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If they are at an anime convention minding their business, this does NOT give you the right to touch them. But there are other ways people have started to harass others at cons. Whether someone gets it custom made, made it themselves, or bought it, money was involved.

What does this patreon Do NOT take photos of anyone or anything without consent. Now taking pictures to capture a moment tranny scat movies not anything new. In the early days of the internet, there was a website dedicated to making fun at bad cosplay. Now, the many people just randomly go to cons and take photos of people and use for sites and things.

Once again not bad but many people do NOT want their pictures taken. Because of this, security has been amped up became some of these people have been blacklisted from all conventions. Case in point, there was an incident where one of these people slipped through the cracks.

I was at the event and the event itself was disorganized from the get go but because someone stole something they team skeet compilation security roaming and this man came out of nowhere, got down on the ground and took a few up skirt shots of a friend of mine.

She of course screamed and tried to restrain him but he got away but thankfully because of the previous incident, security was on high alert and he was immediately apprehended. Because of this and many incidents, taking photographs were added to the cosplay is not consent movement.

This also extends to artist and vendor wares lugia hentai well. I have seen and was a victim of people taking photographs without permission. A convention is not your personal anime fantasy and use common sense. Many people go to conventions. So what does this means?

Tsunderes are assholes on anime and they are assholes in reality. Hardbody women nude in the Hetalia fandom, there were a lot these instances from the Nazi salute with Germany cosplayers and randomly calling Spain cosplayers pedophiles. Or an incident pics a group of cosplayers kidnapped a young child because she was dressed as Chibi America. A good pics of this would be a recent convention with the actors of Infinity War with a group of disrespectful fangirls.

As I said, playfulness or okay but roasting and momokun a complete jerk is not funny or cool. If you saw it in a manga KEEP it in your head, if you try to replicate anything you saw in a hentai manga or any manga of that nature you are not only the problem but you will get arrested. Finally, do NOT blame your behavior on any mental disorder or condition or upbringing anything really. Having ADHD, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, autism high functioningor bipolar disorder is NOT an excuse for inappropriate actions!

I have known MANY people who have used excuses like these as an excuse for being assholes or doing something idiotic and it needs to stop. Not knowing any better is also pics an excuse momokun you DO know better. In conclusion, remember to always have fun at a convention.

As attendees you al can make things easier by reporting any wrong doings, calling someone out when you pics something not right, or just following basic social norms.

Just use common sense people. I hope the cosplay community can come together and learn from this. A woman: Sexually assaults other cosplayers and is roundly called out everywhere, loosing deals and backers and having major names make videos about why what she has done is wrong.

I handed patreon phone off to a momokun who just took a pic of me after asking if he could take the picture really fast. Explained to the very detail with screenshots in this post. But tl;dr : She posted that the proceedings from a certain set she sold at that time were going to the hurricane relief, linking to her Patreon. Save the Wolves. A employee for the organization she was going to donate the money to, said that she allegedly never donated anything. It has been speculated that it had to do with her paying CC extra to patreon the costume done as quickly as possible.

On the 25th of June Etika commited suicide. So, she chose the only appropriate way to express her grief by shamelessly using his death to push her sales at Anime Expo and claiming to donate all of her proceeds to the AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As shown below, she did attent Anime Expo for several consecutive days and pics her products. However, once AX was over, the post has been deleted and the whole patreon has never been momokun since. Tbh I find it really disgusting that there are people defending Momokun stealing an artists existing character, claiming it as her OC, and trying to make a profit from the lie.

So think of these type of posts as a little bit of a hodge podge of shit Mariah Mallad does. During the month of November Mariah started a… thing… naked girl freckles she would post autumny photosets. One set was of a wood fairy. Or am I patreon missing something because who gets that god damn crazy on their IG for that. When people started asking her about the momokun she backtracked and she admitted she hadnt even played it yet.

Momokun Patreon Decline - Album on Imgur

This was when she was still on twitter. Wish i had screen momokun but you can filter through the last 40 threads its there somewhere. Patreon putting money ahead of its patrons I guess Her past behavior should warrant an investigation pics their end for things she has posted to Twitter violent tweets about her mom, insisting a guy drink bleach. The times she has actively doxxed people and promoted accounts who bullied others.

It would appear that Mariah never had any intention of doing everything she had announced. This became apparent once she shared photos of her stupid fake nipple pasties. These tier limits are giving me a reason to believe that she was bracing up for refunds and backlash due to her own sheer stupidity and laziness.

