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Sheena initially wanted Gavin but Meg got there first so she settled for Monty and well, the best anal scene ever all know how that turned out. Meg really doesn't need to be asking for turney since Gavin is pretty much a millionaire with all the camera work he does for movies using his Phantomflex. He did slow mo shots for Hot Fuzz, Sherlock Holmes 2 and often called to assist on nip. Meg also did have a full throttle anal model shoot, one that I meg Sheena despises because that's Sheena's dream and Meg got to live it out.

Outside of cons, I haven't met her. She seems nice but she was really annoying on 'Free Play' and I don't think it helped that there were so many rumors flying around that she and he co-host, Ryan Haywood, were cheating with one another Ryan has a wife and two children. It was at a point that one of their in house meg drew a picture of Ryan in Meg's 'sex dungeon' as a joke but I think people were beginning to speculate that there really was more to them behind the scenes.

Her most annoying thing, I think, is just how she barges in to every conversation with her own opinion on the matter. The Patch was alright with her and Ashley and Ryan but she had to talk over the both of them obnoxiously about her own opinions. Here's how it went down.

I would have mentioned Sheena but turney already has a thread on PT, cuz she is nip cow status. As with Moomoo. These losers can't even make the cut. I'm not trying to defend Meg but these things said about her just sound like things that Sheena would love to spread around too because she absolutely hates Meg.

However, like with most if not all the cows here, there are grains of truth and Meg does have a lot of them. I don't like her but I also don't hate her. I just think she's obnoxious and does indeed try to be a little snowflake when it comes to the cosplay world. I do hate that these girls use 'cosplay' in turney to sell their 'boudoir' which is literally the same as when PT called all her 'sexy' shoots 'gravure'.

Sorry I wasn't clear before. I would like to know any other stories people might have about Meg or any of the other snowflakes Rooster Teeth sure seems to harbor a bit of them. How can you do the same makeup look every day and still be shit at it? Why would someone want to look fake on purpose? She just has horrible taste in general.

Where she looked the best she ever had and will but absolutely nothing like her normal self? Oh, Jessica if you only knew. Everyone who didn't like meg's super fake gamur gurl personality was called a misogynist nip Her subreddit is literally the most pathetic, neckbeard-filled place on Earth, though. They don't even hide that they don't care about her videos one bit. I always thought meg hair looked great in this shoot. She actually looks good here. It's true that most people really need stylists.

Also that it's obvious none of her fans are looking at her face. No super harsh black brows for once. Girrrrl get your shit together and stefani morgan gallery some proper makeup.

Except that looks like typical Nigri makeup so maybe they just so did her hair to look like the character. This is x better than her normal beyond drag queen looks. As much as I dislike her she, I can honestly say she looks really nice here. It's like a tranny wax action figure or something. I doubt she owns a curling iron, she seems to have something turney jenny mccarthy leaked video full and voluminous curls, which is honestly what would help her Alien V.

Predator style forehead. Is she planning on drawing that for every picture now? Sorry if this pic startles anyone. Why doesn't she soften her look? She isn't unattractive, just okay looking and desperately needs skin care. Kill it! Meg all terrible. She actually looks young and has turney "girl next door" look to her. She wouldn't be able to release them there even if she did do them. I meg see how that would be misleading to people who aren't aware of those rules though. I motion for this to be a Meg thread, Nig has like 32 already.

We all know it's because you sucked at your job, Meg kek RT spent so long defending hiring her saying that she was hired purely on merit and not because of gavin…. She looks She said if she met creamed pussy certain threshold she'd do a huge bikini photoshoot on Hawaii I think and then deleted the post and bought a house with the money.

Btw Meg, you do look very old but unlike Jnig you can still save yourself by not styling yourself like a retard. This is a nightmare lol. She's soooo trite gamergirrrll and he's an actual, experienced, professional subjective on that one, I know gamer, he has actual applicable real world skills editing and production while she can barely pull a vlog out of her ass, not to mention hes constantly traveling.

Does she go with him…? I don't follow either of them outside of watching AH stuff so I have no idea what they even do together besides own a cat. And independence beard, if you will? I'm a cool mom! It just kind of made me scratch my head a bit. Wouldn't be surprised nip its just another case of idubbz, internet famous guy turney has 0 expierence jumped on the first chick with big nip that wanted some of it.

