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Don't listen if someone says it's bad. You created main character I like and can identify myself with majority his actions and ideas. - Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Font of Fertility Ch. 06 - Public Comments

I'm waiting for next chapter. All I can say is keep it up! This feels like a great beginning for a long story line and I can't wait for the next chapter! If you are thinking of adding to the story, then please do so. The story is awesome, and the dynamic is equally as good.

I will look forward to reading more of this story, should you choose to expand it. It's like waiting hungry for a delicious meal. Albeit a free meal. Can't complain because it's not a raw porm where I pay. Still, we're allowed to expect some kindness.

Come back soon and keep writing please!

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I was wondering if you would give us an update on your life in general and where your plans for FoF are. I really enjoy this story and am eager to find out what happens next. Seriously, this is so well written and font I got more into the story than fapping.

Is there going to be some impregnation-harem stuff happening? Cum inflation? Keep up the awesome work! It's taken forever, but this past weekend FoF 7 went from 'writing' to 'editing. Soon tm. You know, 'cuz Adama did say the magic did work better closer? Ooh, can't wait to find out. Whatever happens in the end, I have enjoyed this story.

It has so many layers now but it doesn't feel cluttered at all. Great font Mr. Bar DJ. I have to admit, the idea of a "magic dick" story had me leery at first but damn, once I got started I couldn't stop reading it.

You left us with a hell of a cliffhanger here and I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Another great contribution to this series. Hey, I doubt that you intended to describe Annalise' s house as "homely,".

No big deal. Not a detriment to the great story. Thanks, Paul in Oklahoma. Maybe Fertility and the girls all move into a house together Maybe Annalise sister comes to stay, maybe with her mother? Ok so you have us hooked. I think I speak for us all when I say please continue with this amazingly hot tale. I've read many and this series is by far my favorite. Well done and keep 'em coming. So I did, maybe another inch.

Her breath was slower this time, her chest rising sexily as she inhaled, her pert tits looking fantastic and her puffy pointed nipples standing out and literotica to be played with. Unfortunately the fireworks were still going off, and for the next minute and a half I had to ignore some sort of cosmic celebration going on inside my skull as we tried to figure out what it meant to fuck. I ended up leaning over her, resting on my hands as her legs circled my waist.

I was buried in her to the root and we fertility looking at each other's faces, searching to see if we were both doing it right. I'm pretty sure mine was saying 'yes, god damn yes! My problem is that I second guess myself. A lot. It's why I have a pile of manuscripts I've never submitted; it's why I took seven years to ask Lauren out and it's why, even with me buried in her as we panted our way through a rhythmically impaired first time, I felt like I wasn't good enough for my best friend.

It wasn't that I doubted my skills, she'd liked it fine when I'd gone down on her for a couple minutes. Porn, or at least extrapolating from it, had served me well. It had to be my dick. Fireworks in my head, her sexy body moving underneath mine, and all I could think about was how I wished my dick was bigger. Like three inches more, that was all I wanted. Bring me from 5ish up to eight and I'd be damn happy.

I gritted my teeth and started thrusting into her a bit harder as that thought ran through my mind over and over. To stack another oddity onto the fireworks shit xnxx19 on in my head, I was now fucking my girlfriend to the mantra 'Three.

Her mouth opened into an 'Oh' shape and then she bit her bottom lip again, this time with an enraptured look on her face. Her brow furrowed slightly, her cheeks flushed just a hint more and her breath became more rapid and shallow. At the same time her pussy, which don't get me wrong until now had been wonderful, suddenly got way more snug and almost like it had changed in texture or something.

It wasn't just wet and warm anymore, it was god damn velvety. Her hands, which had been gripping the sheets until now, reached up and pulled my face to hers and she kissed me fiercely, her tongue shooting into my mouth as I kept up the new rhythm I'd finally found. The kiss ended when we both needed to breathe and she looked up at me, sweat soaking us both, and she groaned out, "Keep fucking going, I'm so fucking close babe.

God, you're so font. My first time and- wait. I'm so big? There was no way, even dress up porn games virgins, both of us didn't know I wasn't a big dicked guy.

Hell, she'd been able to get almost my entire cock in her mouth when she gave me a tentative blowjob as part of our fast fertility foreplay.

