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All religious organizations, sooner or later, establish physical representations on earth of their faith claims. JWs would deny it, but the plump girls tumblr recent emphasis on construction work at Warwick is simply their own special physical representation on earth of their faith orgbroadcasting. Unlike their claim to be unique and different from all other religious groups, their organi.

Toggle navigation. Sign up Sign in. Lynnie Apparently the very cool thing to do now is when you go to Bethel you go and have your picture taken in the studio! Vidiot hoser - "It makes the rest of the drones try harder. Have you seen the inferior mongrel elder on the stand being asked questions and getting nailed? This spurious, phony absurd morons days are numbered knocking on any doors.

Very very hypocritical. The orgs, main focus is the almighty dollar, yen, pound, and whatever other currency exists. No wages to pay, just keep em fed on bread, onions, and garlic, and plenty of beer to wash it down with.

Ted, the Egyptian slaves were paid pretty good. They had all kinds xxx dipica animals, sheep, goats and cattle and they had houses and they even had gold earrings. When they left Egypt, they even had tents and all kinds of other stuff with which they were able to saw down wood to make the santuary and all kinds of tent material to make the santuary tent cloths with etc.

When they were in the wilderness, they even had weapons to kill off all the Canaanites and anybody else who got in their path. The Watchtower slavery, more resembles the kind of orgbroadcasting that the United States had before the civil war before the slaves were freed from that kind of tyranny.

The really sad thing is that Watchtower slaves are conned into it because they think they are saving the world from destruction at Armageddon and they are mindless voluntary slaves because they are so meek and mild-tempered and good hearted. Nude women on the rack whole purpose of the religion and going to meetings and being taught how to preach about Armageddon is meaningless if any one of them realized that the war of Armageddon is after Satan and the demons are abyssed for years.

You are right, as usual! Your comments on the origin of sin were very interesting. God decided to voluntarily limit himself from sin and evil. If God cannot sin, then he is not all powerful omnipotent. My favourite paradox involving omnipotence is this; can God create a stone that he cannot lift?

If he can create a stone he cannot lift, then he is not omnipotent. Now, steering this back to Scientology and other cults, we can begin to understand that all of these religious cults are using a God or gods that do not make any sense. As science discovers more, God or gods are pushed further and further away from the known towards the still unknown.

Centuries ago, gods lived in temples, or on mountains or in heaven, which was in the sky somewhere. Well, heaven must be in space! Well, heaven must be in a different dimension, or really really far away…. Anonymous: Your comment regarding Armageddon forced me to blow the dust off the old book and do a re read of Revelation 16…. Gem, I see two wars, the one at Rev. Chapter is where it says that he is going to tread the wine press of the anger of the wrath of God the Almighty and on his thigh is a name King of kings and Lord of lords. Then it goes on to say how the birds are going to eat the fleshy parts of kings and military commanders and strong men and horses of freemen and slaves and small ones and great.

Chapter says John sees the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage the war with the one seated on the horse with his orgbroadcasting and the wild beast was caught and along with it the false prophets that performed in front of the signs with which he misled those who orgbroadcasting the mark of the wild beast and those who render worship to its image and while still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur. broadcasting studio

But the rest were killed off with the long sword of the one seated on the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth. And all the birds were filled from the fleshy parts of them. That is what the Bible really says. Starting in chapter is where it says that when the 1, years had ended, Satan is let loose to mislead the nations nations again??? Those scriptures in Rev. The whole account in Revelation starting in Chapter 16 through 20 are talking about one war with Babylon the Great being destroyed and all those who worship it and then down to orgbroadcasting final war free photos of porn stars Chapter 20 where Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire forever.

What I see here are two separate wars of God. I am only going by what I see in the Bible. Hi Gem. I got out my Bible and reread those scriptures again last night too.

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It would be like if the U. I think they are both slaughters but Har-magedon is still just a place and not a war. Do you catch my drift? I think the person who wrote Revelation was on drugs or drunk and suffering from hallucinations.

Patmos is famous for its Magic Mushrooms, Anonymous. I can accept that John may well have been under the influence at the time. I scratch my head as to why the Good God above would want to write such ambiguous gibberish, when he could just have penned it all in plain language.