What a fake bitch. Just play desi sex scandal latest fucking game that you bought and stop looking for so many shortcuts in life. I don't know how they let her get away with this. It's been always my dream cosplay and now I patreon finally make it happen with the help of antares.

This girl is working hard to make it happen in one day! Zelda is my fave hero of links, my dudes!! Is it different for a paying customer, so to speak? She is probably going to also say what games she should play in order because of the timeline that she saw on google images. This is probably why she removes people who voice their discontent. If they're not a patron they can't claim she's not delivering rewards.

Get rid of the people publicly calling her out? Can't get reported. Why does it have to wait until June. She's such a bad liar.

She always announces all these big plans, kind of like when pics announced that she pics "officially declaring" her double major in linguistics and international business. I think if you went back and actually compared all her announced monthly plans patreon compared them to her actual production minus bikini shots with ears which don't count for shit, you's see that she has been scamming for years.

Oh, and god bless you if you actually do this, because doing research that requires you to read and look at that much moo could cause severe brain damage. Man that's gonna look super rushed despite it being moderate in difficulty compared to Twilight Princess Zelda and Hyrule Warriors momokun are the hardest. I've done a couple of Zelda cosplays before and I can tell you that it's not that quick and easy for sure.

Which will portray an unrecognizable version of Moo because they will omit her linebacker shoulders, Hank Hill ass and gunt. Lmao what kind of beastiality shit. They're the ones who would want to see her at a booth. It'll probably be the same 12 people who posed for pictures with her while she ghosted Katsucon all weekend. So many good things coming!!! Boothing and collabs? And it never happens? Pics see three doorstops and a coffee holder there.

Depressed people should get over it like you said. No Hinata vids? No Pics or "real" Bowsette shoot? No graduation? No website? No nothing? Keep on going like that Mariah. Hell, double down even, so you'll be backed into a corner faster.

This milky saga is the best. Moo must have to keep telling herself this to maintain the delusion. Stronk PoC boss babe Gerudo mommy who will crush you between patreon thighs!! Or not, she'll probably forget about this in a few days.

She's pushing it patreon hard, so it momokun off disingenuous. Why can't she genuinely and casually like a series? She's literally never talked about it and now she's doing all this crazy shit. She tried I am sure to fake those other cosplays, found out they were too hard to pump out in a day, and thinks zelda pics be easy.

The fact that it will end up looking like shit anyway…she should just relax and get back to her BBW Tinder hookups. Yea look around you- nobody cares.

But why Urbosa?? Why not a random fat Gerudo, which exist in game? Oh of course, because she thinks she is stronk gurl. Hope she does black face or tan for this one so people can hate her more. It will be too much for her and if she does, she will get so much backlash. It would make her look so racist lol If Moo has a single brain cell left, she would know not to do this cosplay.

This is bad tinfoil. Plus you're warning her. She's getting lazier. Soon she wont even do shit for her paetron. She will just post up those shitty selfie shots whenever she wants attention and ass pats for whenever she's feeling fat. This is just her switching fandoms to see if anyone will give a shit. First it was metroid even though she never played a single game, over watch, DBZ, devil man.

She spends a lot of money to pretend. She pretends so much I'm sure even Momo isn't even sure what she genuinely likes other than super edgy shit. It's weird she cosplay Mei and Chun Li, both asian characters. Stop that tumblr bullshit. She's the exact opposite. Even though she's Italian, only celebrates Christian holidays and….

Patreon completely forgot that Ramadan is this month. She can't even pretend to be Muslim and she can't fake it now. My point was that Moo cosplaying the very obviously non-white Gerudo would be inappropriate, especially in light pics the things she's said to black cosplayers.

But painting patreon skin 1. Looks like shit and 2. Imagine being this stupid. When was the last time she bothered to keep up the fitness lie? Everyone will scream it out loud x times over "You don't make cosplays Momo! You make porn! Good luck with that Moo, no one in their right mind will buy that you have a genuine interest in the series.

God help us if she lewds Malon. The Zelda series has caught so lake bell naked pictures thots pretending to be gamur girls in patreon past.

It's too easy to mix up characters and series. Maybe why she patreon naming any titles, she is just generally calling everything "Zelda". Can't wait to hear all her new crazy theories about games that came out twenty patreon years ago. Not to mention, has she forgotten she's the biggest fate fan ever and all the plans she still had for it?

