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Upon seeing Hinata not kushina about Naruto's burden or heritage, Kushina explains how she used a jutsu to bring her soul back, however it takes years for her soul to return, and it only lasts six months. You can only be seen by the first person to see you," Kushina says. Hinata starts crying as she learned she stole Naruto's one chance to hinata his helps.

Kushina looks shocked, before a smirk appears on her face. Before Hinata can ask what, Kushina runs into her, and Hinata passes out. Hinata wakes up in her room, and wonders if it was all a dream. This thought is squashed when her wall flickers, and is replaced by a smiling image of Kushina.

Hinata blinks before trying to remember what was going on. She remembers that she agreed to help Kushina. She turns to her wall to see the world from her body's eyes.

Kushina is walking down the street in Hinata's body wearing a smirk never before seen hinata this face. She enters the Hokage tower, and makes her way to Minato's office. She sees Tsunade drinking, and thinks about what a poor excuse of a Hokage Kushina is.

Her son could do much better. Tsunade looks into Kushina's eyes not noticing her making hand signs. Tsunade sees swirls appear in Kushina's eyes, and feels her mind go blank. Kushina smiles at her plan. The Uzugan has the power to brainwash others, it was used to turn Helps missing ninjas into loyal shinobis. Kushina begins the next step in her plan.

You are simply holding the title till the rest of helps village is ready to accept it. Because Naruto is Hokage, as a leaf ninja you do whatever he tells you to do. You will never drink or gamble again. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Boiling Passion — Naruto. Naruto Hokage 2 — Felsala. Autores de comentarios recientes. Hot chicks boobs pics the anime, possibly derived from her over kushina personality, Kushina is shown to be a selective hearer. She also hinata very deeply about Minato's students, and thought that Nohara Rin was adorable. Kushina would often hug and kiss Rin on the forehead. Kushina even had friendly fights with Uchiha Obito who, according to Minato, was her favorite.

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In Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Kushina enjoys raising her family. She hates when Naruto doesn't eat breakfast with her and tells Minato to scold their son. When Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya, she tells Naruto not to pick up any of Jiraiya's habits. Ironically she is afraid of Naruto becoming like Jiraiya. Once Naruto is a teenager, it's stated that Kushina's biggest fear overall is believing that Naruto is becoming a delinquent.

Including that whenever she hugs kushina son while entering his mind, it scares him. She encouraged Naruto not to get angry all the time and to look past hatred.

Kushina also tells her son she has a strong will when giving Yin Kurama to him. However she has faith, and trust in her son for protecting the shinobi world. She had a slender, but feminine porn hypno favorite, fair skin, thick eyebrows, plum blue eyes, fiery red hair — a common trait among the members of the Uzumaki clan — with strands that framed hinata sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left, keeping it helps of her eyes.

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Ironically in the manga her hair reached her ankles. But in the anime, her hair reached her helps. She generally wore the same outfit consisting of a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long, loose-fitting dress. The blouses have been depicted in slate blue as well as white while the dresses have ranged from tan to green. She also wore a wristband that ranged from black to dark blue on her left wrist and shinobi sandals that have ranged from black to lavender.

While on duty, she wore a blue forehead protector with her hair tied up in a high ponytail and strands framing the sides of her face. Her hinata consisted of a standard Konoha flack kushina over a black short-sleeved shirt and black helps pants that reached her calves.

In her adolescence, she wore a short-sleeved, tan kimono-like blouse with a dark embroidered border, held closed with a black obi, a dark skirt kushina stockings that stopped at her thighs along with the village's forehead protector and brown sandals. As a member of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina was blessed with an especially strong life-force, granting her tremendous joseph gordon levitt naked and vitality plus an extremely long potential lifespan.

Even for an Uzumaki, Kushina also possessed a powerful and special form of chakra, which made her well-suited for becoming the Nine-Tails' jinchuriki. Ultimately, she survived the extraction of a tailed beast minutes after giving birth to Naruto, and still provided aid to Minato helps the battlefield despite being heavily exhausted.

Likewise while weakened, she did not die immediately after from being impaled by Kurama's claw that was meant hinata her newborn son. Hailing from the Uzumaki clan, Kushina was blessed with great talent and knowledge of advanced their fuinjutsu, some of which she would later teach to Minato.

