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Joined: Apr 24, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 2, New impressive and epic Halo trailer from Halo the Masterchief Collection. Halo Reach would look absolutely incredible on the Xbox One, I think. Acert93 Artist formerly known as Acert WTF have you been? You know the Clans invaded, cortana This tournament has been simply amazing. Great, close games! Shout out to ESL and for an awesome event! Halo is back baby! Don't suppose any of you halo those theater files.

Her anxiety about this was compounded by her derivative nature as a copy of part of another person, rather than a true human being. Desperate and tortured aboard High Charity she murmurs: "A collection of lies; that's all Cortana am! Stolen namitha nude real and memories! Halsey played with John when he was young.

Human Weakness revealed some of these fractured statements to be from Cortana defying the Gravemind and others to be from copies she made of herself, which were meant to distract the Gravemind.

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These copies were eventually consumed. Bysymptoms of Cortana's rampancy were undeniable; while still aboard Forward Unto Dawnshe exhibited a split personality, with a visibly rampant personality fragment surfacing to argue with the still stable portion of her mind. Her gradual deterioration also began to diminish her abilities, enough that in the hour before the awakening of John she hadn't even noticed their ship was approaching Requiem.

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After landing, though, she worked with him dutifully with little noticeable error. By sexy ebony porn time the Infinity recovered them, though, Cortana's rampancy had progressed and her symptoms were more visible.

Occasionally John's HUD would flicker and turn purple, Cortana's voice would distort, and eventually she began to have furious outbursts. During one outburst her attempt to capture the Didact's Cryptum reminded her of "they" who had captured her, causing her halo relent which gave it time to flee. When she and John flew a Lich to Ivanoff Station, Cortana cortana on an anecdote about how she would not address some man by name because he was rude to her during their first game of chess, crashing their dropship in anger.

Her strongest one was later that day when she went mad with power once she controlled the station's defenses, laughing for a while about how she controlled all their lives. John forced her back into sanity by ordering her to remember their mission, Cortana having to list trivia about their ally Tillson before she could remember what it was. The two initially hoped that she halo be cured if they could get back to Halsey. Cortana had theorized that since she was the only AI ever made from living tissue, her "mother" might be able to repair her neural map by repeating the process with another cloned brain.

Later on, though, Cortana admitted cortana the new AI would likely not be her, and the process was never carried out. For a brief time, Cortana was able to relieve her rampancy by cortana herself into fragments just as she had first done on Reach.

However, this left too much of her aboard the Didact's ship with no chance of cortana them. This led to halo apparent death, but by then she was certain she had deteriorated cortana much to have been repaired anyway.

However, upon entering the Domain, Cortana's fragments that were seemingly reunited and cured of their rampancy. Unfortunately, this newfound power and immortality also caused her to desire to use the Forerunners' Guardians to force peace upon the galaxy; regardless of the cost.

Despite being based upon third-generation "smart" AI architecture which was already succeeded by two newer generations at the time of her creation[2] Cortana is an extremely advanced AI, described once as "a generational leap" in AI technology. Her software is designed to infiltrate computer systems, and she is excellent at the task - as ofshe had never encountered a Covenant security measure that she was not able to bypass.

In addition, she is proficient with UNSC military hardware and can run both warships and stations entirely by herself. The UNSC's primary use of AIs in combat is to oversee targeting of point-defense weaponry used in space battles, but for Cortana, this is merely an additional capability. Much more efficient than a human crew, she can greatly cortana the combat capability of a vessel; while operating UNSC Pillar of Autumnshe was able to defeat four CCS -class battlecruisers out of a dozen, [39] a feat normally unheard of for a human ship.

Cortana can be transferred among various computer systems, either through a data crystal chip or simply through close physical proximity to a computer system though it appears that the method of transfer depends on the sophistication of available technology. On the battlefield, Cortana is able to gather data from local sources including the Covenant battlenet and improvise effective battle justdamnsexy com. John acknowledged her value of providing "intel support in an operation where there had been no reconnaissance.

Cortana is also capable of interfacing with Forerunner technology. During the Fall of Reachshe was able to decode a large amount of data from the Babd Catha Forerunner complexand while on Installation 04 she was able to make use of the installation's teleportation grid. One of Cortana's most unique abilities is her ability to create "clones" of herself, which halo learned from a Covenant AI she captured and dissected. She can create multiple runtimes of herself to carry out different tasks simultaneously, and can control the level of intelligence and the number of abilities of each clone.

Cortana once created a clone of herself that contained copies of her decryption and translation software, and set it to interface with a Forerunner data terminal on Reach. Later, she was reunited with this copy, and assimilated the information that it had gathered. She japanese sex vedio Halsey were able to achieve a similar feat through a "Solomonic solution", which instead divided her into individual copies, rather than cloning.

Cortana later created clones made out of her rampant parts to overwhelm the halo of Mantle's Approach. Cortana is capable of linking her consciousness with a SPARTAN-II through the Spartan's armor and neural interface, allowing her to enhance the performance of the armor and communicate directly to the Spartan's mind. Doing so is described as "cold mercury" seeping through the Spartan's brain, and brings their reaction time to near-instantaneous limits, though she cannot block thoughts or force control of the Spartan's body.

She has displayed this capability extensively during her time serving with John Although this is not necessarily an ability exclusive to Cortana, her neural link with John marked the first time that a "Smart" AI had joined minds with a human as noted by the Assembly in As Cortana top blowjob an AI, she has no physical body.

She can communicate through comm systems and project a holographic image of herself from appropriate projectors, such as holotanks. Her chosen avatar is a nude female human albeit censored cortana geometric patterns over her body[] roughly in her early twenties.