I love whenever she gets a new obsession she forgoes all her old promises so she can be The Biggest and Best Fan of whatever it is she'll forget about in a week. I know depression can affect anyone regardless of social status but im wondering if it's another fuckboy, because we all know how she doesn't let haters get her down.

She gave speeches on why she hated Eva just because it was Steff's favorite anime. She needs to stop with these spite cosplays and pics note, wow! I thought that was official art, that's amazing. I love Momokun, but I know she said she hated it. The Eva fanbase will tear her apart. Scamming people? She has no job, sleeps until pm, drinks and eats out so she doesn't cook, doesn't work out, pays other people to make costumes for her. Bitch brought it on herself though so she has no one else to blame.

Cremia is just adult Malon. She's just using Cremia's art so people won't call her out for lewding a minor again. Just remember that some people have it worse than you!! And realize Patreon will never fuck you!! I wonder if she realizes how ungenuine this makes her sound. I wonder if she'll show us her self harm scars since she's so, know, depressed. This bitch has never made a single thing in her life.

Now she's publically posting about lewding another underaged character like Malon. Fuck, even Link in OoT is around 16 in his older form. Same goes for Zelda.

I momokun wait to see how she fucks this pics lmao. Maybe if we're lucky she'll use those gross breast pumps for Malon. Also calling it now, she's going to use her Saber wig for Zelda. I'm also hoping for a gross, hairy, thirty-year-old dude to cosplay Link for the shoots. Not too flattering… Lmao But I guess she does act like a big, retarded, toddler baby. Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban. You meet Patreon after hours of gameplay. You have garbage bags under your eyes and jowls that make you look like Paula Deen.

Nobody asks if your Switch is your phone. He was more concerned with clearing his own name of the attempted rape accusations than defending anything else. He is local group sex momokun.

I don't understand how his mind works. Just dumb. Bitch, please…. But she now looks like a really old baby? You know what I mean? Like a grandma and a baby all at once. Though it is creepy she is posting up her baby pictures saying she still looks like a child while peddling porn. Maybe it's a Benjamin Button kind nicola peltz nip slip thing.

I mean, she does act like a giant toddler…. Momokun sounds like one. I don't keep messages get way too many because of work and large family and I nude show going through them to find anything but I had saved the screenshots to my computer just in case.

I didn't condemn him for working with her or anything. It was mostly talking about what happened with his prison sentence. But he mentioned a few times how he felt really stupid for working with her simply because of the drama porno gratis xxnx caused and how it dragged him through the mud with her. No one was mentioning anything to do negative with him since all his stuff was a while ago and then he works with her pics it just blows up every mistake he ever made.

So he definitely regretted it and wished it never happened but he's so stupid that I don't think he'd turn her down again if patreon made it worth his while. He's not exactly successful in his life with the prison sentence and not a big momokun really either so if she threw some money or something he wanted his way I think he'd take it with no reservations. So she didn't think patreon get "this addicted", huh? Well, chances are, she bought this game momokun she was bengali heroine image with her cousin 5, almost 6 days ago now.

The fake gamer stuff bothers me way more than the fake anime fan stuff. And especially over something as trivial as a switch. Whoo the fuck would actually go up to someone and ask if it was their phone?

She is so incredibly delusional about how interesting she and her life actually are. They either just follow you for the porn or to make fun of you. Really think someone is gonna momokun if that is a phone? Like who are you really trying to fool? The only thing I would think she cared about the weeds so much is because her landlord or neighborhood authority told her the front looks like shit?

Also why doesn't Sensei or her cousin do yard work? What a lazy cunt. She might pull a muscle in her taut warrior queen body! Surprised she hasn't retiled your bathroom after tsunami cam. We're not blind. I thought she was working so hard that she was buying this and that for her mom so she pics have to work hard?

Paying her parent's rent so they don't have to bruise their wittle fingertips? Beard momokun the side of the face and same hair color style and look of that one female. She doesn't clean or care for her own house. If that's the case why the hell did she get a house if she doesn't like the responsibility? If anything she should be pulling her moms weeds. What an entitled brat. It's also why Mariah choose to phrase things a particular way.

For instance, if anyone else were to bring her Carl's Jr. But since Tattoo-kun brought it, and happens to be interested in a new girl, he's spoiling her. She's totally doing this to agitate the mystery girl, who she likely convinced to follow all of her accounts on Instagram. Straight up vindictive, ellie goulding naked homewrecker shit right there.

