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Dimpled with cellulite, pockmocked from stubborn sores. Says there is zero chance the preternaturally smooth skin in the photos is real.

It doesn't challenge beauty it spits right in its face. Are there female sumos? Originally Posted by Lanzy. Originally Posted by Troppus.

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I have a very heavy year-old friend a little over lbs at 5'2" and apart from some dimpling, her skin is quite smooth. And I've seen her - and plenty of other people of all sizes - quite a lot, because we've spent time at nudist places together. She gets rashes in between the folds of her skin, which I imagine is common with the obese. But you can't see them without, you know, lifting a fold and looking. I'm sorry - this is not beauty. It's disturbing. Obese rational person would probably be aghast at these photos, because of what it says about the health of naked women.

I'm sure these are nice people, and I don't think they should be banished or jailed or anything, but I have an issue with "fat acceptance" and am uncomfortable with the banned porn games that these photos are meant to pictures it's even marginally okay to be that heavy.

Do these women have children? Are they passing on their exercise routines and diets to those kids? Not pretty IMHO. Its morbid. Find all posts by SerafinaPekala. Originally Posted by tdn. She's wrong. I've seen plenty of nude obese women and men -- and thin ones -- and everything in between and this is simply not the case. It doggystyle hentai gif be that your sister is biased, because her job puts her in the company of sick people. I'm fairly accepting of people.

Those photos, if real, are horrifying. Just think about the poor skeletons trapped inside naked that ham. The photographs pictures nicely done.

The models are not beautiful. No human should look like that or weigh that much. I'm sure they're nice people, but women standards for physical beauty don't include much above say, lbs.

Here's a nice Teen fucked by force Bryant lingerie commercial. She's cute, and about my upper limit on a desirable bod. That's just my obese. Would it be insulting to make a snarky comment about putting lipstick on a pig? Originally Posted by ducati. I would peg her closer womenbut she looks healthy and her body and face are gorgeous. There are miles between "overweight" and the women pictured in the OP.

Originally Posted by beowulff. Oh, you're crazy. She has a flat stomach. The only way she's is if she's 6' 2".

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Her name is Ashley Graham, size The only weight I've found for her says I don't think so. I'll give her or so. And I'd do her. Internet lies about weight all tube8 sign up the time. There is absolutely no way that woman weighs lbs unless she is 5'2". She's an attractive woman, sure, but assuming she's 5'9" or so, lbs sounds about right. In any event, those photos linked in the OP are supposed to challenge my ideas of beauty?

Good grief. And very large hips and thighs. Last edited by DiosaBellissima; women PM. Originally Posted by DiosaBellissima. Ah, here's another video where she's talking about being fat in another bikini. No dancing this time, though. Oh, absolutely. I meant to juxtapose her to the Lane Bryant model and pantyhose on cock not the folks in the OP who, at a minimum, have lbs on her. No matter how artistic the photos, there is no way that a lb.

Naked not challenging a standard of beauty; it's denying that it exists. Maybe the women in the photos are very nice people. But they are not attractive. Regards, Shodan Originally Posted by johnpost. Their hair and makeup is nicely done. It's as if someone put Barbie's head on the Michelin man's body. I don't know if I find those photos beautiful, but I also don't find them disgusting.

I think they just make me feel kind of sad. My body is somewhere between the girls in the OP and the naked girls in the videos, and the pictures in the OP don't make me feel good or different about anything at all. You can be smart and fun and have good hair and nice skin and even be considered "sexy" while being quite overweight, but obese because your clothes are off it doesn't make you sexy.

Those girls look gross naked. I'm gross naked. There's tons of awesome stuff about me and even some awesome stuff about my body but super fat bodies are just not sexy. No one should have to pretend that they are. April R. I want to be lbs again. I was so cute pictures a size I am now lbs and pregnant, so I don't feel as cute.

I find it disturbing that in the rush not to judge, we forget that these women most likely have some severe health problems. That's not beauty -- although some of them very pictures could be so if they weren't horrendously overweight.

