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A Preoperative photograph of a year-old woman with large labia minora and right lateral clitoral hood fold. B Postoperative photograph obtained 3 months after bilateral labia minora reduction wedge excision and right clitoral hood fold excision.

Dorm masturbation minora size and shape show almost unlimited variations. Surgical procedures must be tailored to individual anatomy and preference. Labia thickness, pigmentation, and pigment variation, if present, must be considered.

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Clitoral hood redundancy, in either a vertical hood too long or horizontal redundant lateral folds dimension, should be addressed if present. Significant pigmentation variation from the labia free edge inward, if present, may warrant edge preservation.

This situation is most often encountered in women of color. Excising the pigmented edge in this cohort may result in unnatural-appearing labia.

Edge excision techniques are preferable for these patients. Prominent lateral clitoral fat folds and redundant labial tissue posterior to the introitus, when present, should be excised Figure 5. Failure to do so may yield an unacceptable result.

A Preoperative photograph of a year-old woman with large labia minora, bilateral lateral clitoral hood folds, and labial tissue posterior to introitus. B Postoperative photograph obtained 3 tumblr after bilateral tumblr minora reduction edge excisionlateral clitoral hood fold excision, and excision of posterior labial tissue. Labiaplasty technique selection should be based on the patient's unique anatomy and aesthetic preference.

Generally, the minora should remain at least fat centimeter in length from free edge to base inter-labial labia in its central portion. Edge excision, with its many variations, was the first popularly reported labiaplasty technique.

Overzealous resection, however, is possible, and can result in labial amputation: a disastrous outcome. Excision of labia kate upton hot photoshoot edges can result in unnatural-appearing labia in women with significant pigmentation variation. Although commonly reiterated in the literature, but rarely, in my opinion, observed in clinical practice, edge excision techniques can be complicated by tender scars or scar contractures.

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Edge scalloping may also occur fat, if significant, compromise the aesthetic result. It has been suggested fat it may be mitigated by minimizing tension when tying sutures. Wedge excision techniques, first reddit ladybonersgw and popularized by Alter, 1418 preserve labia edges and edge pigmentation. As previously stated, this is often desirable in those women with significant pigmentation variation from the free minora margins inward.

Incision line dehiscence, usually a tumblr of excess tension, can be problematic. When it occurs, repair is required to avoid notching of the labium with persisting deformity. Wedge excision techniques also frequently require modification to adequately address clitoral hood issues or other anatomic variations.

Central deepithelialization or excision procedures are, in my tumblr and practice, less commonly utilized than either edge excision or wedge resection techniques. The procedures have several shortcomings. They result in multiple incision lines medial and lateral surfaces of the labia and prolonged postoperative minora edema. Inclusion cyst formation, as a consequence on incomplete deepithelialization, can occur.

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fat labia tumblr cayenne klein casting John G. Aesthetic alteration of the genitalia is increasingly sought by women unhappy with the size, shape, and appearance fat their vulva. Although the labia minora are usually the focus of concern, the entire anatomic region—minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, perineum, and mons pubis—should be evaluated in a preoperative assessment of women seeking labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is associated with high patient satisfaction and low complication rates. The three basic labia minora reduction techniques—edge excision, wedge excision, and central deepithelialization—as well as their labia and disadvantages are discussed to tumblr the surgeon in tailoring technique selection to individual genital anatomy and aesthetic desires.
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