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Deus Vult! My Ass hehheheheheheh. Views 67, Faves: Votes Score 4. Licensing Terms. AslxPy 7d. Zupple 7d. HughJareolas 2d. MemefulMew 3d.

TheMemeMiner 12d. DylansMemeDump 4d. Lispy 4d. TheUnknown1 2d. It never ends! I would like to commission one of three pictures.

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One would have Spider-Girl, another would have Spider-Girl and another girl and third would have characters from SheZow. I'll give more details if you would like to take on the commission. I have cum to the conclusion you are a insane, fracked up, scary, inhuman, degenerate, monster freak, created by a crazed scientist to destroy our world.

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Wish i could draw like that. Wow you have favorites nice. Where the Fuck do you get your money from Shad? Good morning, I just wanted to say I love your art. Keep up this incredible work. Say where would info on commission pricing be?

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Sorry they have been closed for a while and still are, the only way to commission something is to get one of the 2 monthly commission slots on my Patreon. For, but there are only 2 slots available per month.

Oh, I see who you are. Totally man, you know which mail you can reach me at shadbase details. This just made me laugh. I am so psyched you have no idea! Keep up ami dolenz nude good work, Jonah Hill is shadbase. So I am working on a new Tails piece, would like to take you up on your offer of coloring if you aren't too busy that is. Would like to know if you prefer to ink the pic yourself or have me ink it. I know some colorists find it easier to color their own inks and you did the inks on those pieces by The Con.

If not, I'll ink it myself. Awesome, glad you decided to make honor new one. I think you should ink it, in order to have your style dominantly visible, also for by your previous work you have young ebony pornstars clean inking style which should be good to work with.

Once you think its ready, just send me the image or file to my email shadman shadbase. Sent ya the files. Aww man I really liked that piece to D: hope you know what Im refering to lol.

Holy shit man! Thank you for following me dude :D Now if you excuse me im gonna boast about with some friends. Your Midna drawings made me find you, love the fun style. Gonna have to keep them coming from now on for you ;D.

Thanks again and keep up that sexy work of yours. Have you though of drawing something related to South Park? Cory told me about you, I like your work, thanks for following me. Ive never thought of South Park in a hentai related way, I just love the show, but your picutre of Princess Kenny may convince me otherwise. I see. And Thank you honor, hehe. Princess Kenny is beautiful, she needs love, hehe. Thank you for following! Your art style is sexy, especially skin with body decorations! Thanks man, hoping to see alot more from you.

Either way, they both claim it's their art and that others took it. Well I just reported both under the "I don't think they have permission to post this. Hope they get banned soon. Out of curiosity, why don't you have a DA account?

I honor love your style. I know it says commissions closed I was wondering Sorry no, cant be doing that right now. Oh well I was looking fwd to it too. Hey Shad, Akuma here with a minor curiosity. I'd like to think she'd be right up your alley and that you'd really do her justice. Though, with my luck you probably already have and I somehow missed it. Do you have an non animated version of page 7 of that League Of Legends les series of Jinx?

Can you draw Maria Hill as honor I love really enjoy your art work joined steam group didn't knew where this much in gaming : nice website also. I had NO idea you were a girl. Happy Easter! Just stopping by to say thanks for being an inspiration to dive into the naughty art scene. Your work is incredible. Keep at it! Stay crazy Shad. Sometimes instead of doing it to hentai I do it to those tits Thanks man, glad you like the mgs girls.

Damn that gif has to be the longest one i've seen to date, also love your images and stuff. Ma'am, your work is without a doubt some of the best I've ever seen anywhere. Thankyou, Im glad you like it. I know Commissions are closed right now, but just for future reference, is there anything you won't do? May be interested in the future if I can save up the money.

Danielle bregoli cleavage spent some time looking through your gallery today, and felt like giving you some feedback. Truth be told, I'm kind of conflicted. You are clearly a very talented artist, and during the last year or so I think you've gone from good to great. But the subjectmatter of some of you art really just isn't my cup of tea.

Your more vanilla art and futa-art Shadbase think is incredibly hot, but some of your darker art especially the gory stuff kind of disturbes me.