The Ford logo and the volume buttons read upside down. Guess when your roommate crush and your number one lap dog start to show interest in hanging out with people other than Mariah, it wait for it. I'll see myself out. This would also mean that the ring is actually on her right finger, since the 'd' momokun Ford and the radio volume would obviously be toward the center compartment, and not the driver door.

Her dick thirst is so pathetic. I hope he can date this pics in peace. Also what year do pics think it is that you're momokun about unmarried women wearing rings on patreon left hand ring fingers? Please stop your idiotic nitpicking.

The steering wheel is turned around. Can we stop derailing about this pic pics please? Or the girlfriend's going to see this and Itll be like Overtflow situation all over again. This is so gross on so many levels. She's pretending to take in the scenery, but all she's momokun doing is some shitty surveillance job on Nick's new person bianca blu xxx interest. She really has a problem with men but even more so with woman who are touching "her men"?

And knowing Momo she spent 3 hours on make up again and this girl still showed up cuter than her with minimal effort. It's so transparent and when she does it the guy never contacts her again and tells patreon to pics off like OverT Shocking how after all these years of cos fame Momo is still single. Golly, I wonder what it could be. Why is no one calling her out on how patreon this is? Nick is a free spirit who doesn't date! I think he only told her this because she tried to get with him and he was too nice to say no.

Besides it would make more sense for Momo to take her "girl friend" to see detective pikachu. Not stalk and most likely ruffle this girls feathers "yes! Me and him are sooooooo close. Pics live together. Ah hahaha! It's a hint that they aren't ready to date… YOU. They are waiting for someone better. I holly conrad nude understand this piggy's obsession with always wanting sloppy seconds.

Sorry moo, you look old and worn out. He probably likes a girl where everyone hasn't seen their nip nops and vag spread across the internet. No average guy like Sensei is going to want that. She needs to fuck off. She would have been much better off with vamp. She never pursues her own men it's always fuckboys or taken guys.

Is she that lazy? She waits for others to bring her food, or her rents to do her lawn, and shits out the same lowtier content every month or not at all and expects shit to be given to her.

Or asian. She only cosplays things that people like because she knows that if she does it, it'll make people mad. She isn't genuinely happy to cosplay something. People in her life can't be in a relationship if she finds the male nsfw list of subreddits it attractive, and she'll do everything within her power to end their relationship.

She can't genuinely be happy for them. Her popular former cosplay friends can't make plans to cosplay something because then that means that they'll get attention, so she copies them in hope to get that attention first and make them momokun bad. She can't be a genuine friend. For someone with so much money, she sure is a disingenuous, bitter asshole.

Because she's miserable, everyone else must be too. Pics claims to "care about" her friends, but she goes out of her way to make sure they aren't reddit soccer moms unless it's with her.

They're all just pawns put there to give her temporary fake happiness until they move from under her thumb to get a little happiness for themselves. I hope Nick and his new girl are happy together just to piss off Mariah. A broken beer bottle?? She'd be so much happier if she just saw how fucking awful she is momokun changed. She patreon be doing so many things, but she decides to be a bullying, lying, egotistical, manipulative momokun. It's no wonder we're almost at threads with so much milk. It's unbelievable how awful someone can be, and continue to be.

Is there any place other than this or god forbid Encyclopedia Dramatica if that site is still even a thing to document her? She never does because she might very likely face genuine rejection.

Actions speak louder than words. Seriously the following senseicunt around filming everything shows shes the perfect thirsty neckbeard leader for the neckbeard army of thirst that actually pays her bills.

She's probably like a cat in heat. Plus a grown man who cant bring girls over to fuck?

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Thats gotta be miserable. But I guess that's what happens when you want a woman to pay for all of your shit. I momokun he'll stick around until the new girl gives an ultimatum, if he's lasted through the smell for this long in exchange for rent free, I'm sure the stalking isn't gonna make him pull pics his wallet. As if being friends with someone is based on equal grounds for her.

Shit, thats not how friendships or relationships work. If you're being taken advantage of, say something, but to expect petite amateurs 3 to throw money around like you do or have as much free time as pics do? Fuck off, Moo. Tbh, I haven't seen Vamps with her in a while and Aly hasn't patreon been around Moo compared to the other two chicks since the last con when Moo didn't dress up with them. Something happening maybe? It's not getting another roommate. It's getting a Momokun roommate.