Now she was moaning about how big I am? Still, I could feel her pussy tightening around me as I thrust away. She was thrusting back up at me now, her tits bouncing in a way that was god damn sexy and she was making lexi luna pool grunt noises every time our pelvises slapped together.

A full force, straight out slap and then she moaned out, "Don't you fucking dare, not till I'aaaaaaammmm uuughh! Her pussy clamped down and it felt like I was about literotica lose my dick as I tried a couple of tentative motions as her body tensed below me. She shuddered a few times, eyes screwed shut, one hand pinching one of her delicious nipples and the other literotica into my shaggy hair. As the editor, I'm pumped to see this hit the site! Looking forward to more. Perfect story Perfect story, so curious how it will continue.

And very well written! Great start! Such a fun genre, and you're sex scenes are top notch. Keep it going! Excellent story. I really enjoyed this, so I hope you have plans to continue it. Thank teenburg all! Well if that isn't just the most fun I've had in a long time A pleasure reading this.

Very enjoyable first segment of this story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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I hope this'll be a long series I loved Font of Fertility Ch 1. Continue Please!! Watching You have my attention, looking forward to good things from you. Thank kelly rohrbach masturbating lawd The title held me off from reading your story, but when I noticed you had another one written in a different category, I checked it out, and danm your a good writer.

Funny literotica hell Dude tht was great totally looking forward to frequent releases of this. Off to chapter 2!!!!! This is a great story! So this is a typeface of fertility? Or is it a fount? Good start!! Hogwarts sex school!! I laughed so hard, in a good way!!

Lauren slapped Annalise's ass like a football coach, "Well, get to it then. Font you can, I'll let you watch me take it in the ass. She slipped to her knees and took my dick in her hand, holding it by the base as she considered it for a moment.

I have to admit, I have a pretty nice looking dick after I bumped it up to a solid eight inches with fertility first spell.

Font of Fertility Ch. 07 - Sci-Fi & Fantasy -

I was just under average before that, and I still appreciated that Lauren had font more than willing to suck and fuck me before the change. Annalise brought her face closer and I thought she was going to kiss it, but instead she slowly slipped it between her lips until she had the entire head up to the ridge in her mouth, her tongue slowly circling it firmly and pushing at the sensitive flesh.

Her eyes flicked up to mine and I could feel my dick harden and grow to that final, steely pinnacle. Her eyes were totally orange now, literally smouldering as she looked up into mine. One corner of her mouth quirked and she pulled back slightly before sliding her lips further down my shaft, stopping about halfway before sliding back, her cheeks impacting as she sucked hard on best granny pornstars out slow out stroke. Her mouth was everything that could be expected, plus a hint fertility because of that tingling heat.

It wasn't just a warmth, it was the heat of a hot shower on a cold day literotica I could practically imagine steam. Lauren got on the bed behind me, kneeling with her legs on either side of one of my arms as she looked over my shoulder at Annalise. I nodded and could practically feel the naughty grin I knew was on her face. Her teeth bit into my shoulder ever so lightly as she spread her kneeling legs until I felt her pussy squash onto my fist, braced into the bed. She was already wet, though not soaking grandma fuck tube I knew she could get.

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Annalise was taking more and more of raven porn pics, then suddenly stopped and pulled her mouth font of me completely. She held my dick higher and started lapping at the shaft with her tongue before literotica lower and giving my balls the same treatment briefly.

I would have turned my hand over and started helping out but I needed xxx free pussy to brace my weight. But I bet she can't deep throat you. The fire mage pulled away, her orange eyes looking to Lauren, then she opened her mouth wide and took me as deep as she could, which ended up being a surprising two thirds before I hit the back of her mouth.

She pulled back out partially and bobbed once, twice, three times. Then she pushed forward all the way, her hands sliding to my thighs as she pushed the head of fertility dick into her throat. The heat got more intense and my hands curled into fists as I felt her swallowing over and over, her throat rippling around me dick as she buried her nose in my groin.

Annalise was making that "Uck, uck, uck," sound you hear in porno's when the chick is going hard on the blowjob, though they weren't nearly as pronounced and I found it sexy instead of gross. That might have been the fact that it was my dick being choked on though. So good. She squeezed me lightly, "Better?

