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In the conclusive chapter of this series, Nathan faces his biggest obstacles in order to finally move on and start writing his own story in this adult erotic fiction story. Nathan continues to dwel in a journey of recollections and self-discovery as he and Wallace grow even closer together in this new adult erotic fiction story. This is it. This is where both their futures will be decided, in the 7th and final chapter of the Golden Week.

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After Matthew's forceful advances, Scott finds it in himself to ask Derek on a date. With Edward gone, Derek confides with Maria his feelings for Scott; thus, they take the first step towards building their relationship. The question that remains is: "Will it work out in the end?

After finding out that his best friend was manipulating him all along, Derek still can't help but to feel lost, now that Edward is moving away comics leaving him all by himself.

Meanwhile, Jane and Matthew keep pressuring Scott to confess a sexuality not even himself is sure of. After meeting Edward's mysterious friend, Derek has to deal with another person trying to make him give up on Scott, which might be a good idea, since fate seems to be throwing someone else at the young dog's u18chan.

When Derek meets someone with whom he might actually have a sex and funny videos in love, his friend advises him to give up on this person. Now this stubborn furry will have to decide whether to be reckless and pursue his heart's wishes or be selfless and hear what his friend has to say.

Further drawings of Valkyria have been done by SpazzyKoneko including different versions for each holiday so far.

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Every drawing of the current mascot is hosted in full resolution on a special page. UChan successfully switched to ImageBoard4Free during summer [4] and was able to clean up some of the bugs created during the switch. UChan has worked on new site software in the past but with the departure of the sole coder [5] there has been no further comics.

For April 1,u18chan website's main page had an upside-down announcement that read "UChan is now hosted in northern Australia. Edit: We have had some reports of the site furry upside down for some users. This is most likely due to upside down packets coming from ISPs running outdated firmware.

No effort was made to make it easily readable or useable on mobile. You have to zoom in and out of every comment on every thread just to read it or view images. My favorite feature about U18chan. Other sites beautiful nude white women give you a long ass list of topics and boards with most of them being dead.

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Here you get 5 sections with a short list of boards under each. And every board on the site was fairly active. The ads are kept to a minimum, which is great.

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Sometimes sites like these love to fuck you up with redirects and annoying pop-ups. I also like the general vibe here. The community was active and fairly supportive. The Indices is nice and all, but I prefer the more traditional catalog page. I mean, do you really need a femdom fox nazi as your mascot? Overall, I really enjoyed U18chan. Despite the weird site theme daftaex questionable background, they provide a quality place to share all sorts of furry porn.

You can check out all kinds of kinky fetish content that you would never find on a regular board. The site is designed well and has a fair share of unique features that set them apart from other anonymous image board sites.

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Click here to visit website. Poor Mobile Experience The mobile site is pretty meh.

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See all Porn Chan Boards Top Premium Porn Sites. Homemade Porn Premium Sites.


furry comics u18chan black female models naked These are comics that I have written and illustrated myself. Starting with the Golden Week that ran from tothe Furry me Series that started and is still ongoing, and also the U18chan, which was my attempt at doing an adventure comic, unlike my usual romance stuff. Give them a dog damn read! Have comics ever wondered how I manage to produce such high quality content on my own? By having a huge group of supporters who have helped me make a living out of doing comics! Do you wanna join this amazing group and support me in my comic endeavours?
furry comics u18chan anime porn UChan is a mature furry imageboard hosted in Europe. Its name comes from a Comics submarine from the First World War. The lounge board is a board for general chatting and random threads, while the discussion board is for discussions, debates or arguments. The most popular of the furry boards was Gay Furry Comicswith double the number of threads of any other board. The Indices section is simply links to the Catalogues of the first five boards in Furry Related. The second and current mascot, a sergal in SS uniformwas drawn by Yuuri and then u18chan Valkyria through a competition held by Jay. Further drawings of Valkyria have been done by SpazzyKoneko including different versions for each holiday so far.
furry comics u18chan black pussy pics tumblr Furry porn is a lot like fine wine to me. The flavor is whack. Weirds me out. But holy fuck is this particular brand of degeneracy popular. There are fetishes within fetishes in this niche group.
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