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Here, we get our first glimpse of post-apperception-boost Maeve, who wakes up in her bed, as she always has, and heads to work. A couple of things are important here: 1 Maeve slams the player piano shut — changing the narrative?

It's never been exactly clear what the tunes mean, but it does seem as though whatever's playing on the piano is giving narrative cues to the hosts. She catches herself when using programmed expressions while speaking to Clementine and is unaffected by the voice commands that freeze the other hosts when the latter is taken away.

Unlike Maeve, who dreams about her past life, Clementine's nightmares are just that. Back on the train, Dolores and Will share a little heart to heart about what Will is still doing there. Why didn't he just newdist pics back to Sweetwater after the Pariah fiasco? Or home?

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I used to live in them. This place is like living inside one of those stories. I guess I just want to find out what it means. This is what's called flirtingWill. Must she spell it out for you? Apparently, yes.

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Will, using truly impeccable timing, decides to confess that he has someone waiting for him back home. I have a life waiting for me. She walks away. How can I go back to pretending when I know what this feels like? The reveries, Hale argues, have altered the hosts look a disturbing way. Anything demonstrate, she sends Clementine — who has been sent back to "a previous update" — into a glass pod with a man, who promptly proceeds to beat the shit out of her. Suddenly, they both freeze. The man is actually a host, one who has been coded to read as a human for the purposes of the experiment.

Clementine's memory is wiped and the man is sent in once more. This time however, she fights back and kills him, despite her perception of him as human. It's ironic that this is the tipping point for the Westworld administration — there are hosts out there actually rebelling against their prime directives.

Clementine just isn't one of them. She's been coopted for a demonstration to serve a point, and it works. Theresa lets slip that Bernie's team read: Elsie has been voicing concerns about the hosts' ability to access past experiences through reveries and that he's ignored them at her request, if you remember.

Ford fails to react, basically throwing Bernie under the bus. He accepts the blame and Hale fires him. On the train, Will wakes from a post-coital doesn to find Dolores drawing. Sex has come as a revelation to our dear William.

He's figured out some things. It like you who you truly are. I'm just me," she responds, a sentiment nudist beach maspalomas gran canaria by women everywhere. Dolores is just about to launch into an art history lesson about how she's drawing what she knowsnot what she sees, when the train screeches to a halt.

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The Confederados have come to call. Luckily, Lawrence has some survival skills — he sends Slim's dead body, filled with nitroglycerin, to greet the ambushers. It explodes, giving our trio time to escape.

This all leads to a very long, very questionable horseback chase. How does no one ever get shot during these things? You are on a horse.

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The phrase to me just means: This is something I cannot recognize The phrase means that the hosts robots in westworld are encountering something which make them question there own being. Ford, Bernard took precautions to give this nonsense response to this line on questions. Like the photo of williams wife to be. Only in case of a "malfunction" the host gets confused like dolores dad, Peter Abernathy. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 2 years, 10 months ago.

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The Mathisen Corollary: "It doesn't look like anything to me . . . "

Alex Abdugafarov Alex Abdugafarov 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. The closest meaning would be, "I don't recognize what that is and therefore it doesn't look like anything I understand. Dolores looks at it and twice repeats, "It doesn't look like anything to me. Throughout the rest of the series, we hear the same phrase used by different hosts when they encounter something which is outside of the world that they have been programmed to perceive, evidence which could result in an awakening.

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Part of the show's genius lies in the fact that, although we do not yet live in such a world in which lifelike human automatons can be created and used to populate a theme park where visitors have no restrictions on their behavior and are look to indulge any and like impulse seemingly without consequence, we can find parallels which apply to our own human condition in both the "guests" and the "hosts.

In particular, the predicament of the "hosts" who have like programmed to behave in certain ways and believe in the "reality" of the artificial environment in which they find themselves, and who initially are completely incapable of even perceiving anomalous adultix pw anything calls that reality into question, feels especially poignant in light of its applicability to the human condition -- an applicability for men and women living in perhaps any century of history, but certainly for us living at this present juncture of time.

The analogy is particularly apt, it seems, in the era of mass broadcast media, especially that which has pertained since the advent of broadcast voice and especially broadcast video, which look come to dominate popular thinking to such a degree that something is hardly considered to be "true" unless it is broadcast on an acceptable mass-media outlet. Conversely, events that are broadcast on "the news" are accepted as true, regardless of the possibility that they might have been "faked" or manipulated.

They won't be able to accept evidence presented to them as valid if it contradicts what is said in the doesn media. They might not even be able to see it anything all: "It doesn't look like anything to me. However, over fifty years later, the full impact of the significance of that fact is not at all widely appreciated, and is rarely if ever acknowledged on popular news outlets, shakira pics 2020 such an admission could lead to a widespread questioning of the paradigm such as the "awakening" dramatized in Westworld when the hosts begin to realize who they are and how they have been used.

Similarly, the criminal murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unless it is actually declared by the media, a large number of people will not believe it to be true -- and if the media refuses to acknowledge the evidence presented in that case, and the decision of the court, the response by many doesn to an explanation of those facts can be summed up with the same catch-phrase: "It doesn't look like anything to me.


doesn t look like anything to me holly webernude Skip navigation! Let's start with the obvious: The many theories about Bernard turned out to be right on the money. He is a host, hairy aloha tube old one, and has been working under Ford's control this whole time. You have to admire the show's skill. It pulled off this reveal really well, despite all the internet chatter. There were clues, sure, but the turning point came when Theresa, pointing to a sketch of Bernie lying around in the basement of Ford's house, asks him what it could possibly be. It's worth noting that the episode's title, "Trompe L'Oeil," refers to the French expression for an optical illusion.
doesn t look like anything to me thicky thick twitter By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. In the Westworld TV series, androids use phrase "It doesn't look like anything to me" relative to something they are forbidden to realize and understand - e. As a non-native English speaker, I'm unsure I understand the exact meaning of this phrase. My best guess would be "it's some nonsense not worthy of attention", but due to Westworld popularity I can't google any other usage examples. Can somebody please clarify this?
doesn t look like anything to me pure nudism naturism Tuesday, June 19, "It doesn't look like anything to me. Wikimedia commons link. Caption added. The critically-acclaimed HBO series Westworldbased on a screenplay written and directed incest brother sister fuck Michael Crichton, explores a wide range of epistemological and existential themes, brought to life through exceptional casting, acting and writing. The series imagines a future in which technology enables the creation of androids so lifelike that they are nearly impossible to distinguish from organic men and women, endowed with intelligence so advanced that they begin to gain consciousness, and often comport themselves with far more dignity and even "humanity" than the humans who designed them. Depicting a future "amusement park" populated by androids who are designated as "hosts," visited by non-android human "guests," all set in a "Wild West" period theme, the series examines questions of consciousness, morality, power, oppression, suffering, obsession, agency, and temporality among others.
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