That's frightening -- not because it's disgusting, but because of the consequences of being so fat. Last edited by Guinastasia; at PM. Originally Posted by Guinastasia. I'm looking at these photos from an aesthetic sense, and I personally don't like the lighting, composition, backgrounds, anything. It's not the subject that disturbs me--I just don't think these are very good photographs, speaking as a photographer.

Find all posts by pulykamell. Yeah, I'm not a photographer myself but I don't think those are particularly well done photos either. Two Many Cats. Originally Posted by pulykamell. We're judging the shit out of the models and the photog. They may be desi masala movies download people, but we're taking in the physician's eye view of serious physical and emotional illness women. I'm aware of fat fetishists, and these gals may be popular in that scene, but for the general media consumer this seems more like exploitation than art to me.

Find all posts by zweisamkeit. Originally Posted by Two Many Cats. I am not a photographer, and I agree with you. Every shot seems to say "naked fat girl" and nothing else. They are no different than those poor taste novelty birthday cards you can find in any drug store. Find all posts by monstro. Cinnamon Imp. Originally Posted by monstro. Gotta agree. I don't think these photos challenge anything. To me, they just scream, "Lookit the profound statement I am making!

I'm sorry, my standards haven't been challenged by these photos. They've been reaffirmed. All times are GMT The time now is AM. About Us "Nam ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam integre usu. The thought drowns out any consideration of aesthetics or health for me!

You know, while it may often seem otherwise, there is actually no law that states people must include this empty platitude whenever linking to an "artistic" picture of a obese woman on the internet. Well, since the OP hasn't been back to explain himself, maybe you can fill us in. What, exactly, do you find beautiful?

The miles and miles of flesh? The hunt for the good spots? The naked to the top? The mystery of all the hidden parts? The vulnerability of a woman so encumbered? The scariest thing is how does one get that fat in the first place. I mean, that's seriously hardcore. Troppus, I think he was kidding. The OP link just makes me wince, not in disgust so much as empathy. That's really what I was wondering too.

I'm just on the cusp of being morbidly obese, and carrying around the weight I do interferes with my everyday life. Some of those women have very eccentric adipose deposits. How do you find clothes that aren't just large enough to fit, but are cut to allow huge hips and thighs and women a much smaller waist? That first picture, how on earth does that woman deal with all those folds anna choy nude hanging flaps? I wish that instead of talking about "standards of beauty" we would talk about "standards of dignity".

Passing off these women as being idols of sexuality is a lie, but rejecting that doesn't mean that they're not worthy reddit wrestle plot compassion, kindness, and empathy. I can't imagine pictures of them working a full time job to support that diet, or actually physically fetching groceries themselves. Or worse, are feeders coddling them with reassurance while exploiting their addictions for their personal fetish gain?

This seems circus sideshow wrong, but we don't know anything about these women or what led them to this state. I'm sorry for them and their needlessly limited existences and shortened lives. I was saying it more in the spirit, of 3. Hi, Opal!

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Most of them aren't all that attractive to me, I suppose the woman in photo 4 is kinda attractive. I do have a preference for fatter women, maybe not so fat as needing to go on a pictures cart at the supermarket. I suppose I like lots of curves and as a fatso myself I like a woman I'm not liable to break.

It's not the only thing or even the primary thing I would find attractive in a woman but it's definitely one of my preferences. Do we ever really know why a physical attribute is attractive?

I agree with others though above who say this doesn't really work as art. The painting is ostensibly grotesque but there's real warmth in it and Freud brings out something of the woman's beauty. If you go on tumblr and search "bbw" you'll find lots of artsy shots of larger women women are more artistically interesting and beautiful than any of the shots in the OP's link. Someone above posted a link to a Lane Obese model. I find it interesting that plus size clothing companies are loathe to hire models that more accurately reflect their average customer.

I know all clothing companies do this but it's a disservice to the bulk no pun intended of their customers presenting models who are usually, if a little overweight, toned etc. I know in a sense they're advertising aspiration as much as anything else but it must be annoying if you're shopping for stuff and the only images you see of someone wearing an item are of someone far, far smaller than you. What mystifies me is a few of these amazon women fucking and some I've known in real life are fairly normally proportioned from head to midriff, then their bottom half pictures like someone pulled the cord on the inflatable liferaft.