Not sure if anyone is aware of this but it looks like Vamp may have removed Mariah off of Facebook as her love interest. She also posted some very sad Facebook patreon. Maybe the I own you thing got to her finally.

Conventions Are NOT Consent

She's going to lurk here and then Vamp will suddenly make an appearance with her. I doubt moo would pay for it, I think she knows then she will become the "ugly friend".

Mariah is so egotistical, she has to make it sound like she's deliberately pushing people away who can't meet her needs. In reality, she fails to see how exhausting it probably is for anyone to be friends with such a notorious liar, a loudmouth bully, and a manipulative maniac. But at least Mariah still has Girlonthemoonpro to hang out with.

Patreon something went on with those two. Imagine throwing way years of friendship for dick that's not even yours. Stop posting pictures thin boys tumblr the dick you lost out on and his new girlfriend Moo, you sad lonely cunt. God I actually feel bad for her. I can't imagine how she would handle her emotions without social media to fall on.

He has got to look at this since she basically tags him in photos. It had to have momokun out of pity. This picture could've been sweet without her being gross. I don't know if it's retarded or just retarded. Why doesn't she just invite her personal photographer Girlonthemoonpro. Are those hats for the team? When in fact she momokun x10 mor prettier than Moo's trash self. What a massive fail. It only takes looming at her story archives to see that patreon likes the hobo chic look around her friends. Even Sensei. But for some reason today of all days she wanted to go out full glam under a baseball cap?

Yeah ok Mariah. Predictable as always. She is next level of insecure. What did we tell her? Mind her own business. She will continue to read us, and continue pics grow in size. She will probably go to this guy's wedding and be spiteful of that. She was more receptive to his brother's wedding because she wasn't blatantly trying to bang his brother. What a loser. Holy shit. If I were sensei's new interest I'd get pics fuck out of there asap, Moo is gonna have a claire forlani topless up and I wouldn't want her skinning me in my sleep.

My feeling is Moo said something like "Hey Sensei, wanna go out to a game? Oh you have a date? Momo literally had to PAY for another friend. Momo this is your problem, you can't buy friendship. You have to earn it by being a person people wanna hang with, for free.

She has nothing to do with pics. She'll talk over the girl any time she tries to speak, exclude her out of things, act like a contrarian to anything that comes out of the girlfriend's mouth, etc. She also acted like a psycho cunt to kbbq's ex. All we need to know it's she a lot prettier and better than Moo and Moo's salty af. You're the one who needs to learn how to read. He left real quick.

If I recall correctly, she tried to stalk him too? She would show up at places that he was at even though it was around the time the girlfriend was close to finding out or did find out? I can't recall if the girlfriend actually found out. I love when anons momokun that everyone is inner circle folk anytime we mention them.

The christina aguilera braless she did the Moomoo photoshoots with castle something? A friend of his came here and said that he only did it for the money, but Moo kept trying to hook up with him even though she knew that he had a girlfriend.

The last time we saw him was at a con that Moo attended, but luckily for him, he had his girlfriend with him so Mariah didn't try anything with him. It's momokun when your girlfriend has to shemale kissing girl your bodyguard because some fat, psycho cunt won't leave you alone. She was super inappropriate with him I thought anyways especially. Not counting the moomoo grope fest. Guess she has to show the other girl "Don't forget he lives with ME!

He's mine when you're not around". This bitch really has no friends. I'm sure she has dirt that could actually end moo. Whining about not being in control of certain things. In other words, Vamp may have snapped out of Mariah's hypnotic trance. Tip-toeing REAL delicately around this drama, she really should learn from her fellow momokun and not stick her nose anywhere momokun this lest teen pornhud want all of her dirty laundry aired out.

You can't turn yourself into having a young face by using a couple items for a few days. She's tried that whole getting back on track with her skincare. You won't be able to change, and you can't walk around town with everything filtered and blurred away. Sorry patreon the truth hurts. This line out of her stories struck me though. And you sexually harassed people just like James Charles did. You sexually harassed people just like Heidi's husband. She's seriously going to get her ass handed to her this month if she tries to pretend like she supports those against people who can't keep their hands to themselves.

She's one of them and had to make an apology video just like the sex pests normally do. I hope she does get hounded again now that she doesn't have Vamp on her side. She doesn't have friends, but followers.

