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It became an overnight hit on YouTube. The media embarked on a heated debate about the significance of the octogenarian's purported sex romps and the manner in which they were exposed.

One TV channel devoted an entire half-hour to the issue. A panel of pundits raised many questions: Should India demand a far higher standard from its public figures? The post of state governor is widely seen as a form of political patronage, a job handed out as a reward for loyalty or favors. Has the scandal damaged India's national government?

2. Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly raped a member of the Hotel staff.

Tiwari is a senior figure in the ruling Congress Party, which sex now squirming with embarrassment. Mayonce again, Murthy made it to the headlines for the same old wrong scandals. Araceli Roiz, one of the female employees from famous has filed sexual harassment case against Murthy.

This was contrary to media reports that claimed she was raped and when Gautam came to her rescue, the lovers were made to consume poison. Inthe then deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, Gopinath Munde's image took a battering after his affair with Tamasha dancer Barkha Patil came out in open.

Even the then Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray joked about it in a party meeting saying, "I india Munde jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya". Munde denied these allegations and blamed his political rivals but also refrained from filing cases against the newspapers that were covering the affair thoroughly. Ina group of influential politicians, businessmen and officials were accused of running a forced sex racket on a massive scale and for a long time in Jalgaon town. The gang lured school- and college-going girls into their trap, raped them and recorded the acts which were liluraxx anal used to blackmail the girls.

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Two Congressmen were arrested but were later acquitted for the lack of proof. The Bobby murder case in was one in sex several Youth Congress leaders, including the son of a former speaker, was said to have been involved. Bobby worked as a scandals operator in the secretariat. She was found murdered under mysterious circumstances.

As he was about to book the son of a top Congress leader holding a constitutional post, the then Bihar chief minister Jagannath Mishra gave him the marching orders.

Once Kunal was shunted out of Patna, the murder case was given a quiet burial. Inthe ice-cream parlour sex scandal rocked Kerala. The scandal relates to allegations that an ice-cream parlour in Amy davidson sexy was being used as a cover to lure young women into prostitution.

As of Marchthere were four outstanding lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in the case. Famous jsonline. One of the biggest sensations of the 20th century, when sitting President, Bill Clinton confessed to have cheated on his Hillary with a White House India, Monica Lewinsky. The claimed to have gotten intimate in the White House, including the Oval office.

The President underwent an impeachment trial and was subsequently acquitted. Monica Lewinsky disappeared from the public eye, resurfacing only in late s. Source: nypost. Once upon a time considered one of the greatest athletes to be alive across all sports, he fell from grace when his secret about being a serial cheater came to light.

His wife allegedly chased him with a golf club, after getting to know that he had been unfaithful, and quite regularly. Overnight, his reputation was tarnished.

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From the greatest golfer of all time to a 'pig'. Source: nydailynews. He faced a long drawn out trial for sexually abusing his 7 year old daughter, Dylan Farrow.

He never really got charged for it, but it did blow hot when Dylan decided to write an open letter in the New York Times.

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Allen never confessed to the act, and there were conflicting versions to come out of the whole scandal. While Section 67 prohibits publishing obscene information in electronic form, Section 85 allows the prosecution of a person responsible for the chun li anal of a company over violations.

Bajaj who had subsequently sold his company to eBay Pvt. This incident caused a sudden panic across the country and many discussions regarding the inefficiency of the IT Act, and the need to amend it started.

Four Hindi films Dev. The crime series Gumrah: End of Innocence featured an episode on the issue—with Aanchal Munjal playing the lead. Do You Like This Story? Now share the story Too bad.

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famous sex scandals india latina aloha tube Philip Reeves. Former Andhra Pradesh state Gov. The year-old Tiwari resigned, citing health concerns, after being allegedly caught on tape in a sex scandal. AP hide caption. Narayan Dutt Tiwari does not have the look of a Lothario. He does not strut or swagger; he is not sleek or lean. Few outside India had heard of Tiwari until recently, when a local TV channel aired a video that appears to show him in bed with three young women.
famous sex scandals india bisex gif Tony Montana from Scarface says it out loud - you gotta make money, which brings power. And once you have power, the women scandals come. A lot of people who earn sex first two things, lose their way and invite more women than they can keep count. Power gets to their head and they become involved in things they would be ashamed to admit publicly. Known to have quite the colorful reputation, the former Italian PM stood trial for having sex with a minor in The girl was a year old Moroccan belly dancer, Karima El Mahroug. Inhis wife of 19 years Veronica Lario, had filed for divorce and famous accused her husband india 'consorting with minors'.
famous sex scandals india amazing breasts The CD contained a sex tape and similar images. Kejriwal announced his decision to sack his minister on Twitter:. Recd "objectionable" CD of minister Sandeep Kr. AAP stands for propriety in public life. He is not the first big politician whose political life has been rocked by a sex scandal. Here are 15 most sensational sex scandals to have rocked Indian politics:.
famous sex scandals india interracial sissy porn Since last few months, plenty of inhuman and brutal acts against women have been hitting the headlines. Not only on the roads or within the building premises, nowadays women are not safer inside elizabeth olsen nude corporate buildings. There is no doubt that CEOs enjoy the highest level of power in any company and can also ask questions to anyone within the company. But, at times, even the CEOs have to answer others in the company for all the wrong reasons. Dev Chatterjee from Rediff has listed some of the well known CEOs from India who have been involved in sexual harassment in their companies. Phaneesh Murthy iGate.
famous sex scandals india jana jordan cock Jump to navigation. Behind the glitz and glamour of the tinsel town lies a world of dark secrets, casting couches and sleazy sagas. Let's take a sneak-peak into these scandalous by lanes of our very own B-town. Shiny Ahuja rape case: It is one of the most famous sex scandals of Bollywood where a young maid accuses a rising star of rape when his wife is not in the town. He initially claimed that he had consensual sex with his maidservant, but later broke down and confessed that it was rape.
famous sex scandals india porn teen top Puram also known as DPS R. Puram and its illegal distribution as well as bid to auction on eBay India then known as Baazee. K Puram school involved, on a Nokia Smartphone. It is reported that the sexual act as well as the making of the clip was a consensual activity as admitted by the students. While the two students in the sexual act and filming were underage students of Delhi Public School, once the video clip went viral on mobile phones, Raviraj Singh, an engineering student of IIT Kharagpur was prosecuted for allegedly selling the video clip on baazee.
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