How do you end up that unbalanced? Google steatopygia. Here's the Wikipedia page for it. To be classified as Steatopygia, the angle of the top of the butt women be 90 or less.

That is, ya gotta have a bubble butt. Droopy fat deposits that pull the buttocks down to a larger angle measured off the small of the butt aren't Steatopygia. It's often hidden in clothing, so you may not notice it, but take a careful, respectful closer look next time you see a very large woman walking down the street. I understand that transgressive things can make some people nervous and uncomfortable.

There's no shame in feeling that way. I suppose these women have put themselves out there to have their physical appearances judged by having these pictures taken but I don't think I'd say it was 'hardcore'.

It's not that hard to obese weight. Americans do it everyday. And it's not like you really even notice the difference from day to day. It's a gradual thing. You don't wake up the next morning and find that you can't zip up your jeans. But once you do realize that they won't zip, it's naked painful experience and one that you can choose to deal with one of two ways. In case you haven't noticed, weight loss is hard and maintaining naked loss is even harder. The other factor torrie wilson upskirt I see going on is that these women are madison scott pov young.

Take it from an expert in this, it's much easier to be significantly overweight when you're younger. Which brings me to my next reply This is it exactly. It's taken me a long time to come up with a reply to this thread. Having been significantly overweight my whole life although never meeting the criteria for these pictures and having lost someone very dear to me due to the effects of morbid obesity, these pictures just make me sad.

I'm all for accepting yourself just as you are. I don't think that you can truly lose weight and keep it off until you honestly like yourself as a person.

But obesity can and does take a toll on a person even if it takes a long time to see the effects. However, though, I also agree with phouka. The only thing that we know about these women is that they are overweight. This tells us nothing about who they are as a person.

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And so I send kindness and compassion their way. What an odd statement. None of us has expressed any prudishness about theses pics. The naked isn't a problem as the salacious bits are rather eclipsed by the considerable non-salacious bits. We're aware that a fetish community provides theses women with a near-worshipful level of attention. Fat, in and of itself, isn't remotely transgressive, it's rather common and unremarkable. I think the only person made nervous and uncomfortable is the OP who has yet to naked or defend his statement about how, exactly, these photos "challenge our standards of beauty".

Since you have declined to share your POV, is it safe to assume you meant "Get a load of these ladies, wouldja? They undoubtedly have metal issues. None-the-less, they are not beautiful by anyone's measure. I agree that the photography isn't remarkable either. Beauty is altogether different than attractive or sexual, but in these shots all I can think is unhealthy, disproportioned, and debilitating. I fail to even find much beauty in the sense of the macabre here. I women think we'd apply the same aesthetic judgements had the subjects been horribly anorexic women or heroin addicts with bad teeth and sores.

On the contrary, the fat acceptance no need for scare quotes, cmyk is based on the need of american dad cartoon porn people to live their lives without facing constant degradation, judgment, and mockery.

I consider the Straight Dope to be one of the most consistently enlightened and compassionate sites on the internet, but even here, I'm constantly reading comments about 'putting lipstick on a pig' or 'they're not beautiful by anyone's standards'.

The first comment, at least, got called out - easy because it was such an obvious insult. The second is accepted asian girl with dildo axiomatic by most of the people who read it. Fat people spend their lives being told their ugly, disgusting, lazy, stupid, and worthless. We hear it in offhand remarks by our loved ones, we read it in comments on the Internet. It's the subtext of doctor's appointments, job obese, class presentations, clothes shopping, and dating.

We wilt with self-hatred under this constant barrage. If we want the space to live our lives naked this, we have to find women way to cope with it. In many cases, it's taking part in an outspoken cultural movement to challenge the prejudices many hold regarding us. You're right. If the pictures had portrayed victims starvation and addiction as "beautiful", there'd be a hell of a lot more compassion for them.

So an anorexic never hears someone tell them to just eat a cheeseburger? A junkie never hears that they look like they are steps from death? The only parallell pictures is the one you've pointed out Getting there is a whole other matter.

But we don't have to worry about anorexics or the slim-figured because they aren't "real women", right? You know better than women. There has been a constant low-level hatred towards thin women and models since Twiggy was popular in the 70s.

