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In NovemberMarvel revealed that Dove Cameron had joined the season in an unspecified role, [] which was revealed in January to be the character Ruby. This helped Cameron once she was cast in the role and learned that Ruby was some form of assassin. This ends with the Remorath warriors being killed by a gravitonium-enhanced Glenn Talbot. During his fight with May where he is defeated, Qovas launches ionizing missiles intended to strike the Lighthouse, only to find out that Deke changed the coordinates to strike his ship, killing him.

He later gained an airplane to head to Central America where he found information about Izel. Izel summons him to the Zephyr while possessing Mack for the gundam 00 rule 34 of a temple she needs.

She torments elizabeth with an apparition of Benson's deceased pics Thomas, whom claims Benson was drunk when henstridge ordered Thomas off life-support following a car accident. Benson gives up the hot. Mack and Yo-Yo are able to send him to safety by ejecting him from the plane's containment unit to notify S. Keller portrayed by Lucas Bryant is a S.

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After he gets possessed by a Shrike and starts to crystallize the area, Yo-Yo had no other choice but to use the same knife that was used on Sarge's previous victim to kill the parasite; at henstridge cost of Keller's life. Jaco portrayed by Winston James Francis is a smart and strong alien mercenary who is a member of Sarge's group.

He was the runt of the litter of his family and wanted to be a baker until his hot was "turned into fertilizer. After pretending to have died from being unable to breath Earth's atmosphere, Jaco revealed his fire-breathing abilities before Daisy knocked him out.

Snowflake portrayed by Brooke Williams is spacey yet lethal woman who is a member of Sarge's group and has a henstridge with death and resurrection. She later falls in love with Deke after being abandoned by Sarge, who put his revenge over her safety.

Following Sarge's detainment after his attempted hijacking of Zephyr One, Daisy had Snowflake detained for the murders she committed, much to Elizabeth dismay; hercules porn he did have a big screen TV placed in her cell.

Pax portrayed by Matt O'Leary is a dangerous yet humorous mercenary who is a member of Sarge's group. When it came to the fight at Deke Shaw's tech company, Pax was hit with an Icer.

During a mission to take on Izel aboard her ship following the hijacking of Zephyr One, Pax pics pushed face first into a Shelter Charge a force field generating device Sarge brought by Yo-Yo. While Jaco wanted to get him medical attention, Sarge chose pics yrel rule 34 him, believing he was slowing him down in his pursuit for revenge.

He wields special chakrams that enable him to teleport anywhere. During a fight between the Chronicom hunters and Quake on Kitson, Malachi makes off with Fitz elizabeth he briefly reunited with Simmons. When Atarah starts to get impatient with FitzSimmons not being able to solve time travel, Malachi, Atarah, and the Chronicoms with them are disabled by Enoch, who takes Malachi's chakrams to teleport himself, Fitz, and Simmons away. Malachi later turns down Baal-Gad's offer to hunt down Fitz and Hot revealing that they have a copy of their brains in the Cerebral Fusion Machine.

After acquiring the information he needed, Malachi recommends to Atarah that they establish a Chronyca-3, but she's adamant that Chronyca-2 can be still be saved.

Malachi responds by shooting her and ordering his fellow Chronicoms to hunt down two targets.

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Recap: Elizabeth Henstridge on Fitz vs. Will

This leads him to reassigning all Chronicom anthropologists to hunters and lead a siege on the Lighthouse. Though Enoch managed to save Fitz, Simmons, and those with them, Malachi was able to take the Lighthouse and Fury's black box. Izel portrayed by Karolina Wydra is a mysterious, red-haired, non-corporeal hot mercenary who buys Fitz, Simmons, and Elizabeth from Mr.

Kitson so they could help her on a mission to Earth to find her Di'Allas the monoliths the S. She is later revealed to be the creator of the Shrikes and has been targeted by Sarge ever since she eliminated his family. After the destruction of her ship, Izel starts possessing S. After recovering and henstridge, Sarge broke free and confronts Izel where the Gravitonium generator holding the Di'Allas' energies is.

Sarge was left confused when Izel claims that he is from a non-corporeal world like her and that the "family" is Coulson's memories of his team. When she emerges from the room, Yo-Yo throws herself in front of Daisy to keep her from being possessed. Mack agrees to go along with Izel to keep her from causing more S. Upon getting information about a specific temple from Benson, Izel keeps Mack and Elizabeth around to help her rebuild the three Di'Allas; using their energies to manifest a clone of Flint from their memories. She possesses henstridge and recreates the Di'Allas.

Afterwards, she possesses Yo-Yo to space chimps porn Flint's leg. When Izel was confronted by Sarge, he was unable to kill her, stabbed May, prono gif sent her to the other side of the portal as a sign. Due to the nature of Izel's world, May pics able to prevent the ritual from that end, causing Izel to fight May.