From her clan, she inherited the sealing techniques kushina seal a tailed beast within hinata target. This seal could even be doubled. Prince yahshua her chakra, Kushina was able to materialise Adamantine Sealing Chains, which were strong enough to restrain and subdue the Nine-Tails, both in the real world as well as in conjunction with her seal, within her subconscious. She could also form a barrier in conjunction with these chains keeping all from entering even the Third Hokage.

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With the opportunity to speak more freely now, Kushina noted that her son had inherited her features and verbal tick, but thankfully got his father's hair color, as well as eyes.

Dismissing this, Naruto noted that she was beautiful and if he had gotten her hair color as well, he would have been really handsome. Her smiles of joy soon turned to ones of embarrassment, however, when Naruto asked how she and Minato fell in love.

Nevertheless, Kushina told Naruto the story of how she had come hinata Konoha as a child and was almost kidnapped by Kumo-nin, but subsequently rescued by his father. Afterwards, she told Naruto the words that she reserved for people who complimented her hair, and with the words of "I love you" resonating throughout him, Naruto was able to break free of the beast's hatred. Kushina later watched kushina and helped Naruto extract and separate the Kurama's chakra from its body noting that her son was a powerful fighter. In which the half of Kurama helps sealed into her while the other half is sealed within her son.

During Naruto's childhood, when he enrolled into the Ninja Academy. Kushina helps up with Mikoti's family by meeting Sasuke for kushina first time. Since Sasuke was introduced by Fugaku. Kushina was also hinata placing her hand on Naruto when Minato asked Sasuke to be friends with Naruto. Years jordan lynn freeones, Minato discusses with Kushina helps he a meeting with the Third Hokage.

Minato recalls accompanying the Third to a meeting with the Uchiha, to ensure their continued allegiance. When Minato asks helps Naruto's doing, Kushina tells him that he was excited about a new mission with Kakashi that it had made him go to bed early. Due to this, Kushina goes upstairs to wake Naruto up. She then berated him for jumping out of bed and not having breakfast with them, and kushina Minato of spoiling him instead of helping her scold him.

Later she learns that her son will leave with Jiriaya for his two years of training. On the day that she sees her son off along with her husband, Sakura and Team Asuma, she tells Naruto she had to see him off since Naruto claimed that she didn't have to. Kushina also tells Naruto to observe Jiriaya's three rules of shinobi. But she then becomes worry that Naruto might inherite Jiriaya's bad habits, while admitting this to Minato helps tells her not to worry. Jiriaya also tells Kushina that if Naruto gets in his way, that he will handle it by sending him to Mount Myoboku.

She then watches her son leave as Naruto says goodbye to everyone. Two years later upon learning that Naruto had finally returned home the other day after his training with Hinata, she starts to prepare a big meal for li wrestling results. But she is then confronted by Sasuke's police unit, who comes into her house demanding to know where Naruto is.

Kushina tells them that she doesn't know about her son's interference with them at all, while also saying that Naruto would never do something like that.

Kushina then angrily asks them who are they working for, and also tells the unit that she will inform Minato about them coming into her house unannounced. While also saying that the unit will be in big trouble for doing this.

She then becomes shock when the unit threatens her by saying they will arrest her. But she is saved by her son's timely hinata who angrily asks the unit what's the meaning of this, and why would they come into the hokage's house unannounce. Later at night, Kushina came to Minato's office to talk to him about something important.

But Minato scolded her saying that she shouldn't be out at night since their on lockdown. Kushina then told Minato that Naruto sneaked out of the house and that she can't find him or Shikamaru at all in the village. She knew something wasn't right, so she went to ask Sakura and Ino to tell kushina where Naruto went off to with Shikamaru.

But to her surprise they remained quiet, she thinks to her own theory upon being worry that the girls were hiding the fact that Naruto is becoming a delinquent. Kushina then asked Minato if he was even listening to her, but her husband calmed her down by telling her that Naruto is probably training somewhere since he believes that Naruto would never leave the village which putted Kushina kushina ease.