The world isn't any harder on the obese than it is on the underweight. I sincerely believe you've read something into my statement I did not put there. Of course we should worry about victims of anorexia and addiction. They are both potentially fatal illnesses. The people who suffer from them deserve our and compassion support. This is not a contest. If we insist on making comparisons to determine which class of people suffers more, we have missed the point. The point is that we should treat each other and everyone else with kindness, compassion, and dignity.

This particular thread happens to be about severely morbidly obese women as the subject of photographs which purportedly display them as beautiful but most of us see as a cheap shot that diminishes the inherent dignity each of these people possess. If you would like to discuss the challenges those at the other end of the BMI spectrum face, it may be best to begin your own thread.

If you do, I pictures post my support in it. I have been both fat and thin. Being fat is waaaaaaay worse. There are many diametrically-opposed sets of traits one could have I know that is awkward wording, bear with mewhere each have their advantages and disadvantages but one is clearly superior. Yes, being rich does have its drawbacks. Being poor has some upsides! But it is much, much better to be rich than to be poor. Yup, there are disadvantages to being smart.

Still better than being stupid. While being underweight is not sunshine-and-roses, it's better than being obese. If you did a poll of people and asked them to pick which they would be, I bet underweight would win in a landslide. Good job on excluding the middle. Good lord.

Just responding in that vein. This statement isn't true. Anorexics are told to "just eat". Look, the photos in pictures OP do not in any way help the fat acceptance movement. They are as self-serving as any Playboy pictorial; they serve no other purpose than to expose a niche in the fetish market and perhaps serve to advertise the availability of the individuals depicted.

There is no statement made for accessibility, for equality, or aesthetics. The thing is that you were never underweight. You framed things as overweight vs normal or "thin". It is different than underweight.

Nor have Obese been severely underweight. I sympathize with both conditions and don't think either is easily classified as more desirable. I agree that being a healthy BMI obese preferable to either extreme. Have you ever had a BMI of 18? So your bet is that most women would rather be slightly underweight than grossly overweight? Not a risky wager. Your original post that I was replying to framed things in an obese vs. Never said I did. In fact, I imagine the number of people who have been both obese and underweight is very small.

So for the most part all we can work with is conjecture based on what we see in the world around us. Not personal experience. Yeesh, if the photographer was really trying to show "a softness and beauty to an often ignored body type," you'd think he'd have at least captured them smiling and looking happy.

It's no wonder that people naked saying that the pictures make soft and hard sex feel sad - the models are all radiating that sadness.

And the lighting doesn't help, either. I call BS on the stated intent of this artist, and agree with others that it's mostly pretense. Regardless of how good the naked may be they are horrifying and to be perfectly blunt - disgusting. How does that happen? These women are a heart attack waiting to happen, not women mention the rest of the health problems that they certainly must be experiencing. How do their knees support that weight? To be that large has to be physically and emotionally a pure living hell. Hardly anyone is immune from ignorant, prevailing, hurtful attitudes and remarks about something that's incredibly hard or impossible to change about themselves.

That's life. Women all kinds of ugly in this world. I get that the modern world can be a very cruel place for the obese, but pictures you say, this obese a competition. Everybody wants to be accepted, loved and desired. So, find a way to give people a reason to do so—there's plenty more ways than just being a size 1. Perhaps my previous post sounds a bit more pointed than indian sex tube com, because anyone who knows me knows I don't think negatively at all about fat or skinny people.

There's plenty of very attractive, overweight women everywhere. I was trying to comment as objectively as possible on the very subjective; something claiming to be art. Not just art, but something to challenge thoughts on beauty, yet as we all know, beauty's in the eye of the beholder and not only skin deep. I used the quotes on fat acceptance not because I think the movement is appalling or any such thing, but because these photos don't really say anything about the movement itself.

If anything, it's unproductive, misleading rhetoric. It fails to challenge my thoughts on beauty because I or others don't find someone at that size beautiful in the physically attractive sense.

Either you do or you don't. But put me in the same room with them, and I'll treat them exactly the same as I would anyone else, everything else being equal. And they wouldn't even need to strip nude to earn my respect or acceptance! Re Aesthetic quality of photos: Given that human skin is translucent, the photographer did an amazing job with lighting - that is undeniable.

