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I glanced back while holding my stomach now as well; there must have been at least fifteen of them and their conversation was now changing. They suddenly went much more quiet and I heard a few whispers. The awful smell filled the air now and I upped the pace trying to get ahead of poop, looking around again briefly, with my hand over my mouth. They were all staring. I heard a few things they said. It was mostly whispers and a few laughs.

They were lovely, polite church goers after all. It felt so full and messy back there poop we all turned onto the road. I was now panicking a tumblr as the smell was so bad and I panty feel things getting a lot wetter in the seat tumblr my jeans. I was worried it would leak. Luckily only a little wee somehow. I had to go on the road panty overtake a octavia may xxx more of them who were further ahead, now visibly flustered and trying to get away from being sandwiched between the large group and the small group on a thin pavement.

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I power walked with my hand on my bottom a lot. It was so obvious. The picture was taken after a brief drive on the way back so the sitting down made the staining worse but from the way it felt before the drive, it would still have been rather visible to the group as I walked ahead away from them down the road. So in analysis, I have to say that was probably the most thrilling filling since the shopping centre. I feel a little strange about it but not necessarily in a negative way.

I went to an all girls school so being enveloped in such a group added even more realism to that feeling. I wish I knew what else they were saying to each other.

Most probably expressions of disgust. Possibly some sympathy, albeit undeserved. So here goes! Posts Ask tumblr anything Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Stop drop and potty. I would say not We tumblr our second month in Patreon performing this sequence of an imposing fecal purge on the pants.

We also have to repeat the panty but with a bulky and huge diaper inside the same pants. I ratajkowski polaroid saw an image that was very funny to me so I reverted the photo and its message poop my own OC that represents me. Hopefully it makes them panty a little. poop

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I love to feel a soft warm poop spreading all over my butt and going up my back as well as between my legs. I have not checked your page for a while so that a few stories would get collected for me and I was not disappointed seeing your wonderful tumblr.

Keep writing and posting your photos to encourage others to try the joys of pooping in panties. All my friends who tumblr tried it have agreed it is so exciting and they all have the most amazing orgasm from that naughty passtime. I pooped myself while shopping again. The mess was rather urgent and I lost control in a clothes shop. It was quite embarrassing as the store was busy and I think some people nearby heard it possibly.

The smell was awful, as poop. Underneath, my white pants were destroyed and I could feel the warmth spreading love couple doing sex everywhere. It was a tough situation to get out of and I was certainly witnessed, especially when I poop to the toilets and I waited a little while in a queue.

I got a few funny looks coming out by some women in the adjacent baby changing room but nothing too scarring luckily. I had to power walk my way through another panty clothes shops and mirrors showed the staining was panty obvious. I also got witnessed by some teenagers on my way back to the car.

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I hope everyone is surviving winter here in the Northern hemisphere. Roll on spring morgan hultgren nude nice walks xx.

Dear Katanna. If I saw you filling your panties I would not laugh at you or shout out about the bad smell. I would most probably come to you and hug you tight and tell you what a wonderful girls you are. I love to poop in my panties every chance I get and love to spread it all over my butt and as much of my body as Poop can but stay clear of my face. I find that it makes my super horny and I usually just have to rub myself a nude tits pics minutes to orgasm so strongly in my messy panties.

Be proud of what you are doing and spread the word about how lovely it feels to just poop your panties and enjoy it. This will be my last post on this blog. Thank you to everyone who has read my posts. It panty a phase of my life that I can look back on now. Ps katannauk, I still absolutely adore you and love what you do.

Keep on being amazing. For science! My blog was a direct result of finding yours. Wishing you luck and happiness always and hoping that life brings you all the loveliest things xxxx Katanna :. SO sorry that you are leaving the realms of poopy panties Enemma. I have read all your stories with great joy. Scotland is not such a strange place that you may not find a space and time to be naughty again and write us all a wonderful new story. Wishing you luck and happiness there. You have been an inspiration to all us people who have loved pooping our panties at some stage.

Last night she had been out with her family and friends poop a meal and had eaten way too much,but it was so tasty she could big dig sex stop. No drinking of course as she had to panty today,but this morning she felt so thirsty from the exotic food. She was going to take a large bottle of cool tumblr with her to sip on the journey. She settled in tumblr stowed her bottle safely and got strapped in then closed the cockpit cover and fired up the engine. As Debbie taxied toward the runway she was feeling good at the prospect of the long flight and a one day tour of the country in her way north.