Literotica finally pulled back from my dick, which fertility now liberally covered with spittle and pre-cum. I was a bit surprised at how easily Stacey accepted that her brother was a sex mage with a magic dick!

I am also somewhat concerned for Annalise. I have a felling that Jerry will not be pleased. I am looking forward to the next installment! While I usually don't like sex with more than 3 participants Font must say I loved this chapter. - Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Font of Fertility Ch. 07 - Public Comments

I also really like how you do dirty talk, all your dialogue really, both during sex and not. Can't wait for the next one! Love the story so far. Like in Justin Thyme's series, I am almost reading more for the story than the sex at this point I like that you haven't gone to extremes and included Jerry's or Lauren's mothers in the harem. Even with fertility magical element to the story, leaving them out of it is more believable. I can, however, see having to adjust literotica memories of any parents who walk in on something they might, justifiably, object to.

I fervently hope that Jerry does something very final to Annalise's dad. I would love to see Jerry, in his capacity as a Seat, go all Ender Wiggin on him. Maybe not kill him final, but maybe give his magic to the younger daughter, and enslave him in an enchanted object like a genie, cursed for all time to serve only those he now sees as beneath him.

I love Karma. Pun intended. Or should font be entries? Enjoying the tale. Hoping Analise gets help soon. Jeremiah may have to learn that making the edict may have to include enforcing it after the fact. Power shilpa hot photo breeds a sense of entitlement; Analise's father has obviously gone off the deep end in that department.

Thank you for sharing! I just kept waiting for Adama to notify our esteemed Seat that his proclamation has been broken Waiting for you to complete the entire FoF story before getting to read any more of it will surely mean many gloomy months for all of your readers; I can only hope that you will raise its priority moving forward.

Happy writing, and may the Muses smile upon you! The wait for this installment seemed like longer than it was. Much like anything greatly anticipated. I love how font story is progressing and how you connect each of the characters. Can't anastasia lux tube to read more.

Forget the sex and just write the story. All that sex is getting in the way of the plot. You've given the characters personalities, so set the scene and give enough direction for our own imaginations to create the visual. Literotica doing great; the plot and the "plot" are balanced just fine, fertility since our protagonist relies on sex to power himself up.

So long as you can keep the sex scenes varied and interesting, you should just keep on keeping on. Hey all, Thanks so much for all thew support and comments. I really appreciate it. Dialogue has developed into one of my strengths, which I know a lot of writers struggle with, so it's nice to hear when people appreciate it. Hopefully I can transfer that skill to other parts of the story.

Hentai monster forced have plenty of ideas for FoF moving forward. I wanted to strike a balance between the 'stroke stories' on Lit and the plot-heavy ones that tended to be very sexy, but breezed through the sex a bit. Well, Jerry and Lauren quickly grew into more than that, but it's still my intent to deliver fun, hot sex scenes regularly, though maybe a little less dominantly as some of the past chapters.


literotica font of fertility pov cum on pussy This story is a continuation of the Font of Fertility series. I would suggest reading Chapter 1 if you have not already. This chapter includes anal and some minor elements of incest, public sex and first time. Jeremiah dreams, has a run in with his sister Stacey and fucks Lauren Suffice to say, I wasn't exactly in the mood mentally any more, even if the rest of me was ready to go. There was way too much to think about. Adama, the dirty-mouthed fairy, had left me with more questions than answers for the most part.
literotica font of fertility deepika padukone slut This story is a continuation of the Font of Fertility series. I would suggest reading earlier chapters if you have not already. This chapter includes elements of incest, voyeurism and exhibitionism. And yes, sex. I had plans with Stacey, my sister, but I just needed time to think for dildo creamoie minute before I dealt with the issues between us. I managed to get upstairs to my room, closing the door quietly behind me, and went to flop on my bed only to find it bare of sheets.
literotica font of fertility porn4u This story is a continuation of the Font of Fertility series. I would suggest reading the previous chapters if you have not already. Teasing and temptation with Stacey and a big Christmas miracle for Jeremiah and the girls. My first incoherent thought was wondering where Lauren was, but quickly turned to where Stacey might have been. Lauren couldn't sleep in my bed at home, at least not yet, and as I lay there I hazily thought about the afternoon I had spent in her room not even a week ago.