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Is he parting his cheeks and pressing down on the bed? Or is he sharting in the bed? I can't imagine what this guy's underwear and pants look like. My sheets are admittedly a bit loose on my bed, maybe there's some kind of issue where they are getting bunched up? A few people who work in the medical field were concerned it was the sign of a physical ailment and not a hygiene issue.

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One nurse pointed out that if the skid mark is wet, it is still fresh. That means there's an issue with the muscles of his anus,' the person explained, adding: 'I strongly suggest he sees a doctor. The woman later added an edit to her post, sharing that she scarlett bordeaux playboy on speaking with her boyfriend in person that Friday. After reading all the comments, she now thinks it may be a health problem like some have suggested.


She also stressed that her boyfriend doesn't smell like feces. I don't plan to. I don't actively come across chances to point out his butthole, unfortunately. It displays a counter of the videos which can be clicked to open a playlist of the videos with their context preserved. More uploads coming up make sure to be prepared for that.

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