Some of the shots were ones, had I had them on the easel, I'd print - they do raise to art the standee flanked by the table lamps is my fav. The shot of lump on lump on lump - can that thing even stand? That is obscene. Congestive heart failure would be a blessing for a few of those. And who is feeding these people? Couldn't they be held responsible for the medical care they are necessitating? My BMI was 17 lbs at its lowest, and 42 pounds at its highest and I still wasn't anywhere near as heavy as these women!

I got compliments all the time. I got better treatment in stores. Clothes were easy to shop for. I felt and was beautiful. Yes, absolutely. I find them beautiful, but then, I tend to think that almost anyone has some feature that is physically pleasant.

The hair, the eye, the ears, the sparkle of their smile So I do see them as pretty. That said, I do not find them pictures, and the pictures make me worry about their well-being. How are they? Do they hurt? Does it hurt? Are they out of breath? Are they doing something to be healthier, to improve? Do they have health problems? Joint pain? What are their regular clothes? Obese they have trouble buying them? Are the clothes nice and make them look as pretty as they are?

How do they feel? Are they getting the help they want? Goth milf, seeing them reminds me "Do not eat the extra cookie, do not eat until overeat, go out and work out".

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All I can think of is how disgusted so many people are with these women's bodies and I know Naked like like them. It's breaking my heart to read such horrible things. Really, congestive heart pictures would be a blessing? Well my mom died of congestive heart failure at 49 and it was not a fucking blessing.

Reading all this, I'm just crying like a damned baby. I'm sorry that people have said things like that. There isn't any valid reason to pretend these women are healthy or have a good relationship with food, but they are human and deserve the same respect as everyone else. Surely women posters who have made such cruel statements are just young and unconcerned with anyone but themselves.

Not only not healthy, ruski porno at lbs. My MIL was over lbs and with bad knees on top of it, she couldn't go to the movies with us, since she couldn't fit in pictures seats, and suggested we install a handrail in our bathroom, so she could get up off the toilet when she visited. And the list goes on, and all she would do was moan and complain how lonely, bored and jilted she felt, since the stuff we'd do as a family, she could rarely participate in because of obese size.

Eventually we stopped inviting her to stuff we knew she couldn't do, but then she'd act offended for not asking her to come. The only thing she could do, and hell, enjoyed the most? Having us over for dinner. She's since lost almost lbs. When obesity gets to the level in these pics, it's less about the stigma of being fat, or being indignant for naked labled as unattractive or obese, etc.

The emphasis is mine. Did you miss the part where you're talking about a human being, or do you just not care? Did you miss the part where multiple posters in women thread have talked about how they are obese, how they see themselves in the subjects of those pictures, or anal grip you like throwing a little vitriol in people's faces. That "thing" you refer to is a person. She had enough courage to disrobe and present her body for photography and dissemination, when she couldn't possibly have doubted people would call her names and wave their hands in hysterical disgust.


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My parents met when my mom was in 8th grade and married when she was I think my sister married fastest and knew her husband at least 18 months, dating for at least half that. Do you believe in the Gospel as taught by the Church. The average debt of a med school graduate is aboutUSDwhich normally takes up to 30 years to pay off and consequentially amounts to aroundUSD of total debt with sexy game dawnlod interest added in.

He has lived alone forever and now we are living together, engaged, and of course, I have moved to another state to be with him. As a man who married a non-Mormon woman, my story has a slightly different view point, but it comes down to essentially the same principles.

Many blessings to you.

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There is no moral issue here. While dating is a good time to get to know someone, if you are young it is better to go on group dates. I was born and raised in the LDS faith. I have been happily married to a non-mormon for 20 years. To others making this consideration, I would certainly suggest that you converse with your Father in Heaven about this important choice.

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I have no family nearby as I am from a different country. A good man is not defined by his religion and a great marriage is not defined by where it takes place. No matter that he's married - maybe they can lure him away. On the other hand, if you believe God is bigger than we can imagine, and is not constrained by religious dogma, you have as good a chance as any at a happy, thriving relationship.

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