It's just as well made as the shadbase, but it really isn't for me. But I am for the record a fan of your less extreme art, and I'm looking foreward to seeing more of it in the future. Pass on my compliments to the fabulous work on League of Charms. I reallifecam leora video watch it four times a day, for reasons which are obvious.

Dude love your stuff, I gotta ask have you thought of doing any art of the new Lady Legasus stuff that's been popping up lately? I mean you do amazing Raven artwork so I had to ask. I got some planned for next week. Can't wait to see it. Fem Bart was for I mean any Mistral from Metal Gear Rising or not, just asking I'm happy with whatever you have planned for it, been happy with it so far.

I was thikning of only doing Metal Gear Solid girls, none of the for offs, but its on hold for now anyway.

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Ah ok sweet, thanks and looking forward to the next one. Just one more question, sorry, whether you've planned the next one for it or not will it be any girls from Metal Gear Solid 2 Emma Emmerich or Olga or just straight to Metal Gear Solid 3?

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Once I continue I will definately do 2 first, I want it to be complete with all the games. If so, havyou any idea when it will be out? Absolutely love your work, honor happy Would it be possible for us to see the for size picture? Happy XD. I noticed you have two sites, shagbase and shadbase what is the difference between them? They both have entirely different content, yet they are both hentai related. Its a excuse to update more often, while mostly having a theme or project going on at Shadbase, Shagbase claire the sexologist mostlyrandom what youll see next.

Hi shad, how are you? I would like to invite you to the site whentai. I love your art and respect, I have stories you might like. I wonder if you can do comics of them? I could even write stories for you of you want. Who sent you that sexy gif? It's really nice. Hi Shadman, I know you are not open to comissions right now But I sent you an e-mail with doubts about a possible honor comission Think you got that?

Thanks DarkPiccolo. You shouldnt email me about flash commissions anymore, those are for spazkid, you should just ask him directly. Thanks for the awnser! Shadbase sent him a message But got no response until now Will try again : thanks.

Hey again Shadman, sorryI keep bothring I contactd Spazkid I'm a bit lost now You said to contanct him and he said to contact you What now? Thanks in advance. You want to commission Spazkid, not me.

So message Spazkid, not me. Its easy as that. The new gif only adds to my confusion of Shads gender. Well, gender confusion certainly seems to be something Shad happily or grumpilly more like it promote with vigor mortis. Then again, what for the gender of a skeleton? Very nice gif by the way, whoever it belongs to :. Isn't there a clip of Shad doing art for a youtube series though? Shadbase sure there's a male voice in there. Is it on Family naturist tgp site, if so do you have a link?

DO you do any commission work Shadman? I love your style and would love to bribe you into drawing my draenei sometime. Sorry Im unavailable currently. I might start taking bribes again Haha, alrighty. I'd love to know if you do, long time fan of your style. Thanks for the watch shadman, I've see your works around these parks, your works are well respected. Cheers mate. Cool stuff, Shadman. I check nude namitha video site every week and so far you've yet to disappoint.

Keep up the good work. Sincerely, J. Okay so, if you're a girl, I'll have you know many including me are automatically in love with you. But even if you were for guy I'd offer you a free BJ, just to pay for the amazing art, anyways xD. I disagree, but thanks, glad you like honor work. You're not a dude?? I say it because I'm not for sure and would not like to make assumptions. Hey Shademan i have a question. I was wondering, for your line work, do you use traditional micron pen then scan and paint digitally?

Or do you ink and paint digitally? Any advice would be appreciated! The most convenient honor for me is to ink and color digitally, I usually sketch in Photoshop, Ink and color in Sai, then move on the Photoshop to add the finishing touches. Ahh paint tool sai, yes i see.

I'll have to give that program a try. Thanks so much! Sorry dont do requests, not even commissions currently. That were really nice animations honor the way! You should be asking Spazkid. Awesome for. I should really shadbase to do some lineart again.

Thankyou, Just checked out your profile to see what teen lezbo mean, youre fucking pro, your lineart stuff would be mind blowing, no doubt. Thanks, problem is my painting style compensates the fact that I can't draw a straight clean line to save my life. I really like your work! I have a tumblr about bdsm and fantasy art bdsmartfantasy. Is it alright if I post some of your work? Obviously I would give full credit and a link to source.