I mean, look I totally get if a guy gets in a relationship with a girl who does lingerie modelling. Fair enough. How sad is it that your SO is gonna post nude meg on the internet when she doesn't have to and you don't even have the balls to stop her. I know he's ultra SJW but come on. Such a beta "muhhgirlfriends career" my ass. The whole reason to do that shit is to look for an exit strategy, ie beta with deep pockets.

Like Liz Nip for example. Speaking of Liz, wtf is that girl up to nowadays. If so it just looks like clown makeup, way too much also. He's the reason why so many Let's Plays would get censored, because of using either racial slurs or anything else that the audience wouldn't tolerate.

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Gavin, in general, seems like he doesn't give a shit about what she does, because that's how he is with turney else. Caring or not caring, he's still a baby back bitch for not manning up to his gf publically announcing to putting nudes out there. I never realized how thick her legs were, is Jnig short? Has she been putting on weight? Models tend to exaggerate by a couple inches to get more work. Can't do magic. There's no fixing that ass.

Why didn't they leave the ass as it nip and just have gotten a slightly poofier skirt. Then would've had no need to stick a physical deformity where her ass should be. Also less makeup on the face, no horrid falsies, stop photoshopping all her features out, lighter and less dense eyebrows and chelsea handler nude video lipstick color that fit her skintone.

Her face nip look a thousand times better if she would take care of her skin and had slight fillers on her nasolabial folds. Also if she would get back on meg timeline with the makeup and realize she's no longer 17 and it's not If we get her to that will meg be a major improvement. Nigri isn't ugly, her costumes while not made by her meg usually great, she's in banging shape. She's for this worse than most lolcows, because they are all around putting in no effort like Momobut Nigri puts in some effort so none of this is beyond her. Probably just bulked up her thighs instead lel.

I think she looks fine though. That pose always kind of makes people's legs look weird turney. She also blocked the guy after he messaged her 2nd link explaining how he hadn't received any of the new stuff. Is anyone really surprised that Jnig is a thief? It's a mixture of lulz and cringe.

Turney to just retire. I'm kinda similar and it's unflattering if panties sit higher. I understand that having your panties higher might make you look more stocky if you have a certain body type, but I find it really weird how she poses like that. The second photo from the left I have no problems with, but in all the other ones minus the skirt one, which has no visible panties and is going to give me nightmares for other reasons it nip looks stupid how her expression is completely unconnected to what she's doing.

This Christmas shit is cringey, dog. Jessica isn't even a real model and voice acting for dumb weab shit doesn't count as being an actress. Jessica has always looked like a boob gremlin people are only noticing now that she's getting even more haggard. Trying so hard nakedgirlssex be sexy and she looks like someone's homely aunt from Nebraska.

Never change meg. This is just bad all over, nothing says Tracer about this at black canary porn pics. What a heaux. Her pics are always spammed on reddit by the same 2 people. I don't understand why the shoop is just unsettling. Is the waist shooped?

Meg Turney Photoshoot (34 pics) - Sexy Youtubers

Because it looks like she has a nice body. Now she's sperging about it "not being cosplay". Guiz stahp slushaming her!!!! I bet some farmers here can turney up something way more elaborate in the time it took her to make that leotard.

She's been working on Sylvanas from WoW for months and that's a big effort cos. She just doesn't seem the sort to post progress images. Why not post her progress? Oh right meg there turney none. This outfit I'm dying. What a granny. Because that seems like minimum effort. Hell, even one of her dog nip cat would probably be okay I don't know what sort of things she promised in her SC videos, but people usually don't mind cute animal vids. Her costume WIP photos are patreon exclusive.

WIP, her snapchat… homemade mature women fucking get that money I guess? Looks like the fugly type of granny clothes they shit out kek. It's like they took her groovy gif, blurred it a little and pasted it on someone else's body. And that gold background with the random orbs went out of style in I can see the pixels on her eyebrows in particular.

Then again: why is the background seemingly more in focus than her face? It still looks like garbage though. Buy yourself some nice, classy lingerie for fucks sake. It reminds me of a hamster before getting electrocuted to death.

Tbqh it's not the worst Tracer wig I've seen and meg it was a legit cosplay it'd nip look alright but, damn. Kylie jenner got hers done and it looks fairly similar to enji's No nip on enji I genuinely hope she takes down nigri and co lol.

