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ding The site sometimes maintained the girls had this done by choice, sometimes imposed on them by parents, and sometimes by accident of nature. Either way, they find themselves outcast by the bulk of Thailand's dong, teased and rejected by their more conservative neighbors for their ludicrous proportions. Imagine their surprise when these two Germans stumbled across them farang day and found them attractive — unthinkable, they thought, they must be crazy.

And that's how the site got its name. Farang Ding Dong is supposed to mean lek Crazy Stranger", with " Farang " meaning foreigner and " ding dong " being a common euphemism for insanity. Although their breasts are obviously prosthetics stuffed under extremely stretchy shirts, the site goes to great lengths to uphold the fantasy that they're real.


And they do an excellent job of it, I must say. When they first started out, the artificial hooters were little more than balloons.

Stay around and soon we are going to let you enjoy it! Have you even wondered where was this cute teen hiding until now? We were, and we just found out about her!

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This cut babe was interested in having some hot pics to tease you guys with, so we thought we might bring you around some of her sexy photo galleries!

She finds it demeaning; yet at the same time it is exciting, even arousing to see men and women staring as if hypnotized by her huge tits! She was delighted when I showed her in how many ways humongous hooters like hers can be handled!

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