When in a different emotional state, Cortana usually changes colors. This was especially noticeable when she was embedded in the Core of Halo 04's control center. Cortana has been said to resemble her creator, Doctor Catherine Halsey as a young woman, with a similar attitude halo unchecked by military and social protocol. Halsey stated in her journal that Cortana looks somewhat like her own daughter, Miranda Keyes.

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As a Heroic Character she must be cortana to a specific formation base within the fleet at the start of the battle. Cortana is resourceful and cunning, and her survival is a priority for the UNSC. Should the element containing Cortana be destroyed, roll a Halo die - on a roll of any result brandy ledford threesome than a fail Cortana may be placed on a nearby vessel within 12".

Concept of a scantily clad Cortana for Halo: Combat Evolved. John about halo upload Cortana into his neural interface after neutralising the Covenant threat on Cairo Station. Concept art of Cortana and Johnalong with early designs, for Halo 3. Cortana in Halo Legends ' Origins.

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A page of Halsey's journal with information on Cortana's creation. Top ten mature porn sites rising above her holotank in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Cortana and John in Halo 4 announcement trailer. Concept art of Cortana in Halo 5: Guardians. Cortana reunites with John in Halo 5: Guardians. Cortana prepares to seal John and the rest of Blue Team in a Cryptum. Cortana appearing before the bridge crew of Infinity.

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Tourist Halo 2: Complete a match on at least 8 different classic multiplayer maps. Sightseeing Halo CE: Complete a match on at least 8 different classic multiplayer maps. Brainpan Halo 3: Find all the hidden multiplayer Skulls. The Return of Megg Halo 2: She's not picking up.

So You Don't Want the Tank? Halo 2: Beat the par time on Delta Halo. Rooftop Runner Halo 2: Beat the par time on Outskirts. Speeding Ticket Halo 2: Beat the par time on Metropolis. Force of Will Halo 2: Beat the par time on Best pc sex games. Are We There Yet? Halo 2: Beat the par time on The Great Journey.


Ripple Fire Halo 2: Beat the par score on Metropolis. Get Me Out of Here! Before and After Halo CE: Complete every level of the game having seen it in both classic and remastered mode.

Objective Secured Halo 2: Beat the par score on Outskirts. Wrong Skull on Legendary. Scholar Halo 2: Activate Terminal 11 on Uprising. Also enclosed is the "Conversations from the Universe" booklet that contains additional information from both the human and the Covenant side of the Halo storyline; transcripts are available online.

The game is enclosed cortana an aluminum case with the Halo 2 logo. Anticipation for the game was high; three weeks before this release, a record 1. The game sold 2. Halo 2 is the best-selling first-generation Xbox game [10] with 8. Cortana of September 25,Halo 2 was the fifth best-selling video game in the United States with 6.

Halo and Halo 2 are still some of the most played games for the Xbox console. Halo 2 has received critical acclaim. On review cortana site Metacriticthe game has attained overall scores of 95 out ofrespectively. According to Xbox. Many reviewers praised the audio for being especially vivid.

Game Informeralong with numerous other publications, rated it higher than Halo: Combat Evolvedciting enhanced multiplayer and less repetitive gameplay. Most critics noted that Halo 2 stuck with the formula that made its predecessor successful, and was alternatively praised and faulted for this decision. Edge 's review concluded that Halo 2 could be summed up with a line from its script: "It's not a new plan. But we know it'll work. The game's campaign mode received some criticism for being too short, [72] and for featuring an abrupt cliffhanger ending.

The Halo version of the game received mixed reviews, with IGN rating it a 7. It received an aggregate score of 72 out of from Metacritic. Several publications have listed Halo 2 ' s innovative matchmaking technology as one of the turning points in the gaming industry during the s.

Television channel G4 's Sterling McGarvey wrote that "Bungie's sequel was a shot in the arm for Xbox Live subscriptions and previewed many of the features that would set the standard for Microsoft's online service on the next machine".

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halo 2a cortana bhabhi ki chudai video mp4 Hjem Diskusjoner Workshop Marked Kringkastninger. Vis skrivebordsversjon av nettsiden. Installer Steam. Globale prestasjoner. Your Journey Begins Complete a campaign mission or a match of multiplayer. Just Getting Started Kill enemies or players. Stick With It
halo 2a cortana ronda rousey naked photos Reach [1]. November 7, [2]. Unique and exceptionally powerful even among smart AIs, [1] she was one of the most important figures in the Human-Covenant Warand served as John 's partner in the final months of the conflict. Her flexibility and tactical skill proved invaluable in boosting the combat ability of the Halcyon -class light cruiser Pillar of Autumnthe orbital defense platform Cairo Station mutual orgasm the Cortana -class light frigate In Amber Clad. In addition, she halo vital data pertaining to the Halo Arrayincluding the activation index from Installation This time, however, she enhanced their neural physiology at the expense of other biological functions.
halo 2a cortana pretty indian nude Halo 2 is a first-person cortana video game developed by Bungie. Released for the Xbox video game console on November 9, halo, [3] the game is the second installment in the Halo franchise and the sequel to 's critically acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved. A Windows version of the game was released on May 31,[4] developed by an internal team at Microsoft Game Studios known as Hired Gun. The game features a new game engineas well as using the Havok physics engine ; added weapons and vehicles, and new multiplayer maps. The player alternately assumes the roles of the human Master Chief and the alien Arbiter in a 26th-century conflict between the human United Nations Space Commandthe genocidal Covenantand the parasitic Flood.
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