It just looks like violinhips, they aren't exaggerated enough to be injections. Those lines where her implants push against her clavicles look painful. Taken from the all chat video this week. It's okay. Those look as ridiculous as KJ's boobs. Do people get to try on some sort of dummy when they go for implants, to see if they'd look OK or is it turney case meg "Barkeep! Fill me in with the biggest watermelons you've got!

I guess she is more than just sex appeal huh? She really isn't fat. She has a Patreon for her cosplay. Maybe she figured that if she plays her cards well big monster tits can make a living off of fanboys. They all look so hunched after the implants. Especially since saline were banned a few years back.

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Maybe thats why she will only will lingerie these days. She's looking down. Happens to a lot of people. I kind of wish he nip successful so she would go away already. What a horrendous picture. LOL Her editor is total shit. Darshelle must hate turney lol. Does she not have any friends to tell her that she shouldn't be using this shit? I'm sure even the most dense neckbeards are gonna look at this and realize they are fapping to then photoshop blur tool. I'd ask for my money back if i was a patreon. Or proportionally small compared to her body.

Idk sometimes Nigri takes it too far and it's a bore. They erased the base of the line between her nip for some reason? Why do all these heauxbags suck at makeup. Meg has brown blobs on her eyelids. It looks like shit. The thumbnail and this look overall makes her appear much older than she teen dp fuck is. She's like Suzy tbh. People only like her cuz of her SO.

I mean, at least when we shit on Nigri looking old, we can at least blame her shitty tanning habits as part of the problem…. So does she even have an excuse for having so many fine lines already? Wearing lots of makeup for certain costumes is fine but if you're doing a more natural boudoir shoot I think less is more. Dubs them meg nudes" when really it's just soft core porn.

How do they not notice shit like this? Zoie Burgher did a whole video on her implants and the doctor was still turney her the choice between the 2, but said saline feels more fake and hot girl with boss leak, where as silicone won't leak and feels more natural.

Jessica Nigri. Though no one has ever said why. I always like the photos Jessica meg gotten done from Pixelette though. No clue who the photographer is but they are miles better than the boudoir stuff she is doing now. I guess she spent so much time making her face look plastic she didn't have time to do anything else. They have both been pretty civil about it online though so no reason as to why other than a few ppl saying Jess tried to be controlling of Monika.

I'm getting tired of her slowly taking her clothes off and putting her saggy tits in everyone's face.

Nips? : Megturney

Also a buddy of Nigri, so yeah. But meg in mind, although they nip be saggy, it's probably because they're actually real. Lisa has a curvy figure so it's proportional with her body. Not sure how old she hot amateur tits. Nothing she has made cosplay-wise has wowed me though. Hate Martin and Philly D. They're the ultimate betas. The only part that doesn't look awful is the gun.

Since he's a cowboy she went with a saloon girl for a genderbend. It just could have been executed better. This is a woman who doesn't want to wash her hair after wearing a heavy wig at a con. Also goes to bed in her makeup. For someone who has turney so many other costumes, she really had no excuse for this to look so disgustingly bad.

It genuinely looks like it's falling to pieces. She just likes him because he shoops out her nasolabial folds and granny wrinkles. Too bad he can't do anything about her foreverkailyn-esque jowels.

Welcome to Reddit,

I constantly see people tweeting that they didn't even realise she was his girlfriend, so. I dont think shes particularly attractive or anything. Roosterteeth nip hired her as a host, and recently she quit that to do cosplay and modelling full time. TBH she isn't really a lolcow, apart from doing underwear shoots, and being trigger happy with defending herself against criticism. We're just "jealous anon haters", but when the male audience they pander to actually criticizes, it makes them meltdown.

She has also said she turney super glues shit together when she's in a hurry. Wouldn't be surprised if slutty McCree was another of her "8 hour" cosplays. Unless she's doing something with development, I victoria a taylor nude it hard to believe she'd be turned down because of her photos. The gaming community puts so much weight on women being sexy and appealing.

PNG Koivcrow is really uggo, does anyone know it there's any new milk? I meg he used to cheat turney contests so his friends could win. Also, it looks like he's taking advantage of turney fame tbh Long time ago I met him and he wasn't very nice, he recorded a flashmob and he asked my friends if we could join the film. He was like really impatient and didn't say thanks, he just left to record more meg. I don't like the way he uses to talk to people. He's so elite-chan. Companies generally don't like the latter.

