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I would probably feel the same way. I think your disability puts you in a difficult situation, though. Monkeysmommy January 19,pm. LW, I agree nude you. This is sickening and inappropriate.

If my husband were looking at my daughter this way same scenario, he has raised her since she was 5I would be livid. I doubt our marriage would survive it. That is pretty damn young for such drastic measures. Is there any reason she would have wanted to escape home…?

The ass comment really does put it over the top. And your daughter telling you, then your brushing her off is daughter telling.

“I Found Nude Photos Of My Daughter on My Husband’s Computer!”

What else have you hitomi tanaka maid off? Nice Ass to move out for a while. Talk to your daughters; find out if there have nude incidents through the daughter that have caused discomfort, or have been outright pics. I find it unlikely your husband has any dementia or health issues; he is just a shit head.

Ange January 19,pm. I read somewhere the average age of a military wife is They do it to secure the benefits, probably so the girl could go live with him. Monkeysmommy January 20,pm. SpaceySteph January 19,pm. If I were you, LW, I would put aside kittyplays porn thing and focus on the real bad thing— sexualizing and viewing the nudes of your daughter, a girl he raised from a young age.

That is gross and inappropriate. As an aside, my great grandfather died in his 60s and my great grandmother remarried to a guy who had never been married before. He was the only great grandfather we ever knew, and he was a dirty old man who made inappropriate remarks to me, my sister, and my girl cousin.

I resent my parents and other relatives for not listening to our concerns and taking them more pics or limiting our contact with him. For all you know you have exposed your daughters to the same or worse for many years— at least now you know.

The next step is to talk honestly with your daughters, apologize, and protect them going forward. I think your suggestions of how to approach her daughter are really thoughtful. I hate that type of enabling behavior. Skyblossom January 20,am. She also complains that grandma is rude to everyone, including the kids and is big tits outfit drunk.

I said that if there is a good, loving relationship the hugs and kisses will come naturally. I think they are far less apt to be abused if they know they can refuse uncomfortable affection.

SpaceySteph January 20,am. Yeah I feel really strongly about raising my future kids the same way. But as we talked daughter about it in terms of teaching consent from an early age and it made more sense to nude. Your last point is excellent.

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Every kid needs to be able to say no to daughter touch that makes them uncomfortable. Nude January 19,pm. He may have been sexualizing her for a long time. It might have been so subtle that it was inarticulable for the daughter, especially when she was younger. It made me deeply uncomfortable and I avoided spending time alone with him, but I was kikme pics scared of the repercussions to say anything about it to my mother.

He never did anything so bold, like taking pictures of me in the shower, so I even began to doubt myself that anything untoward was happening. Also, I knew that if I did tell my mother, there were only so many things that could have happened, and none of them were good.

She might not have believed me. She might have believed me and not done anything about it. Or she might have believed me and then divorced him, which I knew pics a lot of drama, moving again we moved a lotpics losing the financial stability we had finally obtained. And honestly, I still have a lot of ambivalent feelings about my stepdad because he was a good father to me in many ways and is nude more of a father than my actual daughter ever was.

I think you owe it to your daughter to investigate this.

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Searching for them when he presumably already knew they existed is weird. Saving them is weirder. And I think the guiltiness in his response that he was glad she found them is another red flag.

If it was an honest mistake, why would he act relieved to be found out? And why would he go to counseling if it was nothing?

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This on top of his previous comment nude it seem less like a coincidence. Beyond the logic of whether it is excusable or not, I personally would be creeped out. Run away pornite battle royale game get a great lawyer. LW, your daughter posed nude to support herself and her family. Her morals are just fine. A person pics harms others has bad morals, but a person who is proud of her body, who chooses what to do with her own body, has perfectly fine morals.

Sexual purity does not feed the poor nor cure the sickly; it is no substitute for kindness or generosity. Be proud of your confident, resourceful daughter. Keep the judging to yourself. While I agree what you said, I got the impression that the daughter might have been coerced into the photos by her husband. I might have read it wrong but it sounded like the daughter regretted it. If she was coerced it is definitely exploitation. However, if she did it of her own accord and later regretted it, completely different. It almost seems like the mother would prefer to think she was then deal with the fact that it might have been a choice she made.

Or can you ask your husband to stay elsewhere for awhile? Find something that she is into like the phone brand, the band, movies, etc. I also feel that I have so much vested in my year marriage. Full nude millennial girl showing everything See more ideas about Hot selfies and next-door girls selfies.

But downloading some photos that your grown daughter posed for for a publication is not the same thing as, say, a man taking photos of his daughter teenage stepdaughter in the shower. Monkeysmommy January 19,


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my nude daughter pics sex arabe xxx Or can you ask your husband to stay elsewhere for awhile? Find something that she is into like the phone brand, the band, movies, etc. I also feel that I have so much vested in my year marriage. Full nude millennial girl showing everything See more ideas about Hot selfies and next-door girls selfies. But downloading some photos that your grown daughter posed for for a publication is not the same thing as, say, a man taking photos of his new teenage stepdaughter in the shower. Monkeysmommy January 19, I was very disappointed with my daughter.