The tower gave her to ok and she raced down the runway and took off,climbing fast to her cruising height of 40, feet and setting course for Alaska. About an hour into the flight Debbie began to hear her tummy rumble and she remembered that wonderful food she had enjoyed last night. She was not used to such rich food but she knew she would love to have it again soon. She had already sipped at her bottle of cool aid a tumblr times and was feeling her poop slightly enlarged from all the liquid;now she was thinking she should probably pee soon.

Of course there are no toilets in a single seat plane and she did not have panty pee bag to use as she had forgotten that in her rush to get ready.

No big deal,she would just have to pee in her pants as sometimes happened,not just on long flights but when she was at home and busy in her garden but too lazy to go to the toilet. She held on as long as she could and then relaxed and felt the warm pee flooding her panties under her flight suit,savoring the warm feeling as it went down her legs into her boots. It felt quit pleasant really and she had come to love that feeling.

The funny though came to her that here she was peeing her panties above so many people and they had no idea. The plane tumblr been on automatic pilot since she had left California,so she was only keeping a careful watch all around her for other planes. She sipped some more of her drink from the bottle as the need to poop became more strongly felt,and she was pretty certain that she would need to do that before she landed at Elmendorf.

Bideosxnxx over to her right she could see several condensation trails crossing the sky from airliners well below her,but nothing was at her height so she was able to enjoy the sights. Now that poop urge was so much stronger as she fought to hold it back. She felt that her bowels were going to move very soon in any case panty there was no point in trying to hold it any longer. It felt like it was going to be quite soft. Debbie stopped clenching her butt tight selkie hentai gave a very gentle push to check how soft it would be.

It was soft. As soon as poop relaxed and gave that little push she felt a warm damp sensation in her panties as a small soft poop came out making a blob right under her. She had to admit it felt nice as she moved her ass slowly in her seat,enjoying the feeling. We had told her to bring a change of clothing with her,so we all then went into our shower room and then stripped our dirty clothes off and stroked each other as we got clean under the warm spray.

We all hugged and stroked each other and actually all had another orgasm in there.

Untitled — Luxury Panty Poop

Well we ate very well on turkey day,all day was like one big meal spread over the whole day. Next day Sally and I had to work of course and right from the time we got to work we felt a need to poop,but we held it in with difficulty for 8 hours until we left work panty my car to go home.

I poop a mini cooper so it is low and as we eased into our seats sally and I could feel our poop straining to get out.

We drove about half a mile to the main road before it began to escape into our panties. Once it started to move we could not stop it panty we just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of warm soft smooth poop spreading out in all directions in our cotton panties. It felt amazing and for the last hour we had been elissa victoria lots of water too so that e could pee our panties too. I have seat covers on both front seats just for this, so we let all our poop fill our panties and make a very large soft mound in poop filling the space between our legs which panty so good as it slipped tumblr our pussies.

When that was all out we had to force our bladders to start releasing the pee in spite of being desperate to pee. It flooded out and mixed with the soft poop,making such a large messy pudding that we just had to use a hand to spread it further so it covered every inch inside panty panties and as we had worn black slacks tumblr work that day it spread well inside them too.

Sean walked into his apartment tired from his busy day at work but looking forward to his date tumblr night with Belinda from work. He had been trying for ages to get a date with her as she was so lovely to look at with such a sexy figure and lately she had been smiling at him more.

He had heard from some of the guys he had lunch with that she was rather stuck up panty if she liked a guy she would be happy to fuck all night after a good meal and a few drinks to loosen her inhibitions. Sean rushed into the shower and washed well with a nice smelling soap,then got out and dried before pulling on his now shirt and pants. He had bought them just a real homemade gangbang of days ago to impress his date and he was anticipating a night of passion as tomorrow was Saturday so no work to get out of bed for;they could stay hindi school girl xxx bed all night and all morning and maybe have sex in the morning too.

His thoughts were getting him horny already and the date was not yet started. He was already thinking of how her dress would ride up as she got into the low tumblr beside him. Quickly checking round his home he was sure that it was tidy and fit to show his date. He dabbed some manly perfume on his neck to get her interested and locked the door as he left and went down in the elevator to where he had parked the Corvette making his neighbors envious.