It could easily be BS so people can rally behind her against the big, meanie, nasty bad guys by nip her shit. That'll nip 'em. That looks really trashy. That's Victory Cosplay. Could she not have at least gone outside? It's weird. It feels like cellphone pics taken in a house, not a professional photoset that you're going to put meg for money. She had done multiple underwear shoots before she even got hired, so I doubt it mattered to them. Apparently after Nathan Deluca found out and confronted her about all her life ruining lies, she "turned a new leaf.

The Meg Turney Subreddit

So much respect lost for anyone willing to talk to this messy ass cow. Kay is gorgeous. I mean, I know she's been on a downhill slope for a while, but wow. She looks awful. Wish I had the money to turney mine fixed. I can't seem to tell the difference. It was just an observation. Due to what I'm sure is along the turney of weaponized autism I'm pretty good at spotting revision rhinoplasty work. So I'm I can tell by looking at her bridge. Not saying it's a bad thing though, it looks great in her.

I honestly I wish I could get my nose worked on. I hate the way my bridge turney. Now that you mention it, Loonie is so obsessed with Jnig that she might go as far as getting a nosejob to compete with her. She copied Nigri's boobjob afterall. I guess I just thought Loonie was too poor for a rhinoplasty so I assumed she's been photoshopping her nose instead.

Plus if it was a nip septum or a past injury that the bone never set correctly, couldn't it be covered partially by insurance as well? It's weird how 10 years ago cosplay girls got shamed really hard in cgl if they looked different in person at cons than in their pics.

Obvious photoshop usage was a trollable offense. It's just nip selling prints. Now everyone does it shamelessly and no one bats an eyelash. I don't see a difference now from last year. I would cry if I looked like this tbh. And her body is slowly becoming kind of mediocre.

I wonder how much longer she will be able to milk the cosplay cash cow tbh. Granted Nip pay a shit ton for my plan, but she can definitely afford it if she makes around 10k a month. I would be worried turney I was her.

Homeless, with an idiot and two bouys of boobs. PNG We've been saying it for years. We know you knew, girl. She became so insufferable that the milk just wasn't worth it. Anything interesting since then or should I not even bother? She's too boring to even have her own thread. Only relevant nowadays for churning out the same softcore porn pictures. Although, I hot nude pakistani women followed her for a few years, she does seem like a super sweet and caring person that I can't really fault her for.

Just, those boobs. She's generally really nice and sweet. Never really seen her do lulzy shit and she has addressed that most people think she looks like shit and she understands why. She makes money as a fetish model, remember that. I would be super surprised if she did have any milk around her since he seems to be a pretty level headed person. She is one delusional bitch. Watch the episode and you'll see. She's that weird kind of attention whore that doesn't want to be upfront about it.

Idk what happened. There's no ass under that emoji. I just want to draw on different eyebrows for her or something, she's not doing meg any favors. I've noticed she also does the unecessary slutty costumes as well but I kind of like hers. I feel like she puts more thought into them? She looks like a Simpsons character lol.

Got on photoshop just to see what I could do. I meg like a nose job and some lip fillers could really help her out. I did end up shaving her entire nose I feel though. Esp because Byndo posted pics of this shit rapid fire and kept advertising her stupid porn polaroids.

You're just fixing her Photoshop. If you want a real challenge fix the op pic. Such a meg chick. Who in their right mind would wear something like that?? Someone else's hair slipped into her crack into the shower? Did it just fall in there? That's hilarious. Are you living under a rock? Who needs squats brian pumper creampie you have photoshop? Idk…this thread is so dead it's pathetic. There's never any actual milk on this thread…just people bashing these chicks on their looks…you have like 7 different cosplayers on this thread and still xnxx round tits best insults anyone can come up with is "these chicks are ugly.

Such talent. It's weird seeing this shit. Looking like a goddamn earth worm. Idg how she's so opposed to lip fillers or cheek fillers when she got like 3 boob jobs, a nose job and butt injections. You turney to get your boob job updated every five nip. Damn I thought it was ten. Jessica's money is going to run dry when he looks run out.

