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Pinging is currently not allowed. Using a trackball myself, and never looked back. Thank you so much for this! Name required. This is how mouse configuration looks like:. There is no option for different mouse to be configured different. Is there anything like this availble??

Update: I'm not going to use both mice at the same time.

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One at a time, but both connected all the time. I would like to switch hands to avoid CTS. Also to stop co-workers swearing on my left-handed mouse, when they try to show me something on my screen. They will ask about 2 nude edging instead. This looks like a job for AutoHotkey!

How to swap 2 gameobjects after 2 click! - Unity Answers

Rather than reinvent the wheel myself, user gwarble over at the AutoHotkey Forums has already created an application that does exactly what you want:. I do exactly this to avoid repetitive strain on my wrists. It works in windows 7 if the mice are different brands and you install the manufacturer's software for one of them. Then you use the generic windows control panel to assign mouse settings, then use the manufacturer specific software to change settings for one mouse only.

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You swap have two mice with different button configurations controlling one cursor. It works with very basic mice, too. For example, I did it with a Dell cheapo mouse and a low end Microsoft mouse, using the MS mouse software probably coded for higher end mice, but works on all of them apparently. If you use two mice that use two different drivers, both mice might possibly work with a single cursor. As I understand, this is actually your case, but your problem may be that you have the same driver for mouse mice.


Dating fromI swap no idea how it performs today. A commercial product is Pluralinput Basic I would think that you would need two different major branded mice, as a vanilla mouse would use the default HID-compliant driver as shown. Rather with two different mice let's say a Microsoft mouse and a Logitech mousethe drivers would be different enough to allow the different settings on each.

I would not think it will work mouse any vanilla no-name mouse. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

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mouse swap 2 mercedes hegre It looks good to me, could you add more info like, the scene setup, or add some debug lines to see if Physics. Raycast is true, and what are your results with this test? Now, with 3D objects test i have this problem. Did you change the type of tempObj to Vector3 from Transform and used it like in the example in my answer? What happens when you run your test code? It looks like you are missing a line in your DoTheSwitch function to assign the noObj position to tempObj before moving it. I think it needs to be.
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