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Counselor - Kim Pine [Scott Pilgrim vs. Leader - Rachel T. Counselor - Circe [Generator Rex] C. Counselor - Clover [Totally Spies] C. Counselor - Mitsuk [Kappa Mikey] C. Counselor - Tina Kwee [Detentionaire] C. All characters belong to there rightful owners. Image size. Comments camp Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Thanks and ok. Author: Mister D. Characters: Juniper Lee. Add new comment views. I wanna see a gay frottage too in this comics. Page Dani from Danny Phantom. These years don't line up. Is savannah stern lesbian even porn?

I agree there should be some more, even without a connection to the plot. Beetlejuice is just ONE word, just said three times. Sherwood juice is one word. I'll think about your offer and let cha know. When i tried it in my school they called the cops. Images of Trixie Tang in various forms of undress doing Summer Camp stuff floated into his head.

His mind filled with ludicrous thoughts his other head began to respond.

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With a sigh Timmy pushed those thoughts out of his mind. Man, I wish I could go. Had Timmy not just done that, he would've heard a poof as one of his fairies appeared.

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Too preoccupied with his thoughts Timmy didn't notice his clothes changing. His pants shrunk down to Daisy Dukes, and his shirt becoming a more feminine string top.

He did however notice that his hat has gone missing and jumped up. His hat was completely missing but on the table was a wide brimmed cowboy hat in a lighter pink than his normal hat. Getting up Timmy had the mirror in front of him.


He gave a very girlish shriek, even more girlish than usual. Timmy touched the swollen lumps and sighed in pleasure. They were sensitive almost like touching Little Timmy. Speaking of the small wonder Timmy couldn't feel it in his underwear anymore.

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Taking a deep breath, he pulled down the short shorts and began to freak out. And then he saw him. This was hopeless, by the time Cosmo came back to reality he would forget what happened. Timmy sighed and went to get himself a glass of water.

Exiting the kitchen Timmy felt a light brush on his shoulders. He reigned in the scream, his hair ad grown. Turner called from the living room. Timmy blinked as he was dropped off with a ticket, brochure and submission form. Turning around Timmy walked towards the offices.

There was a nice lady at the desk motioning her over. Your parents didn't fill in the entire form. A pink telephone booth appeared out of thin air and Timmantha smiled a real smile. After many hours on the bus they arrived at porno gay dominicano camp grounds.

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Timmantha made her way to the bus that came from Tennessee. She saw the small bag with her name on it. She opened the bag and found some clean underwear, a few shorts, the dress she wore when she was Timmantha the first time and a few t-shirts. She silently thanked Wanda, since the fairy won't hear her now.

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Timmantha made her way to the amphitheater where the other girls were gathered. She smiled at some of the other girls and stood straight waiting for the guy on stage to address them. D said smiling at them. D scanned the group closely.


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mr d camp sherwood sister blowjob captions This is seriously a great comic, all the characters being consistant with their canon self while leaning on the adult side of things, obviously and even the special ones getting yo use their abilities. That's a blast. Skip to main content. Camp Sherwood 2. Author: Mister D.
mr d camp sherwood celebs topless sunbathing Camp Sherwood. This is being loosely based on the comic of the same name. Timmy fantasize about Trixie Tang going to camp and Cosmo makes it happen by turning him into a girl. Bold indicates the start of a scene shift; for example this Chapter will have 3 shifts. Timmantha, Sam, Timmantha.