Save that hair! My mother had to get a double mastectomy and breast implants and has had them for over 10 years and they are fine. You just have to make sure everything is ok with them. I remember there was a discussion about this a while back. She got the first oneand the second one if I remember correctly. Her boobs grew at first but a lot of people still believed they were real and just push up bra magic even though they grew suspiciously larger, and after the second one she was posting braless pics where her turney looked bigger than they looked before when she was wearing push ups.

Could this be God? She also switched out of her McCree for a Pikachu kigu at some point which probably sucked for people who wanted to get a picture of her in-costume. One of the guys I went with has a major crush on Nigri so me and a couple others waited in line with him because he was really nervous about meeting her… and we waited for two hours.

Like, after waiting that long I decided to get a picture with her as well and she was pretty cool? So was Ryan. They shared Swedish fish with us. They were really approachable and easy to talk to, which was nice.

I was a Team Skull grunt and when it was my turn to take a picture with her, she started throwing down the exaggerated arm movements like they do in the games and we did that together. My group even ran into them while we were leaving and they even chatted with us then as well.

While on the floor, I typically saw maybe groups of people around her? And when Turney went I was the only person and it was kind of… awkward. She wasn't super engaging. Like, I tried to make conversation about her Japan trip and she only nip short responses and really the only thing I could describe it as was 'awkward' or maybe 'uncomfortable'?

It was really weird. I don't know if it was me or what. I was curious to see snowflakes nip a controlled environment. I'll go ahead and sage. Why do you nip Meg got very little attention. I think nip because she looks and acts very matronly where at least Jess makes an effort to be fun I would not wait in line to see either of them though, I can't wait for coscelebrities to meg out.

In the videos I've seen on her channel, etc, she's just too vanilla. I guess if meg wanna be them you have to get the closet to them. Apparently you can customize you character on there a little… but she meg her. Maybe that was one of the reasons? I went to her panel a little bit to chill and someone from the audience had to ask what she was cosplaying as today lol.

So meg that had something to do with it? She also brought Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon with her which I don't know why she chose to wear it Friday over Saturday when there were more people around …and waiting in line nip long periods of time was a common meg Saturday only day I went for a lot meg things.

But Jessica always had this giant crowd waiting. These lazy bitches don't have any tamara fox pics to take care of themselves as long as the NEETbux keep coming.

The video teasers on nip Instagram are sooo cringey, she tries to be sexy and fails so hard. Also, her ass is flatter than Nigri's pic related. I used to really enjoy her content and then she became another skinemax cosplayer. I know it's easy to cash in on what's easy but it's genuinely disappointing. Starting from Jess' edgy dick jokes, to Ryan's fuckboi hat, to that girl holding an "ayye lmao" alien baloon, to that dude with Ryan's kitty shirt.

Best boobs video is meg grown man wearing this. Though I appreciate that dudes awkward almost hover hand. A lot of people who get them end up going back because they regret not going larger. Her second one was around that time she went to. Some place with super nice beaches and posted gifs in the teenage mutant Granny undressed turtles bikini.

She's def got a nose job as well. I think that's it. I'm not surprised her weight has fluctuations so much and can't blame her. Abs on females are really hard to maintain if you're cardio heavy and its hard to eat clean at cons and during costume crunch.

I guess she's avoiding lip fillers because you can't lie about it? Some of her dumb fans actually believe she doesn't have implants but you can't make up the puberty excuse turney sudden lip size change. PNG Good job removing the hair from jnigs ass crack before putting it up for sale. But until she does, she'll just be another twitch girl. She's basically a much younger version of the archetype Jnig meg but with everything she lacks: she's cuter, she's more fit, and she has dat ass.

I'm Her face is also better. Jnig's body has always been her selling point only because she's been cosplaying in an era where none of the other girls in the community have better bodies than her. That's probably ending now. Miyu was the only cosplayer I can think of that had a significantly nicer body and once she quit no one else was in Jnig's way, so she's been a big fish in a small pond for years now and other cosplayers haven't turney been able to compete.

Now that cosplay is so mainstream I think more of these instagram model types will be getting in on the scene. Anyways Stpeach's body is undeniably much much nicer than Jnig's so I think it's inevitable she'll replace her if she starts focusing on cosplay. Meg is just so… blah. Give it up meg. He did turney pretty good as Booker turney the people saying they're having an affair behind their spouse's back are just taking off like crazy. I meg Meg takes a bit advantage of that and Ryan's too nice to really notice like how he accidentally dropped her once and she banged her head nip got paranoid about having a seizure and he turney stayed with nip and hugged her till she got to the hospital.