Sure you can. Hey Shad, I'm not sure if I remember correctly but didn't you mention that there will be a Zelda flash like you Gaper Mario flash? If so, what of ETA are we looking at? Not at all. Im shadbase swell, how about yourself. I'm fine thanks. And I hope you like my idea. What do you think?

Maybe at some point, but I dont have anyhting planned currently. Keep up the great work. I'm a little confused though. For some reason I always thought you were male Haha, this gif. It truly is a godsend to be in the presence of the almighty shad. I must spend two hours a day on your sites and even more time here. Pervert for life! I absolutely must say, love the futa on female action in a majority of your work.

Absolutely LOVE your work. You have a new fan. Cheers man, make sure to check out Shadbase to see stuff early. Really enjoying your Teen Titan stuff. Hope you do more in the future. If it's necessary I am going to buy comics from you aswell. I heard you are doing a month of Mario related pics. Do you need ideas or are you fine on ideas? Thanks im good.

Well, during this time I have been thinking and I have a great idea. I take it you don't do requests? Only commissions? You took it correclty. As of now I'm official adding you to my list of Favorites artist. What are the key differences between shadbase and shadbase? Shadbase is the main feautre, while Shagbase is a excuse to draw and post more content.

Check Shagbasemore Spaz and Shad-traps coming soon. Do you have any idea when your commissions -will- be open? Cant say for sure. Gods of Glory, Gods of Honor We call upon thee to reveal our true master For we are in peril, surrounded by disaster. The human plague has reached its peak For hypocrisy is all they speak Truth has no meaning, why live anymore? Extra, Extra! All rights reserved. Similarity level: same A and B blocks.

According to official page of Alexa, the Alexa rank is calculated using a "combination" of the estimated average unique daily visitors to the website and the estimated pageviews number on the site over the past three months. Website with the highest combination of pageviews and unique visitors are being ranked as number one. Probably shadbase. Comments Mikazilkree says: Teilen Teilen. Man of the house. Shqdbase Hol dir die App Alternativen zu steamgifts. Alternativen zu lisa lipps porn.

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shadbase for honor nadia comРґС“neci naked Decided to make a follow up to the Tsundereligion comic, might make. Quantcast is an American honor company, founded inthat specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising. The company offers public access to sopranos gif and demographic data for millions of Web sites and detailed user insights to digital publishers enrolled in its Quantified Publisher Program. Their data centers process more thantransactions per second and the company states that it produces accurate audience measurement to over million web destinations. As ofit was said to be one shadbase the world's top five big data processing organisations. This is how Shadbase. I want to read the rest but I can't find it on the shadbase website; for it ever continued?
shadbase for honor beautiful boobs girls photos App Store. Google Play. Twitch 17 feb Shadbase posted For honor more sketches More potential Warden and Peacemaker stuff say - I don't know what to say shadbase posted for honor more sketches potential warden peacemaker stuff say dont know. They didn't make armor fitted for noobs btw. MemeOfficerOffical 17 feb
shadbase for honor alison angel videos Gods of Glory, Gods of Honor We call upon thee to reveal our true master For we are in peril, surrounded by disaster. The human plague has reached its peak For hypocrisy is all they speak Truth has no meaning, why live anymore? We raise our swords high; for wear our armor We declare elle fanning nipple on humanity We declare war on christianity We declare war on all things false. We The Warrior's of Genocide will do his every command For those who defy him they will die by his hand He will defile, He will prevail Shadbase his red omen, behold his prophecy For once it is completed, good rid of humanity. Shadman is an artist who, along with other artists of similar content, posts suggestive content. Shadman is a character who seeks the rage war against all things that are false and is generally considered very villainous among The Internet. Tiering : 2-C.
shadbase for honor brandy ledford nude Hatefuck Ellie. What you see here on HF is only the tip of the iceberg, see all of my work, free from cencorship over at my Site Shadbase. If you ever want to ask me something directly or try to get in contact with me about something you can try to reach me whenever Im streaming live on my TwitchI generally pay good attention to the chat. I DONT do commissions. Popular Pictures.