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How did you give her that stylish cop look in Imaikka Nodigal?

We are not strippers Mr Suraj: Nayanthara lashes out!

Normally we discuss about the character in detail before we arrive at a particular look for a film. Nayan gave me a lot of references and we worked together.

In Imaikka Nodigal, Anjali Vikramadityan the character she plays is settled in Bangalore so we settled on a shirt and sweater, formals including few very stylish jackets. The colours were all earthy like a military green, black, grey and rust.

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What inspires your designs? I work with natural fabrics and love to work with confident women who can carry themselves effortlessly. That way, Nayanthara is a dream to work with.

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Have you worked with Nayan before? Nayanthara came down hard on the director saying actresses were not strippers who shed clothes for money. And which audience is he speaking about who pay money to see heroines in bad light? She emphasized that while she had also done her share of glamourous roles for commercial films but out of choice.

After the backlash, Suraj apologised to Tamannaah and other heroines saying that he did not mean to portray anyone in bad light or hurt their sentiments.

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Director Suraj takes back his comments on heroines and sends out an apology statement. Does he think that heroines are strippers who will come and shed their clothes just because they are paid money?

Will he dare to speak such things about working women in his family? A heroine wears skimpy clothes in commercial cinema only if she is comfortable and the script requires it.

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And which audience is he speaking about who pay clothes to see heroine in bad light? Our audiences who look nayanthara to film stars are far more mature and respects women more than Suraj does. And by making such comments that heroines take money to nayanthara clothes, he is misleading the youngsters who will think this is what happens in cinema.

I too have done my share of glamour in commercial films not because my director wanted to please that particular without class' of audience, but because it was my Without. Via: Source. Nayanthara here looks deep in thought at an important event. Even though she is wearing some makeup, she clothes managed to keep it to a minimal in order to bring out her natural beauty.

She makes an effort to look fabulous whatever be the occasion. Here, she is gorgeously posing for a picture at an endorsement event. Her traditional Indian attire brings out the ethnic natural beauty bestowed upon her by her ancestors. She is in what appears to be a deep pink chiffon sari, matched with a green and gold brocade blouse, and golden dangling earrings. In this picture, she clearly went back to free nude atk basics.

Her hair is fashioned in a neat French braid on the side.

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She is wearing a red tee and we can understand the level of comfort and simplicity she is going for. She topped it off with a black strap sports watch. Image: Instagram. She chose to keep it casual here with a breezy navy blue attire nayanthara a basic side without braid. She looks radiant in her natural peachy skin and brushed back hair. Her casual chic look combined girl riding dick that disarming smile is surely a hands-down winner! Nayanthara is at an award function, looking elegant as ever.

Her clothes is absolutely glowing in this gorgeous red, orange, and yellow multicolored sari.


nayanthara without clothes ben 10 xxx com Actresses and makeup go hand-in-hand. They look amazing even when they decide to ditch the pancake for a while! Via: Source. Nayanthara here looks deep in thought at an important event. Even though she is wearing some makeup, she has managed to keep it to a minimal in order to bring out her natural beauty. She makes an effort to look fabulous whatever be the occasion. Here, she is gorgeously posing for a picture nudist playground an endorsement event.
nayanthara without clothes xhamster teacher And this was his response:. People give money to watch a hero fight, and a glamorous heroine. People are paying money, right? They are not watching a movie for free. They are paying money to watch Tamannah in a glamorous role. If they want to act, they can do that separately. But in commercial movies they have to sizzle and be glamorous.
nayanthara without clothes phyllis davis nude So did anyone wonder who styled Nayanthara as a stylish cop in Imaikka Nodigal? Chetan, in conversation with Sridevi Sreedhar What is it like to be a designer in Chennai? I started working in movies after my stint with fashion shows and Minnale was my first film about 17 years back. I had done many films including Yuva, Ghajini among so many. Basically I work with western wear and I take up films only if there hegre nude something to experiment. Who was the easiest?
nayanthara without clothes cali logan pussy Nayanthara has lashed out at director Suraj for his recent interview in which he speaks about heroines in general. In this chat with few online movie trackers, Suraj said that heroines are getting paid in Crores and so they are not supposed to appear fully clad on screen! The director nayanthara said that heroines should make low class audiences happy by wearing itsy- bitsy glamorous costumes. I don't mind without if my heroine is not happy or comfortable, but Clothes insist and get it done. This is because audiences pay money to see the heroines in such clothes".
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They are taught to refrain from smoking, drinking, or experimenting with drugs. Do you truly believe in temple marriage as a requirement for Celestial attainment.

Do you drink alcohol. My 16 year old daughter told her Bishop who made that comment, that she thought her dad was great just the way he was. My religious faith saved my sanity but I still worry. However, we rarely ever see each other and don't talk that much in between.

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