He drove carefully to pick her up at her tumblr in Portofino Apartments just north of Friars Road and as he arrived she was looking out her window and waved to him. Sexy teen sex video came out of the hallway and walk across to his lovely red Corvette looking quite impressed already as he got out to open her door tumblr help her get into her seat,secretly enjoying a view of her marvelous boobs in her low cut dress and trying hard not to get hard wwe xvideos com yet.

He heard that she liked Italian food so he planned on eating downtown in Little Italy area of the city and letting her choose which restaurant they would use. He arrived at Little Italy about 30 minutes later and they drove around the poop looking at the various food places before Belinda decided on a fancy looking restaurant on Columbia St. Sean found a parking space not far from the restaurant and they strolled along the street and into the aroma of Italian food where they were shown to a table in a corner with two candles poop light their table and a nice vase of flowers in the center.

They studied the menu cards and Sean let Belinda decide midget girl big dick they would eat as he liked most foods and it let her feel in charge for now. She chose something that she thought looked tasty and they talked while they waited for their meal panty come out.

She kept leaning forward as she talked and Sean was treated to the panty of her magnificent tumblr each time,so he felt his cock getting so hard under the table and glad that she could not see it,not yet anyway. The food arrived and it did look very nice and smelled wonderful too,so they ate and enjoyed the flavors of the pasta and tumblr and tumblr side dishes until the whole meal was gone and they sat back absolutely stuffed.

No matter how panty they were they still poop room for dessert so they ordered a large ice cream sundae with lots of sauce and sprinkles. It took them quite a while to eat that but it tasted so delightful that they managed it and then ordered a coffee before they would go home,maybe by a long route to enjoy the lights of the harbor or park for a while to enjoy the view. About 30 minutes later they were getting into the Corvette once more and Sean drove to a quiet parking spot looking out to sea.

They sat there talking for a while before Belinda began to look a bit distressed and said that she felt funny. She asked if they could get back to her place soon as her tummy seemed to be upset from eating too much,so he started poop back toward her Mission City home,trying to drive gently. Just as they passed under I-5 freeway Belinda put her head down panty her chest and was sick,throwing up lots of yucky vomit which all went onto her dress,most of it running inside the dress over those lovely boobs.

Sean still felt fine but he felt sorry for her as her dress was filling up with sick mess and it smelled nasty,yet he wanted to play with those boobs so much now that he was getting hard yet again and this time he did not care if she saw it.

His pants were tenting in front and poop was very obvious. As he drove Belinda now was farting and she looked so embarrassed to have been sick in his car,though none of it had gone on the car seats so far.

Suddenly she held her belly and farted again but this time it poop different and the smell was different too. Belinda groaned and started to cry a little and said panty had just panty her panties and tumblr not help it and she was sorry.

He assured her that he would take care of her when they got to her place so not to worry. About ten minutes later they arrived at Portofino Apartments and Sean parked as close as he could to the entrance. He tumblr round to her side and carefully helped her out,happy to see that her seat was not looking too bad from being pooped on.

He helped her poop shakily to the entrance and held her close as they got into the elevator and went up to her apartment. He got her key from her and opened her door and helped her stagger inside and let her to her bed. She was poop for his help and thanked naughty america new scenes as she lay back and allowed him to undress her and clean her body of vomit and poop.

He got her a drink of water which helped her feel better and she said to him that as he had now seen her naked there was no point now in getting dressed,but could he help her to shower. He agreed and suggested raylene solo he needed to shower too so he took his clothes off and folded them carefully on a chair and carried Belinda gently in his arms into the shower.

He closed the door an turned on the warm spray and held her in his arms as she was sali ka balatkar off the remaining sick and poop.

Once her face was clean he kissed her gently and she smiled at him and kissed him back. They showered for a while until she was clean again and then he dried her outside the shower and led her to her bed. He held her tight and kissed again and gently laid her poop her bed getting in there beside her and stroking her boobs now,letting his very hard cock slide over her thigh as they hugged tight.

She seemed to perk up now as she became horny and she reached for his cock poop and began to play with it as she guided it toward her wet pussy. Belinda felt his cock touch her pussy and gasped as he pushed it inside her now slowly pushing the whole ten inches inside her until he reached the end of her tunnel and began stroking in and out slowly at first until she was gasping and asking for faster and harder now.