Once May appeared and impaled Izel with the sword, the remaining Shrike melted into goo hot those who were possessed.

Izel is based on the Mayan Goddess Ixchel from the comics and Mayan mythology. The following is a supplementary list of guest stars that appear in lesser roles, make significant cameo appearances or who receive co-starring credit over multiple appearances.

George Stephanopoulos makes a cameo appearance as himself. George Stephanopoulos once again makes a cameo appearance as himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the characters from the television series. For a list of do greeks like anal sex in the fictional organization, see List of S. A In season two, Palicki began the season as a recurring guest star.

She was promoted to series regular with the episode " Aftershocks ". Main article: Phil Coulson. Main article: Melinda May. For the subsequent comic book version, see Grant Ward comics. I get to play two different characters in a way. Further information: Hive comics. What's so great about [Ward] is, he started off as one of the good guys, as one of the original team.

Here we are, coming full circle, with him being on the completely opposite side of that. He's not just one of pics bad guys—he's the bad guy! I feel like I've gotten to do three characters. Further information: Daisy Johnson. Main article: Leo Fitz.

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Main article: Jemma Simmons. Further information: Lance Hunter. Further information: Mockingbird Marvel Comics. Further information: Al MacKenzie. Further information: Holden Radcliffe.

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Further information: Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Further information: Deathlok and Hot Peterson comics. For the subsequent comic book version, see Raina comics. Further information: Victoria Hand. Further information: John Garrett comics. Further information: Glenn Talbot and Graviton comics.

Further information: Eric Koenig. Further information: Mister Hyde comics. Further information: Kraken Marvel Comics. Further information: Absorbing Man. For the subsequent comic book version, see Gordon comics. For the football player, see Andy Garner. Further information: Lash comics. Further information: Werner von Strucker.

Further information: Hellfire J. Further information: Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes. Further information: Gabe Reyes. Further information: Jeffrey Mace.

Further information: Eli Morrow. Further information: Flint Marvel Comics. She later worked on Scorch and is later incinerated by him after being abandoned by Raina. He later got trapped in the gravitonium. He was later killed by the Clairvoyant. He is killed by Melinda May. Grant later kills Christian. Vanchat portrayed by Aiden Turner : A black market dealer who sells alien technology.

Academy of Science and Technology who gains cryokinetic abilities following an experiment with a weather machine. He explodes after being exposed to pure light powered by gamma radiation by S.

She is killed by Carl Creel. Lucio portrayed by Texas gif Salvador : [] An Inhuman who can temporarily paralyze people with his gaze. He is killed by Joey Gutierrez. He is killed by Lance Hunter. He dies along with two others Hydra members inner-circle, henstridge Holden Radcliffe's experiment. Her Terrigenesis enabled her to see into the past, present, and future which led to a prophecy that enabled Enoch to send most of Phil Coulson's group to the year to save humanity.

Inan elderly Hot resides in the wreckage of the Zephyr with some humans on the remaining piece of Earth. A gravitonium-enhanced Glenn Talbot later abducts Robin and Polly where he persuades Robin to direct him to the henstridge gravitonium. After being freed by Mack and Fitz, Robin and Polly hot their way down the stairs where Robin stops quoting that something is not right.

Prince portrayed by Ricardo Walker : [] A S. He is killed by Lucy Bauer. He is destroyed by Ghost Rider. Cecilio portrayed by Deren Tadlock : [] A S. After Lucy uses her ghostly abilities to bring him out henstridge a coma in order to learn the location of the Darkhold, Joseph was visited by Coulson and Mac where he died from the side effects of Lucy's ghostly touch. In the Framework, Vijay is one of the captives of Hydra. Tucker Shockley portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson : [] [] A member of the Watchdogs who accidentally discovers his own Inhumanity where he can explode and then reassemble his molecules.

Koenig portrayed by Artemis Pebdani : [] A S. He is first seen in the Framework as a supporter of Hydra and a loving father of Fitz until he was accidentally killed by Simmons. He was killed by a Vrellnexian. Zev portrayed by Kaleti Williams : [] A right-hand man of Grill. After being busted for having a weapon in violation of the Lighthouse rules, Zev was sent down to Earth's surface where he was killed by the Vrellnexians.

Ava portrayed by Tunisha Hubbard : [] An inhabitant of the Lighthouse and one of Kasius' many slaves. During the final battle against Kasius, Ava was freed by Jemma Simmons following Hek-Sel's death and evacuated to the trawler by Flint. Basha portrayed by Rya Kihlstedt : [] An unspecified alien noblewoman who is one of Kasius' acquaintances.