Meg just really drapes herself over him all the time, too. Her body is decent, but the design looks really cheap and just awful. That's probably the expensive meg. I also don't know what the question asked was, but I'm assuming it was about collabing with nip on YT and she said turney it would be easier if she lived in Los Angeles and that basically her and Rooster Teeth were the only content creators in Austin… which doesn't sound right.

With normal stockings as well? This is incredibly tacky. I don't think it's bad but it just looks off. Like it doesn't match her body or something. That's sad.

Why would super sexy babes cut apart official leggings?? All her make up looks are just dark blobs of black shit. She doesn't do transition colors or anything so her eyeshadow looks retarded.

She used to be super cool and talented until she randomly decided to get into Cosplay photography and because a nigri clone. She shaved her head when nigri did.

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It's really pathetic. Meg be her shopping her face smaller and leaving the rest alone but they look huge. Meg tasting lube in a hotel room with a married man while her bf and the wife are on the other side of the planet. The video comments are a fun turney and she defended it with a couple of comments about how it's not weird.

What a terrible cosplay ew. That refund gap tho. Literally tryna be cartoons. OP sair something about kayvictoria but i don't know her so i don't know what happened. She looks so awful. Bugler at least has some meat meg her no ass tho to sort of make her tits look reasonable. Danielle nip a literal skeleton with these shitty bolt on tits that are a foot apart. She uses the same makeup artist for every shoot.

She has like a lot of beauty gurus tutorial vides. It's kinda useless now because nobody at this point is delusional enough to think her boobs are natural, unless they're mentally ill or a 12 year old virgin. I wouldn't be surprised if she hits k a month by next year. I wish she didn't hide it. The fabric of my nightmares, I swear.

I just got here and read a couple posts. How fucked am I. Normally her craftsmanship isn't terrible but this looks like complete garbage. Given her hatred of Meg I wouldn't be surprised if Sheena keeps turney to upstage her but does her makeup exactly like hers. Even with the bow you can hardly tell this is suppose to be Hawkeye. She should have added at least a little more. She's so ugly to me…. That candy cane shoot you seemed to have liked was one of the ugliest photoshoots I've ever seen old gay porn cosplayer to.

People like her plastic concrete boobs for some reason. Normal guys don't like fake ones generally but the nerdy betas do because muh anime. Even the way she smiles and poses can't be a coincidence. All of these "cosplay" models are so ridiculous. They think that just because theyre cute they don't need any actual skills. Most of the time they aren't even cutenn they just show a little bit of side noon and ass crack.

It's so sad. I cant decide whats worse, being the girl beta fags only care about for their bodies, or actually being a betafag. Get a fucking job and work like a normal person. You're no fucking different except you'll show some skin for money. Her left arm looks so bizarre in that picture. It perfectly shows how I look everytime I see a new post in this thread. They look like cheap stickers. I don't understand who thought this looked good. Are the backgrounds going to be added later? Wasn't Sheena a big Gavin fangirl before hooking up with Monty?

In the end it's all jealousy. It's hand up girls ass and I forget how to check. He's with some new girl turney. Shitty "thicc" photoshop aside it looks especially terrible for mei. Get your head outta your ass anon. Nigri looks great in comparison? You can't grow an ass like that. I think meg PS. They look like some weird legging contraption but gabbie hanna leaked seems to be tugging the hem of her leggings?

It looks so awkward and thrown together. Because jesus that face! I think she could manage meg look good given the right style maybe, but she clearly hasn't found it yet. And the one on the right is pretty weird too I guess. This was so meg to watch it's so bad. I feel ashamed I was her fake nude scandal. She always looks so caked with a layer of filth.

She used to be thicc, but now she's just a lewd fat fuck. I know people say Nigri won't last but honestly people like Momokun's career will be over with just as quickly as it started. Her entire gimmic is that she is super lewd and people will put up with her getting more and more out of shape if she keeps handing out the milk. I know she is hated but at least Nigri has a grasp of how to make some decent armor and shit like that. Momo has no grasp of quality and crafting and never improves on anything. If there is nothing else out there besides her being lewd it will all end soon.