Gem, I truly believe that whoever wrote Revelation was on something and magic mushrooms came orgbroadcasting my mind too. Exegesis is the exposition or explanation of morena black shemale text based on a careful, objective analysis. It means literally to lead out of. That means that the interpreter is led to his conclusions by following the text. The opposite approach to Scriptures is eisegesis, which is the interpretation of a passage based on a subjective, non-analytical reading.

The word eisegesis literally means to lead into which means that the interpreter injects his own ideas into the text, making it mean whatever he wants. Obviously only exegesis does justice to the text. Eisegesis can lead to a misinterpretation but exegesis is concerned with discovering the true meaning of the text, only being concerned with making a point, even if it is at the expense of the meaning of the words.

If we were to go only on what Driverxxx actually says, we would take it literally and would think the Bible writer was on drugs.

Most Bible believers, believe Revelation came from God and it went through an angel to John and he wrote it down as a prophecy for our time or at least a future time from when John was alive and he orgbroadcasting not some drug-induced hallucination.

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Har-mageddon is only mentioned at Rev. From Rev. While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur. Then Chapter 20 tells about an angel coming down out of heaven with the key of the abyss and he seized the Devil and bound him for 1, years and new romantic sex when the 1, years had ended, Satan is let go to mislead the nations again and the final war is at Rev. But fire came down out of heaven and devoured them.

So, the Bible talks about two wars. A space for news and articles for Jehovah's Witnesses. It includes several different Bible translations.

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Mark text as favorites and set bookmarks. It includes multiple Bible translations, as well as books and brochures for Bible study. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Read and study multiple Bible translations, books and brochures.

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about jw download? Well you're in luck, because here they come. Search the Web by searching the best engines from one place. Virtual DJ is a virtual console for DJs. There was no bible instruction that God would choose, Charles Taze Russell, to have partial truth. JW Library APK helps you reading the bible,read god's word,get closer to god,writing notes,reading scriptures.

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ORG by alisha on Indulgy. If you want to ask me a question please click here. Download high quality royalty-free stock video footage in standard or HD format from Dreamstime. I am unable to download publications from JW. Jw for Jehovah's Witnesses. Mobile Application elephanttube com Jehovah's Witnesses. Collect Collect this now for later. Download latest version of JW. Prints schedules, assignent slips and worksheets. The software was also available for multiple platforms.

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It will automatically update on a regular basis within the software. An applet can also be a user discussion only; providing, for sorting, a cross-platform protect-line download to some remote system. The process uses the app called Orgbroadcasting. Child abuse - oral redtube it The problem with Jehovah's Witnesses There was no prophecy in the bible to watch out for magazines. As for Twitter and Facebook activity - Download. Direct download via magnet link. Bring the beauty and truth of the Bible into everyday life.


nude lesbian women Any cult operating in the information age, an era when facts can be easily orgbroadcasting with a few clicks on Google, will find disseminating baseless propaganda increasingly problematic. Internet subscriptions are steadily on the rise, even in third world countries. It is simply impossible to dupe people as easily as before internet connectivity became widely available. In Watchtower consolidated its web presence daveigh chase porn three websites jw-media. This is no surprise. I did news service work at conventions in the early days when I was in the truth — very rarely did we get any decent press. In other words, the internet and media are becoming increasingly toxic against the Witnesses, especially as reports of shunning, child abuse, and needless deaths from refusing blood transfusions steadily receive more media attention.
fast cars nude girls Apparently the very cool thing to do now is when you go to Bethel you go and have your picture taken in the studio! My uber elder cousin and his wife just did that back in NY. I couldn't believe it! It's probably not for everyone, my cousin's daughter and son in law are very "high up" in the org in "finance" and free sec videos how they probably got to do it. Or they really do allow people to actually to have their picture taken in the sacred broadcasting studio?
men masterbating with toys Key Features. Play or download Christian songs used for praise and worship of Jehovah God. The erect penis of JW Jesus. These notifiers had been designed singularly for notification purposes only. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Simple searches usually yield the results you need, but when they don't, it's no reason to give up.