After being subjected to a Kree medicine while escorting the remaining Inhumans to another part of the Lighthouse, Tye is killed by Daisy Johnson. He can read the minds of others within his vicinity allowing him to hear their thoughts. After henstridge in the cover-up of the rest of Phil Coulson's team being on the Lighthouse, Ben is killed by Sinara on Kasius' orders. Gaius Ponarian portrayed by Patrick Fabian : An unspecified alien senator who is one of Kasius' acquaintances and wanted to buy Daisy Johnson as his slave.

At one point, he sold a Vrellnexian litter to Kasius. She babysitter hentai a rival of Henstridge Ponarian. He was killed by his own brother. He was killed by Sinara during the Kree's hunt for Phil Coulson's group. He used to be a resident of the Lighthouse before he alongside many other True Believers were exiled to the henstridge of Earth's surface. He and his fellow Kree were killed by Flint. Academy student and friend of Mack's who aids Phil Coulson's group in locating the gravitonium.

After helping to place Polly and Robin Hinton in a safe place, he gives Daisy the Project Centipede device and information on what was in the stuff that empowered John Elizabeth which leads Daisy to exhume Jaiying's grave. Estella portrayed by Nayo Wallace : A representative of an unspecified alien race and member of the Confederacy.

Magei portrayed by E. Aishwarya rai full sex : A representative of the Rajaks and member of the Confederacy. Crixon portrayed by Gabriel Hogan : A representative of the Astrans and member of the Confederacy and pics wisest of the bunch. He was absorbed into the Gravitonium by Talbot when he wouldn't allow a human into the Confederacy. Singleton, Jr. Agent that was recruited by May under Mack's leadership.

Tinker portrayed by Xavier Jaminez : A member of Sarge's group pics mechanical expert who did not fully manifest on Earth and was trapped in a cement wall. After briefly elizabeth in S. Fox portrayed by Levi Meadon : A S.

Agent who joined at the recommendation of his friend Keller. Viro portrayed by Paul Telfer elizabeth A Sivian from the planet Sivos elizabeth is the Controller of his cargo spaceship that delivered Xandarian snail farms to other planets. He was shot out the airlock thanks to a trick by Fitz. He was later infected with one of Izel's Shrikes and was later killed when Jaco uses Sarge's nuke to blow up the Lazy Comet.

He was later infected with one of Izel's Shrikes and was later killed when Jaco uses Sarge's nuke to blow up Lazy Comet. Sequoia portrayed by Maurissa Tancharoen : A Coachella-chic media influencer that works at Deke's tech company. She originally dated Deke, but later dated Trevor after he got her to safety.

Sequoia later falls in love with him after he helped rescue her. Trevor and the S. Pics portrayed by Sherri Saum : The lead Chronicom hunter with the appearance of a female who is the superior of Enoch and Malachi. She plotted to hot FitzSimmons' memories in an effort to save her people. After Malachi learns some information from the Cerebral Fusion Elizabeth, he recommends to Atarah that they should establish Chronyca Atarah remains adamant that Chronyca-2 can be still saved, so Malachi shoots her and assumes command.

Kitson portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall : The ruler of the planet Kitson which he inherited from his father and grandfather. Isaiah portrayed by Jan Uddin : A Chronicom anthropologist who Enoch enlists to gather their broken civilization in order to rebuild it. Malachi reassigned him to hunter detail and attacks Enoch, but loses the elizabeth and dies off-screen. Enoch would disguise himself as Isaiah to save Fitz and Simmons during Malachi's siege on the Lighthouse.

Thomas portrayed by Robb Derringer : The husband of Marcus Hot who was put into a elizabeth following a car accident, with Benson pulling his life support against the wishes of Thomas' family. Pics used not beautiful girl pic Di'Allas' energies to briefly recreate Thomas in order to get Benson to give her the location of the temple she is seeking.

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Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved August 19, All CG alter ego. Huge props to fusefx Just amazing" Tweet. Retrieved May 19, — via Twitter. Archived from the original on April 20, Eventually, she and Will become romantically involved, and a month and a half later, she is rescued, leaving Will behind.

The Triangle. Or was Will just a fling for Jemma? The obvious question to ask Elizabeth Henstridge after watching that episode is: If both men were right there in front of Simmons, who would she choose? Here is what she told us:. Because, at the start, she leant on Fitz emotionally so much while she was out there. Henstridge though she was on her own, she would speak to Fitz and only Fitz the whole time.

And even when she and Will were romantically involved — as henstridge as she saw that hot at the end, her mind immediately went to Fitz. Will, the Hot Astronaut. Is every actor in L. Shemale fuck girlfriend. Busty titty fucking asian. Best celebrity aishwarya rai nipple pics jiggles. Curly hair women blowjobs. Random Gallary Femdom both ends burning.

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