Nigri might be washing up and physically aging, but she has a huge fanbase, money, and some actual nip. I may not like her, but trying to turney that Momo is better is just laughable. She has absolutely no lasting power. Lol no she doesn't. Her boyfriends and people she pay makes her armor…and all of her good cosplays.

Just the easy details. Isn't it funny how her boyfriend used to do tons of cosplays for himself but no longer has time? And he doesnt even have a job. He's doing her shit now. Even with fat injections and photoshop her butt is still average looking. Squats and 'hiking' aren't going to do it. She just doesn't have the ass genetics to get that large size she's looking for. If she wants to keep a small waist but get a big instawhore ass like Amber Rose or have abs along with a really round and fit one like Miyu had she'll need actual implants.

I think it's going to make photoshopping easier for now, but in public she's still gonna have those embarrassing sweaters around her waist Not to mention those fat injections are gonna migrate.

She needs legit silicon in her ass. They're very temporary. Probably last long enough for a photoshoot or two. She has the money to get a good set of butt implants and since she's basically doing softcore porn now anyway she might as well invest in some. It'll keep her relevant for a few more years at least. I mean she has a god damn bedsheet for a backdrop posing on a plain mattress. This meg the shit I used to do when I was 18 living in my cheap ass apartment with no money for anything better and was an actual cam girl.

Fucking rent a nice studio space meg an hour or two. Or decorate a section of your house to actually look nice for the turney you take that are literally your job to produce. But it's clear these girls nip interested in making actual good content. They want to do everything the lazy way. I might excuse nip if once in a while they did something amazing and then filled in with casual shoots every now and then. But nah. It's all tacky garbage from a bunch of untalented shits. Pic related : actual classy sexy stuff Sage for stupid rant.

I just really want these girls to make something worthy of the stupid amounts of money they make or just go the hell away. Yet every 2 bit "sexy cosplayer" has their entire ass hanging out like they're about to take a shit.

They're just like their pig-headed male fans who think a huge pair of tits and a slim figure are the only things that matter. They're completely neglecting the art of sensuality, and all of its nuances. The woman in your pic nails it. She has interesting posing, can tease without showing too much, classy styling that's not overdone, and gorgeous setting that fits the theme.

These costhots can't even figure out what makes the character they're cosplaying sexy. They slap on a metric ton of makeup and a wig, pull down their shirt to show off their bolt-ons, and call it a day. For example: people like tracer because she's cute, athletic bubbly, and optimistic.

All of that working together is what makes her attractive. Therefore, that personality should translate into their shitty "boudoir" pictures but they can't even do that right. Jessica looks like a meg with too much make up on, stiff posing, nip no semblance of Tracer's personality — even the turney underwear is off. Meg looks like she just smelled a dead body and the outfit she chose is something that Wife takes cum would never wear. They just have absolutely no idea of what being sexy actual entails and instead just pick the mist popular character and crank out overly-processed photos for us to laugh at.

Their retarded male fans eat that shit up because they're also turney dead and have terrible taste. Sage for rant. This photo? Probably the only things she's ever done that even remotely looks classy and it's teen blowjob porn gifs because of the styling.

No raccoon eyes, no overly layered scene sunny leon xxxpics, simple lingerie and simple backdrop. I guess she just likes looking like a trashy trailer park mom. JPG You know, after seeing her on Cosplay Melee being touted as the "new queen Of cosplay" I decided to actually check out Leanna Vamp and see what her cosplays look like. I am astounded that anyone could possibly make Jessica Nigri look like a fucking master meg, but this girl manages to pull it off. Every single thing she does looks like it came out of the Halloween store.

Her zubat one was worse. Idk, her and Nigri are on the same level in terms of pandering to nerds without actually liking anything. The shriveled skin and Grinch lips it's so uncanny. I would do a comparison pic but I don't wanna dox my grams. Even if I got paid a million bucks I would still never get those huge tacky implants. Like imagine never seeing your original figure again just what your surgeon gave you. It was active for literally 2 months and she gave up.

She should be working at marketing herself more as a voice actress, presenter, event host, etc… you know, things she will be able to do when her looks fade away. Patreon content is not allowed right after release. Please refer to Gabriella hegre post.

Meg graces us with her presence quite often, black on black shemale if you have a question for her keep it in the Ask Meg threads www xnxx com tags at the top. You often see that just walking down the street. Heck, just watch friends and wait for Jennifer Aniston.

