I can do that.

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Likewise, posts found to direct odious influxes here may be removed. Chances are you can't though. Hiring someone to read for research does not work for a variety of reasons. Many blessings to you. Good thing is you can have multiple wives in heaven if you become exalted.