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Steam :: SUPERHOT :: #MAKEITSUPERHOT Modding competition!

Released Feb WhyNott Jan 17 Can I zooey nude makeitsuperhot indev Moddb page before my mod is completed, or do I have to finish it first to a downloadable state and only then can I make a submission? Jan 17 You can make a page and link it before it is completed, but it wont be eligible to win until there is a playable download. WhyNott Jan 17 Okay, thanks!

Executor Jan 17 the contest is all over the internet too just seen it on gog and steam x "superhot developers and moddb have makeitsuperhot forces" lol wut. Gmodero Jan 17 If I make makeitsuperhot map, do I have to make the animations? Jan 17 As long as it is playable, it is eligible. Obviously polish and completeness will help to win. Gmodero Jan 18 Okya, thanks you very much!

CelticDragonStudio Jan 18 Is there a limit to what engine we can use or can we use what ever we like. Jan 18 Makeitsuperhot whatever you want - unity, unreal, source, something custom.

WhyNott Jan 18 I'm not staff, but I imagine that someone releasing their work as royalty-free counts as "explicit permission". Feb 12 Yes a royalty free license generally does mean that. Jan 18 Yes, if the music is royalty free then that means their licence has given you permission to use it.

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ModB Jan 18 i always wanted to join those fantastic contesst but. ModB Jan 18 i got ideas but i can't apply any from of it because i am not a programer or a game maker Good luck!

I mean, how winners get them. Jan 19 You will need to read all the rules above hermaphrodite pussy pics they specify this.

Guest Jan 19 Are the games and mods only allowed makeitsuperhot be digital or are tabletop games eligible as well? makeitsuperhot


Jan 19 Tabletop is eligible, we have both arts and craft prizes and game prizes. Pixelrobin Jan 19 If we make a seperate game, are we encouraged to use a similar art style to Superhot's or our own? Jan 19 You can make the game be any style you want, but we will be judging games on how much they fit the "SUPERHOT" vibe, so if it is completely unrelated that won't be graded as high.

Jan 20 Yes to all! Guest Jan 20 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Guest Jan 21 Damn I knew I shouldn't have given up on makeitsuperhot mod making projects MrTek Jan 22 Rip. Jan 22 Never too late! MrTek Jan 22 Good luck! Merser Jan 24 Is it okay to use extracted assets makeitsuperhot superhot in a game that's only being made for this makeitsuperhot Merser Jan 28 Whatever.

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Feb 12 Yes it is. Passerine Jan 28 Christ, Makeitsuperhot was such a cynical cashgrab. Feb 12 Yes all countries. Guest Jan 29 do we have to work alone or are small teams allowed? XanT Feb 1 Teams are absolutely allowed : But in the event you win prizes it will be upto you how the prizes are allocated to the team members.

MaiNaym Jan 30 I was very excited to start a makeitsuperhot for this, especially since Superhot is a favorite of mine.

Feb 12 Just that particular prize, because it is a massive undertaking to publish a game. Merser Feb 2 "All content is allowed including fan inspired, but we shall adhere to any DMCA takedown requests and will remove content if requested by the copyright holder.

Feb 12 What it means is that you are allowed, but if we were to receive a takedown notice we would adhere to it, as unlikely as that might makeitsuperhot. Post a comment. Sign in or join with:. Browse Features. Any tax, customs, duties or other fees will be the responsibility of the competition makeitsuperhot. Prizes will be delivered on a best effort basis, we cannot circumvent any laws or restrictions that prevent us from delivering prizes, but will attempt to makeitsuperhot digital keys of an equivalent value should such a situation arise.

By short hair porn an entry, you agree that you legally makeitsuperhot all of the creators and that you agree to comply with all the Rules, the Terms of Use and all decisions of the Contest Judges. PRO reserve the right to disqualify an entry at their discretion if they believe it has broken one or more rules of the competition. This Contest shall be governed as to all matters, including validity, construction and performance of the Contest General Makeitsuperhot, by and under the Laws of the Australia and the State of Victoria and the sole venue for resolving all questions related the rights of the Entrants and winners in this Contest shall be the courts located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Violation of any of the above terms will disqualify you from the competition.


makeitsuperhot real girls having sex Posted by XanT on Jan 17th, There are two prize categories depending on the type of submission you do. The breakdown is as follows:. We're looking forward to seeing the awesome submissions our makeitsuperhot contributes to this great competition. Good luck challengers! Can I create an indev Moddb page before my mod is completed, or do I have to finish it first to a downloadable state and only then can I make a submission? You can make a page and link it before it is completed, but it wont be eligible to win until there is a playable makeitsuperhot.
makeitsuperhot watch my girlfriend porn The winners have been announced. Latest Entries. Pre-existing makeitsuperhot is eligible for submission in the competition. You may advertise your entry, but spamming any community or forum is not acceptable. All content is allowed including fan inspired, but we shall adhere to any DMCA takedown requests and will remove content if requested by the copyright holder.
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