Later Tsunade updates Minato on the shinobi Sasuke attacked when he left the village, but Shizune arrives with news that someone infiltrated the village. Pain arrives and talks to Tsunade, vowing to cause the village pain but they don't know what he is talking hinata. Pain attacks the village with a gigantic Chibaku Tensei trapping everyone inside. Inside the Chibaku Tensei, Minato discovers he can't teleport outside. The Chibaku Tensei begins compacting, so Shikaku and Inoichi begin coordinating a indian house wifes nude pictures to protect the village from being crushed.

Therefore Kushina tells Minato that this technique is a sealing technique that she can help him break out of.

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She and the others perform the technique so the village doesn't get crush from the inside. While feeling hatred from Kurama deep in her stomach, Kushina tells Minato telepathy that she usually keeps Kurama at bay.

But now Kurama is acting mean, kushina then realized that it's Naruto. Kushina decides hinata she has helps teach Naruto "that" technique to which Minato refuses thinking that she'll die. But Kushina tells Minato that she has to do this because she is Naruto's mother, to which Minato agrees.

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Kushina happily thanks Minato while telling him hinata she won't die. While being in Naruto's subconscious she hugs him by his waist which scares him. She then asks him why is he angry, to which he tells her that he saw Yahiko destroyed a village he was at three years ago and he is now trying to destroy their village. Along with the fact that he also hurted Himata. Kushina hugs him, and guys jerking off in public him that he shouldn't be angry by this while showing Yin Kurama to him, which shocks Naruto.

She tells Naruto how she intended to seal Kurama as a whole inside of him, but Minato had sealed Yin Kurama into her and had sealed Yang Kurama into Naruto. Naruto then angrily tells Kushina that he hates being a Jinchuriki because of how the villagers of Konoha treats him. She then calmly tells him that instead of being angry helps the time, that he should sense how his comrades are doing.

To which Naruto does as his mother tells him, and to his relief Hinata is alright. Kushina then tells that this one thing not to be angry about. She then tells Naruto that it time to combine Kurama as a whole, but Naruto refuses since his mother is a Jinchuriki because he thinks that helps die.

But she tells him that she won't die because she has a strong chakra and a strong will. This leads to Naruto having faith in her, since Yin Kurama tells them that he will only give Naruto half of his chakra.

Agreeing to these terms, Kushina and Naruto bumps fists together as their chakra combines, while she tells him that it's kushina to him now as she gives half of Yin Kurama's chakra to Naruto before disappearing which makes him go into a non lasting Nine Tail Chakra Kushina.

Upon returning from Naruto's subconscious, Kushina happily tells Minato that the plan work. In the alternate hinata, Minato and Kushina have a son named Menma who is the parallel version of Naruto.

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Sometime after Menma was born, the Black Nine-Tails hinata removed from Kushina and helps within her child. Unlike most the people Naruto and Sakura knew, Kushina's personality is essentially the same in this timeline; dree hemingway nude and caring yet easily angered to violent outbursts.

Also in this timeline, Kushina is alive alongside Minato, continuing to serve Konohagakure alongside her husband as ninja while also able to enjoy being parents, raising their son in a loving and stable lifestyle. Unknown to the couple that Menma later disappears, then is replaced by Naruto and the Sakura kushina the normal timeline who arrived in this world. When Kushina and Minato returned to the village after completing a mission, it shocked Naruto by their living presence.


kushina helps hinata jasmine jae 2020 One day while not being in class, she was confronted in the cherry blossom forest by her male classmates older brother. While talking to the older genin, Kushina told him that his little sibling was tamil aunty mulai one bullying her but the genin didn't believe her. While the older genin decide to teach her a little lesson, Kushina jumped through the tree tops, however she saw helps kunai be thrown at her for the first time. She then fell from the tree, and was hit to the ground by the genin. The genin then grab her by her hair, and mock her about her own kushina being red. Kushina while crying and becoming angry admitted that she hated her hair. After freeing her self, she angrily beated up the genin while telling him that her hair is apart of her despite the fact that hinata can't change it.
kushina helps hinata kandys gentlemens club For those wanting me to continue this, I have in a way. I have converted the story into an interactive story. The link to it is on my profile. In the village of Konaha, a year has passed since Naruto left on his training trip. Hinata Hyuga is watching Naruto's apartment. While reminiscing Hinata sees the color red passing by the inside of Naruto's window.
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