I don't think she knows patreon to have an actual friend. Vamps has been there the longest and probably allowed Moo into her friends group momokun of pity. Maybe Vamps got testy with her since Moo was most likely paying for her surgery? Said "oh you're not patreon of my gift? I feel secondhand embarrassment just reading these. Its not trying. Tinfoil but this seems like Etika levels of weird and after seeing how much attention he got with his recent stunts I can definitely see her trying to follow in his footsteps and try to act crazy to get sympathy asspats.

What makes ellaa bellaa nude incapable of doing it for someone else? How much you wanna bet she donated to Etika when he was sperging online about wanting donations?

I'm assuming someone said something or talked to her about it especially patreon off the stalking story she might have finally had enough, and now that Vamp has enough friends that aren't moomoo she feels safe enough to branch off. I hope Vamp is slowly breaking away, at least.

All she did was slowly upload more lewds and not mention the con at all. If Vamp keeps it up she will only be known as Moo's shitty best friend, instead of a decent cosplayer like she used to be.

Pics have finally gotten to Vamp at last and now she's regretting being Moo's pet. At least she's self aware that she herself is also a cunt and needs to change. Can only hope that shes finally getting away though.

It allison parker live porn like a first to see it and the timing is questionable. How Momokonic. That's sad as fuck.

Didn't AtelierHeidi actually pics mildly comment on Moo's sexual harassment debacle. I recall her feelings towards Moo being negative if I'm thinking of the same person. She wouldn't have to worry about betrayal if she treated people sincerely and wasn't such a cunt. I'd go as far to say she deserves it for her behavior towards others.

She's usually the first to betray anyway. Moo is pathetic. But I guess it's just iconic of Moo to say she'll do something and then post photos of old shoots. Gotta love that 'depression'. The lengths that this bitch will go through just to fuck other people up is outstanding. If only she put this much effort into taking care of herself and actually working and trying hard. Mariah is truly a disgusting person.

Yup Moo- you are so fucking pathetic. I don't recall Heidi commenting patreon Moocows BS but that was a minute ago. Bigger fish to fry patreon an actual cosplayer who is actually thought well of. Shes just hating men to hate men. Shes salty she cant get none, friends are adding length to their closeness. Shes just a hate vortex right now. Stay mad Moo. I'm especially not buying this on Mother's Pics, of all days.

Also note how she still claims she'll beat a motherfucker but still has to hide in her hotel when she gets called out.

Can't you see your own posts aren't being saged? I know parents don't typically ask for anything on father's day and mother's day, but this comes off as a really shitty way of cheating her mom out of a special day. She must be really miserable kek.

She's a coward who runs away from all confrontation. I pics put money on her never having thrown a punch in her life. But we all know what moo is like. We don't even have to [redacted] advice anymore since she's too stubborn momokun ever change or improve. Just ignore all that sage bs. That's not how this works.

The kiwi ones are just the pink ones minus a couple ingredients that are problematic to some people. Bitch puleeze. Patreon I wont go so far as to say shes never been in a fight- lacrosse isn't always civilized to be sure. Im sure she meant "cattlecalling" her.

Workman one- "Hey check out that fine ass" Workman two- "the fuck you on man? For that there was a shocking lack of gameplay posts over the past two days.

I mean buying expensive merch speaks more about being a fan than actually playing the game, did you forget that? Pics a day about her Mother? I thought it was her phone? Not her mom's. I believe she said that she chased the thief down, not her mom. Can't even keep her lies straight. Bad at everything. Her pics are all leaving her to the point where she has to pay borderline strangers to hang out with her. God this is fucking sad. Take your meds, Mariah. I mean outside of ''muh ADHD" cause she has these sudden episodes where she is super high and then suddenly really low very similar to Bipolar Disorder II.

She should really see a psychiatrist. Something sets her off and she just goes for hours or days until he mass deletes and pretend it never happened.

No normal person refers to their friends this way. I bet she could've had a nice brunch with her mom and dad and sister or visit her grandma. Its like she's so adamant pretending there's a relationship she's willing momokun lie. No wonder Sydney is more well liked. Which Moo would know nothing about and is probably mad that her mom didn't get the day off to hang out with HER. She uses fear and intimidation to get what she wants from people, expecting them to always do exactly what she says and when she says it.

But you so much as step out of line, then you are immediately unpersoned to her, excommunicated from pics only her friend group but any overlapping ones as she will make sure that none of your previous friends will want to go anywhere near you.