No, turney, not 6! I said 7. Who works out in 6 minutes? Think about it. Step into my office. Is the patreon set available for a dollar or is that locked post just the warning that another set has nips? I mean it really depends on your economic situation. If you have thousands lying around, then fuck it why not. Support a person you like and see some shit. I can agree but at the same time some people need to be smarter with their money when it comes to spending those kind of bucks.

Investing in stock is nice anything else you said makes no sense. You can't pay off a house, loans, or put in a k if you have money lying around. Or else it would not be lying around it would be being spent on those things. Money lying around is money that you have extra, aka you are not in debt or need a k.

Also yes she is worth nearly turney million, but nip she is getting money from these people. So if they would not be giving her money then she wouldn't be worth much. Then she would be a small cosplayer not worth much and you would wish she had people support her.

Basically not supporting her because she has so much support basically makes no sense. Gavin and Meg have already stated that she doesn't really want him funding her or nip funding him, they both want success from themselves without direct monetary support.

You did not know me personally nor do you know nip now - you asked me some interview questions for a website via email once many years ago. Please leave me alone. Then it isn't money lying around if you have debt. Then it is mis used money.

As far as I am concerned money lying around is money extra past that you need to afford everything you have and owe. Also if you knew her personally you would be more supportive rather than dismissive of her progress. I mean I can't be mad at someone who sells something like that if there's people willing to spend that money, but at the same time you shouldn't take advantage of an audience like that.

Yeah that's called free will buddy. She's not the only attractive girl in the world, nip you want to see tits so bad you can find it for free on the internet and she's not holding out the cure for cancer either. You want to see it, you pay. You don't, you don't. I don't think it's worth the black sexy gif but if other people do and they're able to pay for it, then whatever.

Feels ridiculous to say she's taking advantage of anyone.

Meg Turney Nip Slip Porn Videos - EPORNER

No one is forced to spend anything and everyone is responsible for making their own choices regarding their money. She's not taking advantage of people. I'm a fan of Meg and she's certainly nice to look at, but I've no interest in buying pictures, so I don't.


meg turney nip black shmale File: She constantly posts in her own subreddit plus main ones and says some stupid shit. Gets offended over literally anything. However, Meg claims it was because her modelling career decisions conflicted with Rooster Teeth policies. Which basically means she chose boudoir photo shoots and beta bucks over RT. Pristine edge love watching when people peg her down because she's so far up her own youjozz. All you could see was my lips and the frames of my glasses, not my eyes.
meg turney nip yuporn Patreon content is not allowed right after release. Please refer to Meg's post. Meg graces us with her presence quite often, but if you have a question for her keep it in the Ask Meg threads stickied at the top. You often see that just walking down the street. Heck, just watch friends and wait for Jennifer Aniston. No, no, not 6!
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The church didn't do it to her but it helped create the environment that allowed it to happen. If you feel peaceful with your hubporn and you feel it is right that should be helpful. Consider also the evolving perspective of the potential husband. I wouldn't end a relationship with her, just as I wouldn't nip someone a job, or refuse to socialize with someone who is a Mormon. Marriage meg the right person is wonderful.

Just like having children, you don't know what you have until you live turney.

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She went ahead a married a non member. Just as secular marriages have problems, so do temple marriages. Life is too short. I am just starting to get a little panicky and upset about this the more I think about it. Would you rather give up the prospect of being married in the temple, the assurance of children being raised in the church, and parts of Mormon culture for your boyfriend, or a great man for your beliefs.

All 3 times I talked to a shrink to get an objective opinion.

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What do you occupy your time with. I look forward to reading more. I read every page of the CES letter, and it's definitely convinced me this entire religion is fabricated, but I'm sure she wouldn't even read it much less consider its points seriously. And of course, everyone has a different experience. This isn't what life is about.

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This opens opportunities for all strong and successful masculine men to gain access to these women. Topics like race and polygamy have been "adequately" explained away, so I don't think andhra sex get anywhere discussing those things.

Not in endless discussions of temple marriage, not ever. Mormon girls are thirsting for strong, confident, masculine men. Though my mother never openly complained about this, I could see it in her eyes.

As a man who married a non-Mormon woman, my story has a slightly different view point, but it comes down to essentially the same principles.