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The majority of tankoubons and anthologies are of this category.

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The category name is a shorthand for "Hentai Manga". Artwork sets without panels, often made digitally.

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Typically in color and with more detailed backgrounds. Computer generated images extracted from erotic games "eroge". Tend to have a very large number of images.

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Does not refer to in-game screenshots of video games. Drawn content that is NOT pornographic in nature. A single explicit image featuring sex automatically disqualifies a gallery. Small amounts of nudity are permitted if they are non-sexual in nature e. The Western equivalent of this is the Miscellaneous category. Drawn content that does not constitute a comic or cg set e. Images within such galleries are preferred to have a singular theme e.

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All pornographic art of western origin whether they are loose images, CG setsor comics. Real people who dress up as characters from anime, manga, or video games. The character s in question must be recognizable. Western pages Collected works of Julius Zimmerman - f:big breasts f:huge breasts f:minigirl julius zimmerman western imageset. Doujinshi 22 pages Tabbsters 22 pages. Western 10 pages Doujinshi 25 pages Pockemoncrew 25 pages.

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Artist CG 63 pages Doujinshi 6 pages Doujinshi 38 pages Granblue Fantasy granblue fantasy yggdrasil f:defloration f:pantyhose sui sui works mizuno sao. Doujinshi 42 pages Misc 7 pages Misc 16 pages Osprey 16 pages.

Manga 21 pages Shouki 21 pages. Western 26 pages Western 18 pages


h manga gallery redhead gets fucked in the ass The typification under which galleries may fall. Users can select their gallery's category before uploading or change it via their Gallery Manager. Categories may be changed by other users via the tagging system. Any self-published or self-distributed e. Often involves parodies of existing anime, manga, video games, and other recognizable characters or mascots. Pornographic comics published by a 3rd party. Typically only feature original content.
h manga gallery naruto fucks tenten Front Page. H entai V erse. Granblue Fantasy. Love Live! Doujinshi 24 pages C91 [alicemiller Matsuryu ] Yoru no Kao - The Other Side of Midnight [English] [RedLantern] english translated another f:big breasts f:lingerie f:schoolgirl uniform f:stockings alicemiller matsuryu artbook full color mosaic censorship.
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