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Red Shirt Member. Bump it up another notch! Holy Smoke! I'm scared to click on it because I don't want to scroll down and get mad about the comments. I'm sure they're pretty ridiculous. Acujer Member. Holy Shit Nita, you're right!!! Lots of praises but tons of comments from guys that sound like they have never seen a woman before.

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I mean, are these comments from prison? Boobs this, and tits that. Every female on the planet has boobs, have these guys never seen them before?

Nita Strauss

Maybe they should put down the bong and their World of Warcraft, finally take off the worn out Metal Up Your Ass T-Shirt and put on some clean clothes, put down the Vaseline and go meet some girls. All I go to say is these comments are fuckin bizarre! Some will make you laugh though. At least I hope not.

Women can't rock. Good rhythm though.


I got issues. Ooohhhh yeaahhh! The Maidens' drums. Wait a Hell minut okThe Iron Maiden have more talent for example Linda the drum she play music for one of ther best girls band call Phanton blue a band as good like racer x and cacophany but this band great performe Wanda Ortiz Excenlet bass player a good performemore like Annette Zilinskas on the bangles and other bass player ladies Courtney Cox to me she best guitar player i never see in a rock band she is a master guitar like lita ford but she have more power player guitar like jason beckert and Paul gilbert Nita Strauss like Courtney CoxNita best guitar player too excenlet on lead guitar and iron.

Puerto Rico, Asia and all South America and central america i only write this in spanish Honestamente el que diga o me diga que esta chica no tiene talent se puede ir a carajo ok ya estoy mas que molesto parece mentira que nude gente que parece maidens no sabe de musica o talento gay anal pov tube si las chica son bonita pero tiene gran talento musical yo siempre dare mi apoyo a esta banda.

Metallicat Rockstar-In-Training. Crieff, Scotland. Well said Lord Gundam. Big Momma Nav Celebrity Chef. Ignore the haters.

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the iron maidens nude emma watson vagina pics Newest Top Rated Most Viewed. Nita Strauss Leaked Nude Video. In addition, she penned a guitar-themed music column titled "Drop Dead Shred" and was ranked Guitar World's 1 female guitarist. She started playing heavy metal guitar when she was only thirteen years old. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, as the daughter of a musician father. Notice of closure of the original Murray Bridge Cemetery which has now been cleared.
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