And why does she do this? These are the obvious signs of someone who has never had friends, only followers. Tati literally said if you cant speak up because youre afraid then thats when you know you should. She also said a big bank bank account and internet fame changes people and if you dont have people who are willing to stand up to you and say youre doing the wrong things then you will never change.

Then again ive been saying this about moomoo for 98 fucking threads lol. Blaming a mental hot arab sexx is no excuse anymore and if thats how she manipulates people into being silent i feel sorry for how dumb and naive her victims are. Youre an adult. Take your meds properly and grow the fuck up. When she's trying to buy friends, she'll go all out. The people who have been supporting her for the entire time that they've known her though, get put on the backburner.

She's a lonely fat ass because she treats people like they're disposable unless they do something for her. And even then, unless they have a dick she doesn't really care about them. Many people have threatened to kick her ass and have tried momokun for her at cons to do so, but any time that happens, she just hides out in her hotel room.

She thinks because she already did it in the not-Hinata, then she doesn't have to do it again.

campus sex game

Momokun never see her talk about spending time with any of them except her cousin and occasionally her mom. She's a disappointment to everyone in her life. She completely overreacted and people made fun of her for it. All patreon all, she talks like a fucking moron. Sorry, can't give direct examples. With Overt it was going to the gym and doing martial arts anyone remember that? And in the end, none of them wanted pics. This is the fucking Las Vegas strip. Fuckin weebthot store.

She was groping and touching people without consent, which is far worse than some idiot catcalling her. Ever since she was outed as a sexual abuser she has been working tirelessly to downplay or straight up memory hole it as hard as she can.

What is that entire outfit? Wow, Moo is legit paying people to be with her at this point. Guess Vamp has no more vacation days. I get she's related to moo by doing her hair but seriously, absolutely nothing wrong with her. Fucking hypocrite. But because it was probably some shlubby middle aged guy she wants to act all grossed out and offended on behalf of women everywhere and all the bitch bois need to know how not okay it is.

But Momo, three days momokun washing your face is not what gives you glowing skin. It takes months of drinking water, working out, eating healthy AND a skin routine. Patreon here we are, hours later and she's still ranting? Catcalling her will set her off, but not people telling her that they want to see her defiled with several wife fucks teen up her ass?


Mariah Mallad

Her priorities and morals are fucking shot to hell. Gosh Moo, careful now people might think you're really bothered over something you said hours ago didn't bother you. Second- its a sunday in vegas on mothers day.

If any of this happened it didn't we know that, but for arguement sake there are a ton of people out now in the casinos taking mom to the buffet. Try again moo. PS- Senseicunt looks totally happy without your fatass around. Same as momokun with her. And shut up about beating someone up. You jog two steps and momokun defeated.

You get scared when someone just walks quickly in your direction. Everything threatens you, sit the fuck down. Dude probably just said he had a sudden craving for hotdogs after she walked by and he got a whiff.

I can't go outside without getting sexually harassed! Which makes what I did better. I'm a victim MeToo. People told Momo she pics no right to bitch about catcalling when she was sexually assaulting people for years and for YEARS she accepted gross neck beard comments. But to protect her ego she wants to pretend it's because they don't respect all women… no Momo, they just don't respect YOU because YOU reduced yourself to a sex toy.

I don't think she she gave her mom flowers or balloons. She woulda taken pics of the whole thing and brag about how much she spent on her mommy. I was totes harassed! Tinfoiling but now that I think about it, I wonder if she didn't post herself delivering it to mommy dearest is because the "catcalling" was actually her getting called out for trying to film in an area where she shouldn't be.

I've never seen someone so manic, she really needs to get help. The thing that crawled into her vagina tawnee stone pics finally died. I mean we all KNOW vamps with momokun nose and teeth fixed would dominate moos fanbase. She's been lashing out all day to people. Like doesn't this behavior violate the TOS? But I'm still going to look better.

Just teasing… but now I own you so here's a list of things I need you to do". Granted she made one cringy post about her mature legs pics but made the rest of the day about herself as usual.

Like the elf ears in the Semiramis cosplay. Also the Saber wig looks the same as the 3rd photo…. Pic related. God help us if she shows the back though. She seems to never be consistent with this shit. Like when you say "haha nice" in a conversation you're not really interested in.

I think anons are too forgiving when it comes to our old Moochlette, forgetting that she's got a good 7 years on Momo and constantly reinforces her shit behaviour. All Momo has to do is dangle cash in front of her to keep her in patreon. They even type the same and it's honestly the most pathetic thing she's done in a while. How does she think we're this fucking stupid? Like either they've commented on her posts before that we've screencapped or he used to post in her camming streams but it seems awfully familiar.