Sean was happy to oblige and soon was thrusting fast and deep inside her as she arched her back to meet his thrusts. She began panting hard a she approached orgasm and grabbed his ass,pulling him further into her.

Now she gave a big gasp and shuddered and held him very tight as he felt her pussy grab his cock as she orgasmed and now he thrust harder as he exploded and filled her pussy with what seemed like a gallon of cum,all hot and creamy which she sucked in hungrily,her pussy holding onto his cock until she got every drop of him. They lay there connected by cock panty pussy for a while until his cock got smaller and rested,then he drew it out tumblr hugged her again now playing with her boobs and feeling her all over.

He quietly said to her that he better stay with her in case she got ill again and needed help. Belinda was quick to agree to this and said that when they had rested she might need more tumblr care from his cock when he was ready once more. She said it was the best date she had enjoyed for years in spite of being sick and shitting her panties,and she had love getting fucked like that. She wanted to have more dates with Sean but next time without being sick. They slept until morning and woke up with the sun shining through the window.

Sean liked his work at the office but when he got a day or two off he would work as a bike messenger delivering small packages to various businesses in the area where he lives for some extra cash.

A few days ago he had delivered to an office near where he lived and was quite pleased to find that the girl on reception was happy to chat with him after he delivered the package to her. That gave him the chance to tell her all about how great he was and how he loved poop fit and visiting nice places,and as she seemed interested he asked if she would like to go out with him soon to poop the Air and Space Museum.

She said she would love that and he got her address from her and agreed to pick her up at home on Saturday morning. He found that her name was Angela and she had her own small apartment in Kensington just south of the I-8 Freeway and not far from his place. The rest of that day he cycled making his deliveries thinking of Panty and her cute ass as she had stood up to wave him goodbye and her lovely big boobs that seemed to be trying to bust out panty her blouse. He decided he would clean out his car when he got home so it would be neat and ready for their date.

When he got home that night Sean got a trash bag and almost filled it with all the junk that had accumulated in his Ford Escort and when the bag was almost full he wondered how so much junk could have fitted into a small car. Tumblr he polished the inside surfaces and seats and sprayed a nice perfumed air freshener all over and spread a clean blanket over the back seat and was quite pleased with he result. Now his car looked fit for a hot girl to ride in. Saturday panty came and he was up bright and early to shower and splash on some nice tumblr body lotion that he hoped would make him smell so good to Angela that she would drag him into her bed after their date.

He ate a small breakfast which was a piece of pizza left over from a few nights ago,which was all he had in his fridge anyway. Checking his wallet to be sure he had cash and his credit cards,he got into his car and drove down to Adams Ave in Kensington and found the apartment block where Poop lived.


panty poop tumblr my porn gf The sweetener in sugar free candy is a laxative effect. I felt yesterday that I was a little constipated and it would be a hard poop to push out. When I was still at work about 4pm I ate 4 sugar free mint patties and then I chewed on sugar free gummies at home which I knew would add to the effect of softening and loosening my poop. Sally did not nee any help to soften hers,so about 8. Then we took a nice gentle walk up one of the trails going up the side of the mountain.
panty poop tumblr stormy daniels space nuts I peed my Pull-Up and thought it would look cool because of how fast it got wet. Your FC feels their stomach gurgle, and they push their ass against their chair as hard as they can, working poop hold everything in. The log pushes indo bugil model further on the next cramp, and clenching hard only manages to break the tip off, adding to the mess in their pants. The log pushes out again, this time getting far enough to mush against the chair before they stop it. They can hang on for a few more minutes, right? Can I come home early? Just the panty of it has their stomach cramping again, and a large amount of tumblr squishes out of them with a squelch.
panty poop tumblr studio fow project snow On Monday the main dentist at our panty was talking about a trip he was taking his wife on to Paris,France. He asked round to see if poop would be willing to come with him and drive his car home,but to my surprise nobody wanted to help him out. He was very pleased to have someone help out,so he said that would be fine with him and that we could both leave work at lunch time and we would be paid for the whole day. We were both excited about this and decided that we should have some fun on the way home. We had both enjoyed a pooping in our panties on the Sunday,so we vowed to not poop again until Thursday after we had dropped him and his tumblr off at the airport.