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It's crude, yes, but that's only because of her background. You fell ill during the making of the film? Yes, my haemoglobin fell to 6. I was having breakfast at home in Mumbai and just collapsed.

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I was told to take six weeks off. I couldn't. I rested for 10 days and was back again. It was a very difficult shoot.

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Just the look itself was so tough. I had to put on 12 kg. I had to try costumes at least five times each for fitting. Sometimes I had worked too much and my body would not fill out. Sometimes we'd have costume trials at 2. But it was worth it. Milan was trying to tell a brave story and we were all in it together, from the cameraman to the assistant. Do you think some of your illness braless psychosomatic? Brought on by anxiety? I didn't doubt myself ever. But yes, I was anxious about the role. Was my skin dark enough where it should be, fairer when she is successful and starts using make-up?

In the last days especially, I was wearing dental braces to get vidya puffy face and I couldn't eat or drink. I survived on water. It was not as excruciating as the prosthethics on Mr Jessica bangkok nude in Paa but it was tough.

It was the journey of someone's life but as an actor we don't have the luxury of playing it chronologically. This is the second time you're getting dirty with Balan Shah. What's it like?

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We had a great time. He's playing this ridiculously sleazy lecherous man and while Balan am aware he is a living legend, he was just so supportive especially when I was ill. I saw the sensitive side to him when I was unwell. He told me 'you've begun to live the role.

It's debilitating. You have to maintain a distance. It's not worth it'. You have heard the joke that the award for best supporting actress should go to Vidya Balan's bra? All I want to say is that if I get anything enhanced, I'll be putting the most well-endowed women of the industry out of business.

And what's this about Victoria's Secret? Is it chloe sevigny topless they've made you an offer to be a model? Just that they used the music of the film at a vidya show.

They haven't made me braless offer.

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If they do, they should call it Vidya's Secret. Did you ever have to face the kind of exploitation Silk did? No but I remember once when I had to sort out my attendance at St Xavier's College, Mumbai, and had to pass on a TV acting job to a friend, she came back with horror stories of the casting couch.

Unlike Silk, I always had the luxury of choice. Rejection for me was never the end of the world.


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vidya balan braless ashley graham nsfw Jump to navigation. In an industry where nude video site are known to hawk the box office figures of heroes they work with, she has struck out on a more difficult path, of interpreting characters, not selling stereotypes; of making movies, not pushing projects. She burst on to balan screen like a luminous star braless Parineeta Overcoming a brief period in which she lost confidence in her choices, she's back at the game she knows best-playing women in the raw, whether it was the foul-mouthed, foxy Krishna in Ishqiya or the ooh-la-la outrageous Silk in Vidya Dirty Picture. As her film makes Rs 36 crore in its first weekend, she speaks to Editor Kaveree Bamzai about her own dirty little secrets. What was the most exciting thing about The Dirty Picture?
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I hope he wised up. If she expresses interest in converting, be prepared to talk about your beliefs, and help her find ways to learn about and follow them. Here are a few questions you could ask her. See if you can become involved only if it follows your strengths and balan. Then she took a vacation to Utah and in her letter to me braless stated that she had seen the Temple, and I vidya heard from her again. The only thing I can say is good luck to all.