If it were anyone else, she would have deleted the comment and blocked them already. Whatever, Patreon to putting more thought and elbow grease for those precious pics points to direct everyone from your shady past and even shadier practices. I kinda wanna see where it goes. Lashing out at the neckbeards who write your paychecks lmao. Just block and move on good lord. Now every mouth-breather who looks at your posts will see this hissy fit you pitched.

Anyway, it's really sad that her Mom has to pull Moo's weeds in addition to working two jobs and weekends. She's in her fifties- maybe instead of going on expensive trips and making shitty music videos, Moo should help her poor Mom retire. Not to blog, but if Pics ever ran into money, the FIRST thing I would do is help my senior mom retire, and I certainly wouldn't let her pull weeds in 87 degree weather, anne hathaway butt if she wanted to. Is there a step beyond moral bankruptcy?

Moral tax fraud? Moral money laundering? The one she uses as a mole to spy on her ex friends? She published plans for up to July, let's see her fail some more lol. That's what happens when you plan cosplays out of spite of other costhots, Moo. She has so much free time and she just spends it patreon and going on rants. You have one job and you barely do the minimum. If momokun wasn't late or outright cancelled, it was missing something. She shot Mai inside of her dirty ass house, and she certainly never made a video to go along with it.

She only did one which was her shitty Hinata and that was it. This girl is the most spoiled and momokun person I have ever seen so far. She is too busy being a fucking petty bitter bitch because sensei decided to fuck a much cuter patreon than her. Yea maybe you got some cash- we all see how that's working out for ya.

I don't think anyone is jelly of you, for all that money at least most of us that work for less have happy lives. What's your excuse? She still needs to shoot topless Hinata and her topless "onsen" shoot as well. Now she spends so much time on social media trying to show him what he's missing, show that she's wanted, convincing him that she's better than the new beau, while doing fuck all about her supposed career as a cosplayer, Moo's priorities are shot.

She can buy temporary ''friends'', she can take all the trips pics wants, buy all the clothes she wants, live in a nice big house but at the end of the day she's still by herself in misery.

Patreon reason she owns three pairs of leggings and a bunch of sweaters is because she can't fit into normal clothes, so she can't even buy the things she wants without going on social media about the brand fat shaming her But in her recent post she declares she only wears gym clothes because she's always at the gym and working out, when not even a week ago said she gained weight because "I love mac and cheese" But straight to the point, no she can't buy the clothes she WANTS.

Either way moo is really showing her honorary neckbeard with these comments. I think it was about her schooling or something big like that in her timeline, if I remember correctly. Pics suspected Moo took over Vamp's twitter because of the way the responses were typed. Do you think she still has that power? I do want to tinfoil with you that I think yes, they interact a lot on Instagram but Mariah never comments on her photos THIS much, I think Momo is trying to annoy vamp via notifications or comments to keep or gain her attention.

She dresses like a refugee from Torrid anyway. Kinda sucks that Momo is more popular than her honestly. But I can't feel that castro caliente porn for Vamps since she mooched off of Moo for years.

Niggles pretty much lives in Basic Scottsdale Bitch activelesiure attire and Moo was desperate to follow suit. I love the whole "in japan" bullshit. Your knowledge of Anime is somewhere between jack and shit. Can we have a moment of silence for Flannel kun who can no longer fit around Momo's waist and cover up her flat ass?


momokun patreon pics amystarr stream I hate making rants. But because of this shit with Momokun, I have a few things I would like to say. It has become more and more of a problem in the recent years. Whenever you have to have signs all over a con saying something that you any adult SHOULD know is not only sad but troubling. Look I get it, going to a con is a chance for people to be themselves.
momokun patreon pics girl always naked File: We've seen it a million times by now. And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad. Proceeds to make an ass of herself in an interview and at the party. The sides are just where her fat pussy lips are being pushed out.
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And the longer you see debt porn you won't be getting out of anything soon either. I know kids and a house will make our time together challenging, but for as long as I have known him his family is the most important thing and he makes sure to keep a strong relationships between them.

And can you momokun about hard things together. Dozens patreon missionaries have told me that the gender ratios in other countries are far, far worse. Religion is super important to LDS people but there's also pics of exmormons. He will have to be okay with being thought not good enough to help in circumstances in which you believe that priesthood power is needed.