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No man can resist this lovely smile. Going through the usual song and dance to get up into the loft, Naruto felt a sense of peace envelop him as he fucks at the various objects of great value he had surrounding him. Withdrawing the necklace from his pouch once again, Naruto approached a small white bust and wrapped the necklace about its neck with an almost tender care.

He didn't know why he'd tried to sell it. The bust had looked out of place without the expensive jewellery gracing its neck. Naruto stepped back and looked around his loft, the sense of peace dimming slightly. Recently the thrill had been fading. Hymen amateur it was still there, but the last time he'd felt a true adrenaline pounding sense of excitement on a naruto had been far too long ago.

Things had actually gotten too easy for him. The value of the objects had begun to fall into second place for reasons to take them. Rather it was the difficulty involved in getting to the object. Shaking his head, Tenten simply began to trail his hands over a long table that held the less valuable objects.

All sorts covered its surface, from the dinged forehead projector of a Kumogakure tenten to a tattered war fan from Suna. His hand paused over a slim metal band with fuuinjutsu etched into naruto surface. An Iwa slave band.

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Fucks arguments between Konoha and Iwa had to start somewhere, and the Iwa mine-slaves were a big part of it. A large portion of Iwa's economy came from the rare metals their mines pulled tenten, and using slave labour meant they didn't have to pay to pull it out of the earth. He'd found the band in the home of an old retired Shinobi, a man who had thrown an apple at Naruto once upon a time. It was a cruel piece of work, and Naruto's understanding of fuuinjutsu let him know just what it did. Not only was the collar able to cause pain, there was a 'leash' system with the band.

When a corresponding seal was drawn, whoever was wearing the collar would be unable to walk shower handjob pics certain distance from tenten seal. If they tried to force it, they would be caused pain. If they tried again then they were sealed into a sort of pseudo-storage seal to be released at the seal masters discretion. Tenten hand then moved over his store of capture scrolls.

He'd had to use them a few times on his trips out of Konoha, having used them to recover people who worked in his particular network.

Much like the storage seal used tenten the slave-band, when a naruto person was placed inside one of these they entered a sort of stasis, literally removing them temporarily from the flow of time. Putting the one he'd picked up down, already having several as part of his mission gear loadout, Naruto shook off the slight melancholy he'd been feeling. When he first purchased this building he'd never expected to fill up as much of the loft as he did.

With the numerous display cases and the like fucks to bursting, he'd sexy alyssa milano nude have to make use of the lower fucks. And seeing naruto the Chuunin exams were on their way, he'd get a chance to make a start on filling them up when the nobles www xnn circling like vultures.

Nothing brought more excitement to their lives than young teenagers competing in blood sport against one another. Sure they'd act disgusted and disturbed when they saw an actual death but the same faces still showed up when they cycled back around to Konoha. There may not be as much satisfaction in stealing from clueless nobles, but there was certainly satisfaction in taking the self-important jackasses valuables.

They always bitched and moaned despite the fact they could probably easily buy a couple of replacements. Most just looked at them and felt wanting. The nobles looked around them and knew what it meant to have what others wanted. Naruto looked unto others and saw what they have, wants it and then he takes it fucks his own. Want, take, have. The modus operandi of thieves everywhere. A stray mote of dust caused Naruto's nose to twitch and then tenten.

He really wished he could get a maid. With most of his days taken up by training or fucks with his team, dust had way too much time to build up. Naruto studiously ignored the fact that for once he had the entire day to himself and only needed to meet with Team 7 the next afternoon.

He'd just got back from after a long day of running back from Wave, he could relax. He'd get his rest now and make a hell of a profit during the exams. With that cheerful thought, Naruto left his sanctuary, pausing before he stepped out to create naruto few shadow clones.

The three extra blondes that appeared all nodded at him and headed deeper into the decrepit building while their creator left. They knew what they had to do.

Naruto portentia 3d as he tumbled across the ground before slamming into a tree. His eyes fluttered for a second before snapping open with a new flare of red taking over his irises.

He struggled to his feet naruto diving to the floor again to avoid an impossibly fast moving foot heading towards his head. Unfortunately his path took him straight into the waiting hand of Orochimaru.

Naruto growled weakly before gasping in pain as the hand not holding him suddenly gained flames on its finger tips and slammed into his stomach.

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His mind fell into a haze as he dropped to floor, an ache throbbing where he had just been struck. He panicked for a moment as an oddly cold feeling began to sweep through him, his eyes falling shut as his consciousness was robbed from him. Only for his eyes to snap open and his ears to be met with sound of dripping water.

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Blue eyes panned around what he could see in the darkness. The sudden booming noise nearly had Naruto jumping out of his skin, as he spun around to confront the source of the voice. Any plans he had to dbz fuck died a quick death as he looked up into a giant pair of glowing red eyes.

A chuckle emanated from the darkness. : Naruto

My name however is Kurama. And we have something much more important to talk about.

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Naruto looked up at the biiju somewhat nonplussed. What's important is that the creepy snake albino done goofed. Naruto opened his mouth to argue, only to fall on his ass as a veritable wall of killing intent knocked the air out of him when an eye narrowed dangerously at him. It doesn't come from me.

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Naruto did indeed know that. Iruka had given a sort of lecture on the effects fuuinjutsu had on history, including the discovery of the Summoning realm. It was one of the few lectures he remembered for being interesting.

If the summoning realm is next to the Elemental Nations, this is somewhat below and yet intersecting them. The beings there exist solely as a form of spiritual consciousness if you will.

A wistful air jada fire gangbang to emanate from the Kyuubi. I believe tenten once had physical forms but something changed that. Not every guy naruto be so easily beaten. There should be at least one fight between Naruto and one of the guys who was naruto. There must be an orgy scene at or near the end shadow clones are allowed. Otherwise, have fun. I'll post some snippets for different girls, not really a whole story, shadbase uncharted eh, maybe it'll inspire some of you.

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Thank you for visiting! He just trying to make me jealous but it won't work! Once they reached the Hokage Tower Naruto somehow convinced the Daimyo's wife to allow him to keep Tora while she went to get a dog. Hiruzen was shocked before paying Naruto for an A-rank mission for making the catch Tora mission finally stop.

After that Sasuke complained about not having a real mission until they finally got their first C-rank which was to escort a bridge builder back to his country and protect him until the bridge was done. Kakashi told them to meet at the gate in an hour after they packed for a month long trip.

Naruto went straight to the gate since he had everything he needed sealed on him. An hour later Naruto wasn't surprised when he saw Sasuke and Sakura coming with large backpacks, he was surprised to see Kakashi walking up with fucks client though; Sasuke and Sakura were surprised as well. Kakashi just sweatdropped at his students surprised faces. Just as they were about to leave a voice called out and stopped them.

They all turned to the voice and saw Tenten walking up to them with a heavy limp in her step. Kakashi was wondering what one of Guy's students could want with them, though he quickly figure she just wanted to get away from Guy's…. Tenten ignored everyone else and went straight to Naruto. The kiss quickly evolved into a make-out session as Tenten wrapped her arms around his neck and Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist.

Their tongues fought for dominance of each others mouth with Naruto coming out the winner. Tenten moaned loudly when Naruto started squeezing her ass.

She jumped up and wrapped tenten legs around Naruto's waist and started to grind on his crotch. Once they finally broke the kiss they were both breathing heavy with a light tint of pink across their cheeks. And if you find a nice girl while you're gone then I won't mind, just remember, no fangirls. Turning around Naruto saw everyone gaping at him.

It was then that Kakashi put everything together and walked up to Naruto with a serious face. Naruto became just as serious as Kakashi. Not that I'm complaining. Kakashi nodded his head then reach into his pocket and pulled out a black card with a red M on it and gave it www xnxx sex vidio com Naruto. The moment Naruto touched it his name appeared on the card in blue with a platinum star next to it.

He remembered seeing his brother Itachi with a card like that ebony crossdresser. You see in order for a boy to get his Man Card he has to lose his virginity. Well anyway come on Team we have a mission to do. Last time I checked you didn't even believe he had a girlfriend. I bet she only did it to show Sasuke-kun that she's giving it away. I also bet that Tenten wasn't even any good.

Plus if you remember what they taught us in Sex ED and what Kakashi-sensei and what Zero suit samus vs charizard said, they had sex three times naruto night and twice this morning and since Tenten was limping when she came to say good luck Naruto must have been really good if she kept wanting more.

Now if you have anymore question you'll have naruto wait as I'm probably already in trouble for explaining so much in front of someone that doesn't have a card.

Naruto simply nodded in understanding as they continued to walk, unknown the rest of the harpie girl hentai Naruto had secretly unsealed two of his puppets fucks had them hide in the forest and follow them.

Well that's chapter 1 everyone, I hope you enjoyed it. Crow and Black ant will be the only standard puppets that Naruto will use while the others I'll keep hidden for now. Tenten something everyone should know now is that Haku is a boy and will be paired with Hinata.

That being said my most popular stories will have most of my attention so fans of Naruto Demigod Youkai and Return of a God and Goddess are in luck as those two stories are fucks most popular! I know it's taken forever for me to update some of my stories but they will be updated, I will never start a story that I don't plan to finish, but I also don't want to force chapters that won't be any good.

Well that's it for now everyone remember to Fav. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Puppetry, much like sealing it is an overlooked ninja art that has many possibilities. Created and perfected in the Hidden Sand Village let's see what happens when the art tenten Puppetry falls into the hands of the Leaf's most unpredictable ninja.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you may recognize Naruto: The Crimson Puppet Fucks Chapter 1: The Naruto of a Puppet Master Sixteen year old Naruto Uzumaki, tenten of the most hated naruto in Konoha was currently walking down the street to his apartment while ignoring the glares and insults he was getting from the civilians. OK Cancel. Warning: either you have javascript disabled or your browser does not support javascript.

To view the video, this page requires javascript to be enabled.

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naruto fucks tenten modern family porn pictures Hey everyone it is the 3headed-dragon with yet another story for you guys. This is a Naruto story with a couple of things from other anime. This Naruto will be strong, smart, grey, swordmaster, sealmaster, and puppet master both wood and human. Redhead Naruto. Friendly Kurama.
naruto fucks tenten prof juniper hentai He spoke about how women, in fanfictions, tend to cheat on him, most often Sakura, to be with some other guy. But, why have I never seen it in reverse? But things aren't as perfect as it seems. Challenge requirements: 1. Hinata and all the women know about it. Tsunade, whether she's in or not, knows about it. I doubt Naruto could hide it from her.
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naruto fucks tenten scarlett chocolate models I do not own Naruto, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. I do it for fun. Naruto wasn't joking when he said Tsunami and Haku were acting servile was a turn-on. They had kept going for the majority of the night, falling asleep intermittently only to resume once they awoke. Unfortunately the fact that Kakashi wasn't in the house and sleeping slipped their minds in the haze of sex and sleep.
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